Boo! Is The Trudeau’s Druggy Administration Frightening You? More Boo Please!

Grade School Druggie Burn-out Costume by: Failing Fallacy

Yes, now your little tykes can dress up like sociologically manipulated moronic weed sucking fools this Halloween. Just think, they can act just like mom and dad and smell like them too! With this costume, your children will be seriously taken un-seriously, laughing at things that are not funny, getting the munchies from house to house as they trick or treat, terrorizing all the old school parents,  making them feel glad their children are away at college, or at least at some undisclosed location smoking weed with a bong, hiding from the police, who are not looking for them because they themselves are stoned. This costume comes complete with a dreadlock wig (black, brown, blond or green), weed odorizing aerosol spray, charcoal to color your face black (optional), Big Bamboo rolling papers (legal weed not included), torn denim pants, soiled white t-shirt displaying a picture of Bob Marley (TM) and vinyl sandals. Your children will be the envy of the entire burnout neighborhood, if they actually answer their doors to see them, tearing themselves away from the remedial mini-series that has captivated their remaining brain cell’s attention. But don’t worry, your little tykes will not mind because they will most likely forget why they were outside, strolling the neighborhood in the first place, and head to the franchised corner store for some greasy fast food. And if your child is too young to be wandering the streets and gets abducted, don’t worry! You will not remember them anyway, so light up another, sit back and chill! You will most likely see them again in some low budget sex film!

Tuggy Bear Seventy’s-ish  Pimp Costume by: Boogie’s Costume Co.

Historically correct, within a decade or two, pimping attire for that aspiring, stoned youth, that just wants to train the up and coming jail bait (or older experienced adults) who are already well abused by the local, neighborhood perverts. This costume comes complete with a peacock feathered, oversized hat, pink of course, with a large silky-like purple band. The coat and slacks will be pink, or some other flamboyant exasperating pastel color, guaranteed to stand out, striking fear into all of his newly acquired, drug abusing flock. And let us not forget the crimson red, highly polished, wedged heeled shoes! Optional, this costume can be equipped with a wire hanger and a roll of tissue, used for possible disciplinary issues that are sure to arise. You will be raking in the hokum from all the houses in your neighborhood, guaranteeing all the local stoned pedophiles to open their doors and pay extra hokum, and possibly money , for your next available trainee who is anxious to please for their next fix. (Fentanyl or other highly addictive drugs can be purchased from your local, “Sons of Anarchy” approved dealers).

Local Bag Lady and Sex Procurer Costume by: Too-too Courter Inc.

These days of economic waning times, one has to be very imaginative and versatile, willing to multi-task to earn their daily meals and shelter. If you agree, then this costume is for you! Yes, goblins young and old will get a real insight into humanity wearing this Halloween costume. It comes with a small meager makeup kit to enhance your weathered skinned look to appear just attractive enough. The costume also comes attired with spandex pants, fish netted from the upper thighs down to the ankles, revealing the right amount of leg to turn on any local sexist. The top is black spandex too, tightly fitting around your bosoms, guaranteed to make your breasts more prominent. No bosoms yet? We provide falsies for no extra cost!. Because the whole attire is nylon, it will keep you just warm enough, while scavenging from dumpsters to trash cans, warming up during short car rides to close by back alleys, providing monetarized sexual favors.  It also comes with a retractable handled mini cargo cart on wheels, to store all your scavenged goods, to exchange at local recycle depots for a few extra quarters and dimes. So, when you knock at the neighbor’s door this Halloween dressed in this occupationally approved costume via your local school board, they will gladly lead you to their garage, to perform some sexual favors in exchange for all the aluminum cans you can carry, possibly getting a buck or two thrown in!

The Dis-honorable Liberal Member of Parliament Chatelaine Costume by: Beguiled Inc

These next four years of liberalism will certainly get some mileage out of this costume because it, well, is so perfect! If you are of the female gender that is, and your superiority will surpass even the Prime Minister himself! The costume comes with progressively but conservatively styled attire, with a white, Diamond fibered, tight fitting sweater, matched with silky black slacks, to enhance your shapely legs, but not too much, followed by platinum heeled stiletto shoes, just hidden enough by the overhang of your slack’s cuffs, but revealing enough to see your toe nail polish because of the opened toed design. And of course, it would not be complete without jewellery, optionally, an elegant but delicate white gold neckless (included), or for the more bolder feminist, ears, nose and nipple piercings (extra), possibly a small revealed feminist tattoo of enslaved subordinate men! Grace under pressure when you attempt to explain why the economy, morality, and employment have been flushed down the sewer and how it is only going to get better with drugs, somehow. But it will not be because of anything you have done, of course, only someone else, most likely a man! This costume also comes with a makeup kit that will conservatively enhance your feminist prowess, intimidating any male, or female alike of low sociological and class standing, to move aside and bow to your greatness while they provide you with bountiful political and hokum donations, just because you are so dammed cute! So don’t be surprised when you trick or treat this Halloween, that you will not be greeted by any man answering the door, who will be cowering in their basement, emasculated by your perfume and dominant, feminist, superior presence!

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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Merry Corporate Christmas, Blessed Royal Inn; Birth of a Cyborg

How Deep is that Rabbit Hole Anyway?

This Christmas has marked the pivot point producing the anti-Christ, the cyborg. This device, or being, whom is most certainly possessed by Satan, will take all of our jobs, and in most cases, eliminate the need for humans all together. Although they have hidden aliens, alien crafts,  and certain technologies for generations, they have flaunted them, in our face, in plain sight. Now, because Nasa has decided to share certain sightings and/or reports of alien crafts and beings, does not mean full transparency. It should serve as a wake-up call to all, that the government, Nasa and other agencies, to release such information, even in pun, that we have hit the threshold of the beginning of the end. We may appreciate their so called transparency, but it is just the tip of the iceberg. This means that we, in the coming decades, will experience major changes. So, if you haven’t already, you better prepare for the worst. This has nothing to do with nuclear wars and shelters, although if the environment gets worse, which it most certainly will, has everything to do with hiding underground  So as we all look in awe at some stupid sighting of some alien craft they decided to release, it is just a diversion to keep your nose out of what they are really doing. Now that they have pretty much sown up YouTube and all the other popular social medias, with bullying and mindless commercialised entertainment guarded by gatekeepers, they will lead you on, away from the plain truth.

Country Holes, Take me Home…

What is underground anyway? You may ask this question or you may not, but if you do, you have a brain that is capable of critical thinking. They have hundreds of underground complexes, mostly military, that reside underground. In North America, these vast facilities occupy the inner portion of the earth. They can dig these tunnels and complexes in amazing speeds. Seven to eight different alien races live in certain underground areas, sharing technology with our so called trustworthy leaders, enabling technology to progress at an accelerated speed which will guarantee our slavery, or worse, elimination. Cyborgs will possess the same dexterity and functionalities of humans, armed with a far superior brain (CPU) to preform mundane and mindless work far better then any human. Complex white collar professions will easily be eliminated and research professions will be easily adaptable to the cyborg. These cyborgs will be armed with brains (CPUs)  that will be able to learn and adapt and create which makes the human, obsolete. In fact, the cyborg will be able to do your job or profession far better then you have ever performed. So what does this all mean exactly? It means the elimination of mankind. You may ask yourself, what can I do that a cyborg can’t? Let’s see now, perhaps reproduce biologically? No, that would not be it because the scientific community can produce and grow biological materials like skin, organs and bones. They are also on the edge of cloning, if not already. Thus that information will be standard programming to a cyborg brain. So, what is this advantage we have over any computer? Remember, these computers can learn and evolve from their environment. What is this advantage? Emotions? Love? Sex? Nope, these are all learned from the environment and can be simulated.

Yes I would Marry a Cyborg. Is that Crazy?

I guess we have absolutely no advantage over the cyborg, not even strength, because they will undoubtedly be endowed with superior physical abilities. Beauty? I doubt that, because, they will most likely be produced perfectly in variations of  appearances. Give up? Well it is simple actually. And it is the most constructive and destructive ability humans possess. No, it is not anger, because anger is based on cause and effect which has a resultant, thus can be learned easily and predicted. What is the one emotion we can produce that a computer could never produce? We have a winner. Irrationality, which also causes unpredictability. Our capacity to have faith and believe in something not there. To pray and chant to seemingly nothing. To hope for the impossible which breaks the number systems. You may say to yourself that religion is not based on the irrational. But you are wrong because the scientific community will not believe in the irrational. They would not ever hold stock in a being that is not apparent and has not manifested into a mundane material, presence or apparition. I could talk all day long to myself and have fun. But does that lead to productivity or manifest into a product? Of course not, however it does give us an edge on creativity and stratagem over any computer that will not waste it’s time on the irrational, or even understand it’s purpose or byproducts.

Mental Institutions, Anyone?

A computer will always be bonded to the logic that it strictly adheres. Yes, it will do unpredictable events, but only based on logic that we as humans would not see, at least not right away. Does this mean we are saved? Not by a long shot because people will never believe that their government would ever exterminate them. But with cyborgs and computers making all the decisions, what logical reason could be computed to keep billions of people alive that have to be fed, clothed and sheltered? The only reason we would be kept around as a culled population would be for slavery.  Meaning, we would be thinned out and exterminated. Logically, to a computer, that would be the only solution. The one percenters, well they would enjoy their time on top as obvious exceptions to the rule, but in the end, they will be eliminated as well. Take comfort in your own irrationality and practice the unpredictable. That will be your key to survival. It is too late to stop because the cyborgs have already been conceived. It is just a matter of time and money (your money) that they will be leading you to your slave camp, or extermination facility. But I know you will not listen and deem me as irrational and anti-conventional, but really, that is exactly the resultant I am attempting to achieve.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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Halloween’s Creepy Sleepy Society of Bumkin Heads

Greedy Banker Premature Foreclosure Notice Slinger Costume by: Cripple Regret Lancewear

Look no further, we have the costume of the century! Yes now everyone, young and old can dress to the hilt and fantasize about being a “Greedy Banker.” Just think of the fear you will generate as you comb the streets, looking for a door to knock on. And you can bet your Grandmother’s crystal that is already sitting in the local pawn shop, when they open that door, they will scurry in fear, letting you grab all the treats you want, guaranteed! Just remember, even if they are brave enough to stand there and face you, all you have to do is quick draw the foreclosure papers from your custom foreclosure holster which guarantees to drop them to their knees, cowering and cringing like blind little puppet slaves ready to serve you all the hokum your teeth can stand before they rot and fall out of your skull. The perfect costume for your little brainwashed goblins so they can gleefully aspire to be another monetary bullying greedy brain stomping capitalist. Greed knows no bounds and the fear that these costumes will generate will guarantee you and your brainwashed offspring a golden path to decadence and debauchery. Not even the Holy scriptures could predict such a horror that is truly owned by the 1 percent of society, at least in spirit!

Ravenous CEO Rape and Plunder Small Business Costume by: Wolf Gorging

Is your game rape? Plunder? Well we have just the costume for you! Why not dress like the latest and greatest CEO? Yes, if you aspire to climb that corporate capitalistic ladder, then there is no better way to prepare yourself then dressing the part and scaring the bejesus out of all the local small business owners by knocking on their doors, showing them your plundering plans to open a  franchise chain store across the street that will bankrupt them in 6 to 8 months guaranteed! After which you can hire them to clean the toilets and shine your shoes, possibly scrub your floors for minimum wage. Just think, you can have both the husband and wife, possibly their offspring, cooking your meals, doing your laundry, providing cheap entertainment, the works! So, when they open the door seeing your little tykes dressed in this costume, they will immediately bow and kiss their feet in compliance hoping when they finally  bankrupt them, they will have mercy upon their souls and allow them to serve the dynasty for eternity. Or at least until a larger greedy capitalistic corporation swallows that corporation whole. Remember, this costume is educational and is approved by your local school board as a fun way to learn how to become a brainwashed pawn to successfully keep capitalism on top, keeping the 1 percent of society pathetically rich. As an added bonus, it comes with programmed audio sound effects of voices tyrannically bitching out your slave driven employees to work just a little harder to receive a penny raise or the privilege to climb under the boss’s desk!

Kardassian I am so Dammed Popular and Rich Bully Costume by: Star Defiled

Perhaps you were, as a child, a class bully or simply from a wealthy family that all the teachers  favored and allowed special privileges simply because your were so dammed special! Well, why let it end there, especially when your current offspring are all losers? Just dress them up in this provocative costume, Kardassian! Yes they will certainly intimidate anyone foolish enough to open their doors this Halloween, having them  bow in subordinary awe to these rich royal specters of the night! Kiss their royal sash, and be careful not to drool upon their ambient greatness and be grateful that they have graced your household  with their celebrity god-like resonance. Being dressed as the ultimate role models of the high society, you will feel the influence as everyone you encounter will want to be just like you, to be greedy, just like you, because you are dressed as the divine of civilization, promoting alternate lifestyles as acceptable and moral as defined by the rich, whom you will represent while dressed in this costume of the upper crusty, boorish class. So go ahead and dress up today as a Kardassian! Buy this costume now and get a “Jruce Benner Costume” absolutely free for that inspiring tyke of yours that realized before puberty, he really wanted to be female! Makeup and jewelry not included.

Money Store Loan Shark Stalking Costume by: A Fish Called You

Perhaps you are better at breaking things, like limbs of deadbeats unable to pay their loans? If that is the case, then this is the costume for you, “Money Store Loan Shark.” As you  slime your way through the evening down the unsuspecting deadbeat’s street, you can be sure their lights will be off when you come knocking. So what do you do then? You just break their doors down and find the little slime balls in their hiding spots. Once found, you just adjust their kneecaps with your baseball bat (included). If that don’t get an agreement to pay, then you can put on the brass knuckles (included) and adjust their jaw! Be sure however, not to break their writing hand’s fingers and bones to be sure they can sign once they agree to sell their soul to you. If all else fails, then you can pull your snub-nosed 38 (extra) and ventilate their skull, spraying their grey matter all over the closet wall. You can be sure once the word spreads through that neighborhood, the next collection will be a breeze! So, no need for harassing phone calls or wasting paper on warning letters. This costume is the sure fire way to strike fear into everyone, because let’s face it, everyone In the suburbs owes money. Act now and get a free demolition and arson kit to make prime examples of those extra hard collections, getting money from single mothers, elderly people, welfare families and politicians.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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Jingoist Day

Jingoist Day


Jingoist Day, Jingoist Day

Jingoist all the way

Oh what fun it is to jump

From the 80th floor today, hey

Flames scald my back,

As I contemplate

Would I rather burn to death,

Or die in a pulverised state, ha, ha, ha

As my body falls,

I see others jumping too

What a rush as we all skydive

without parachutes, ha, ha, ha

Thinking of the election,

And voting for that fool,

My life flashes before my eyes

As I squash into gruel, hey

Jingoist Day, Jingoist Day

Jingoist all the way

Oh what fun it is to jump

From the 80th floor today, hey


“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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Halloween, Necrosis before the Lambent

Bleeds with Knives in Back

Many traitorous events play out everyday, and Halloween is the celebration of these events, whereby we feed irresistible treats to these goblins, to curb their appetite for despair and mayhem.  If you are not armed with some sort of sweets, even if no goblin visits, you may fall victim to the “trick”. However, that is only a symbolic meaning of this day and truly is just a pretentious reasoning to be “evil” for that day, if not everyday. Commercialism has its bite in this celebration of necrosis before the winter. The beginning of the season where nothing grows, or at least in the northern hemisphere. But every season is fair game for the corporate seductive mesmerizing. They will drive you insane with advertising every season, even the season of the “witch”. Just think back, if you are old enough, about the season of the witch series that the witch’s husband was an advertising executive, creating ads for those very important clients, every episode whilst his wife, the witch, tended to her home and community with witchcraft seemingly solving all the problems that arose, for approximately 20 minutes of the half hour time slot, with the remaining 10 minutes packed with advertising from the epitome’s sponsors. A double whammy of adverse-toxic corporate reasoning. We all reach back for that dagger that has been innocuously placed in our backs by our trusty team members in the work force, attempting to make themselves appear more sweeter and worthy then you are, trying to take your position or just eradicate the competition. This is a “taught behavior” endorsed by the media swill , learning institutions, community leaders and clergy that force-feed us all on a daily basis, if you open your mouth like a weaned, waning novice. The competitive dregs of the “legal remedial greedy gangster philosophy” that our politicians and luminaries practice on a daily basis while they all dress up as respectable government and community magnates.

Tricks or Deceives in Rucksack

We are all sure that none of this really matters as we continue on our brainwashed journey as if we have it all under control. The trick is played out as we are sure that our existence can be chosen and at anytime we can change our given course. We are under control. We have no say in what happens in our indoctrinated existences and will never realize the truth. The deceiver has our fates locked away and the longer we wait to abrasively break away, the worse our lives will become, bowing down to the 1 percent of society and their greed. We have lost this choice, somewhere in the 70’s or 80’s, becoming most prevalent in the 90’s and extremely obvious in the millennium, leading up to of course, 911, the worst catastrophe ever to be orchestrated and played out in Commercial Corporate North American history. It was evident then that the 1 percent of society and their “puppet governments”  had absolute control. So what are we doing now? We are living our programmed lives to only slave until we are dead. If you manage to accumulate any money and assets by the time of your demise, you would be one of the luckier people, however you will most likely never live long enough to enjoy it out of fear that if you spend your money, you will lose your security and legacies that you would like to pass on to your family.

Limps with Shackled Feet

We attempt to be unique and we are all truly individuals. That fact is obliterated every time we turn on the media, allowing the adverse captivation to think our thoughts and reaffirm our duties as serfs. We will toil endlessly until we are convinced mentally that we have finished our enslaved details for that day. Then we will kick back and watch more indoctrination to prepare us for another day of slavery. The schedule is planned out to purposely absorb all our free time, and will not allow you any innovational freedom. This innovation could be a book, or a invention, or a great recipe or anything that is creative and rewarding. Instead, we give away our time to the media that lies to us every day, convincing us we are doing the right thing by just sitting there getting mesmerized by their dung swilled drool. Can we break free? Yes, and it is easy. But we all fear ridicule and isolation, and the first hint of these emotions, we all back off and act normalized. What is normalized? Not going against the grain to do what you want that would allow your own freedom of expression. Why is this fact so invasive when we attempt to create? Because we have been brainwashed to think that if you are not making money from these silly creative outbursts, then it is not worth our time or energy.

Creates in Back of Mind

We are taught that only the truly talented or special of society deserve to create, and our only place would be to idolize these intellectual artists and  purchase their intellectual art representing their latest and greatest monetary sucking releases. How we are low and they are divine and if you were divine, you would most certainly not be where you are, thus accepting your plight of being a commoner and a slave. If you took one day of the week and did the total opposite of what was expected, you would crave that feeling again and again, You would strive to do more for yourself and shed the mold that has been casted over your true identity that you had lost during your indoctrinating scholastic years, where it all started convincing you that you are not an individual. You were conned that you are a cog on a gear with little or no purpose, only to keep the machine of oppression rolling along, devastating and raping everything in its path, all for profit benefiting the 1 percent of society. Are we still asleep? Yes, and we are in such a slumbered state of denial, that we will never be free because we cannot break the melded mold of conformity that encases our true and original existences. A reality that we are programmed never to see, but it is there. Just open your eyes.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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Jingoist Day 911

Theory of Relativity in a Vacuum

It is curious that search engines like droogle do not have a fancy logo or reference to Patriot Day. They do have a remembrance ribbon for September 11th however, if you go to It does not surprise me at all really. Because of the bull dung the “status quo” of North America is trying to ram down everyone’s throat about what “really” happened on September 11th, 2001. In truth, the so called leaders and 1 percent of society, or anyone else that benefited off the “twin towers card” of destruction would love to see it “go away”. Personally, I think there are a multitude of reasons that Patriot Day is now being shunned by the elite and greedy. Could it be because of the New World Odorous Order? Of course that would be it, yes. No need for patriotism when traitor-ism has become normalized as a standard practise and behavior. If you believe that terrorists were responsible for 911 than yes, you are very naïve. So much so that you would most likely be a salesperson’s dream as you came waltzing into their sales floor with a spotlight following you and a sign on your forehead that read “sucker”. 911 occurred because of traitors and rapaciousness. You may think that jumbo jets can cause that kind of systematic destruction, but that does not make it remotely true or even believable in the most illusionary of fantasies. But let us think for a moment. Ahh, yes, Einstein theorized that there is no gravity, really? Or sort of? Well, of course it has no wave length, so it cannot be real?   Theory of relativity? Everything is moving in a wobbling motion as they orbit around the sun and other planets due to the relative masses affecting or effecting each others motion? Thus a mass can effect other masses in motion but cannot effect an apple falling due to gravity on Newton’s head? Got it!

Sedition in a Vacuum

But we assume that Einstein’s theory disputes gravity rather then attempts to redefine what actually causes the phenomenon. Who cares really. If you paid attention in physics, you could figure out how long it would take for a building to fall to the ground while being demolished with demolition charged explosives. But hey, let us challenge established laws like Newton’s Law to accommodate the retarded, official 911 commission report. So many people died that day on 911, and so many people (traitors) that were responsible, were allowed to go free and live out their lives as if nothing happened. I am glad I was not one of those traitors because how could you live with what you avertedly or in-avertedly done?  I would venture there were a lot of people involved who had no clue what was really going to happen, or to what magnitude. Here is some money. Keep your mouth shut, or else!. Or else what? Indoctrinated futures of discredit-ion. A slow painful path to bankruptcy and destitution. People that dared to scrutinize what really happened felt that wrath depending on their influence and positions. Needless to say many of them lost those positions and credibility. That is the power of brainwashing and indoctrination especially where a gullible rapacious public is involved, watching indoctrinated news reports and publications. You know, the same publications that covered the Bruce Jenner story? If you are confused what story that was, well whatever.

Freedom of Speech in a Vacuum

Writers now are faced with indoctrinated peer pressure. Is it ok to be a patriot? Or write about a patriot? Is it ok to write about jingoism? Bellicosity? Or would that writer be labeled as a chauvinist? A feminist? A jingo promoting opprobriousness? Are writers that write what they are inspired just a bunch of jingoes? Or just problematic when it comes to rapacious pedagogy. Let us face the facts. If you cannot write what you want then freedom of the press, freedom of speech means nothing. It means you can write what you want as long as your “sponsors” like what you scrawled for their funneled version of the truth all in the name of their current ad campaign. Even fictitious writers seem to be influenced by this nonsense, if you really look at the movie line ups of the last 5 years. I do not think that one of the last 3 Oscar winning films held my attention for more then 5 minutes before I felt my mind being melded into ridiculous forms of twisted epitomic force-fed crassness. But nothing exceeds like excess and if you thought something was proper or improper? Think again because it all depends on the current advertising campaign and/or sponsor. What they want to sell, to convince the masses that they are the real power that should be adhered to, subliminally of course.

Enigmatic Mysteries in a Vacuum

Mini-Monarchs of our society are stealing your future legacies. They are solidifying their own futures at the expense of your dwindling, disappearing future, financially of course, guaranteeing that your offspring will be enslaved to be their servants, with no real self-worth or dignity, only what they are labeled to be as far as the 1 percenters are concerned, not they are concerned if you live or die, until they have to actually do their own work.  Then they may call an ambulance if you have the proper medical coverage, that they do not pay for, and as sure as your great grandfather’s 50 years of service gold pocket watch sits in the local pawn vendors safe in hock, they are making profit off the medical care you are about to receive, from overpaid medical staff, through the hospital’s administration lord, Amen. Patriot’s Day was the day that the Imperialistic scum in United States were vanquished and chased out of the United States’ economy and government. Patriot Day is an odd name for what happened in 911 because it had very little to do with being a patriot, seeing that it was truly a traitorous event. It was the most in-cohesive, inconsistent, incoherent, illegal resolve to a planned disaster ever to misfortunately occur on this planet. But then again, they pretty much got away with the assassination of JFK? Who are they? It is a big mystery wrapped in an enigma. If you believe that last line, well, there really is no hope for you. Sorry.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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Canada, 150 Years of Social Ascendancy and Parsimonious Prosperity


People say, yes I am glad to be a Canadian. I have been told since I was old enough to talk that you are lucky to live in Canada. Canadians are free. Yes we are free to be socially dominated and receive scraps of prosperity from the wealthy imperialistic snobbish Monarchy exalting 1 percent. They are so stingy, you have no idea to the extent they hold this idealism to their rapacious imperialist hearts. I mean really. Has anyone been examined by a Tribunal in this country? It is a experience that opens your eyes to whom really controls this country. Far be it in the control of anyone common or considered “peasants” of this society. From living room to living room, to office to office to conglomerate to conglomerate, to castle to castle, to mini monarchs to mini monarchs we see pictures of the Queen of England? Yes, we all know that this picture idolization is becoming less frequent in Canada, and you may even visit a  Canadian Taxation and Revenue Centre that is actually free of these boorish images, at least not in plain view. But we still have to look at the Queen on our money. I seen a quarter the other day that had the Queen on one side and an Aboriginal Chief on the other. Now, you know I cannot resist the pun associated with this observation. Which is heads? Which is Tails? Heads is always associated with the positive aspects and tails is usually associated with a negative aspect. Why not put the Aboriginal Chief where he belongs on the coin and not where the moose or beavers reside. Or it could mean the Queen of England gave the Aboriginal Chief “tail”? Or it could be just a 2 headed coin, which would be fitting, because we have all been conned for 150 years.

Royalty Expoilers

I remember Expo 67 as a child and remember the celebrations. It seemed to be something to be proud of at the time. But I was just a child and when I look back, it seemed like a better, prosperous time. However, I did remember also that it was the turning point for prosperity and things were tightening up because the 1 percent of society wanted regain their wealth that was somehow fairly acquisitioned during the 50’s and early 60’s, meaning it was somewhat distributed amongst the masses . Usually this happens when there is a need for infrastructure and labor to complete these projects. But anyone that has travelled the TransCanada Hwy knows it is no better then a paved skidder trail between Sudbury and Winnipeg. We do not promote our country to live in, rather we attempt to either bribe people to live here, or we shut them out completely. If we invested into the populist that is living in Canada, make them more prosperous, other businesses and people will immigrate promoting better commerce and trade. But we cannot have such a thing in Canada. We have to remain boorish and prehensile watching 90% Canadian Content of low budgeted, poorly produced entertainment that is guaranteed to put you to sleep during the first 10 minutes, only to be awaken by the first commercial break if you still have the misfortune of being forced to watch cable or subscription televised nonsense and main con-streamed media.

Then again, if it wasn’t for British dominance, we may have been Aboriginal? Possibly French? Or instead of provinces, we would have been different states in the USA? Whatever the case, we would not have had to endure looking at the royal family’s ageing faces on our money for the last 150 years.

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Endless Fables of Regurgitated Prosperity, Ho Ho, you Ho Yo

In December, You are Incredible. In January You will be In-credit-able

Economists for the 1 percenters of the population toil over how to make the system look fair amongst the masses, the backbone of any greed induced economy. This time of the year is extremely special because the 1 percenters want to convey that they really give a hokum’s ass about anyone  other then their own cess spawned families and relatives. So, in a not so perfect illusionary world, everyone who works gets their fair share of the spoils and prosperity. And to show this appreciation from getting your fair share, you must do the “Fop Dance of Consumer Consumption”. So, as you play favorite Country, Rock, Pop, Rap or R&B CD or stream of that famous, rich, opulent rebel artist, playing or singing their brainwashing tunes, wearing multi gold chains and rings, bought by you, who were stupid enough to buy their unoriginal aneurism inducing intellectual art, you can spend all your money in all the commercial corporate establishments with confidence that you are being financially sodomized. How popular is sodomy? Just do a internet search and find out. By the time you are into the 3rd week of December, most people and families see that they are financially broke. What do they do now? Don’t worry. Just pull out that credit card and start charging, if you haven’t already done so. And for those that have already maxed out their credit, the 1 percenters and banking institutions will take care of you. With their money stores! The 1 percenters have faith in their slaves. That is why they will let you borrow on your next payday! So instead of living paycheck to paycheck, you can live from next paycheck to next paycheck. Or next, next pay check to next, next paycheck. There is really no limit to the downslide of credit. That is, until you lose your job. Once that happens, then you will be financially exhausted and in-credit-able.

You May be the Next Billionaire on “The Fantasy is Right!”

I have learned in this world that to be fair, one must assess what one has in order to be fair with someone else. If I had $10.00 and you had $0.00, would it not be fair to give you $5.00? Of course it would. Would I do such a thing? To be honest, I have no idea. But I think that is because we are valuing paper and not the actual commodity. If I had a plate of food, and you were hungry, I would gladly give you my plate. But brainwashing tells us subliminally, that we cannot trust anyone. So if you say you are hungry and need $5.00 for food, The first thing that enters most programmed minds is that the person is soliciting money from you, so do not give him any. He does not really need any money. If he does, let him find a job. Is that fair to think on those terms? Not for a second. But we all do, not by nature, but by distrust imposed on us by the 1 percenter’s commercial brain honing. They want you to think like they do. How else can they live with the fact that they have billions of dollars, gold and almost every other so called precious commodity and not share while nations of people starve to death. They can live with it because we allow them to live with it, hoping we will be a billionaires some day, not! If anyone could fathom how much space you would need for 1 billion dollars, it would exceed most small apartments in space. How much space would the bank need for your money? A small coffee can most likely would suffice.

Molding Golden Calves of Wanton

It is opulence that defeats us. What real power does the 1 percent of the population have on the community? Nothing. Can they eat money? Gold? Diamonds? What real practical use do these items have anyway? Nothing, other then the measure of wealth. Who is giving them the power to measure wealth with these inanimate objects and paper? We are. And we continue to allow them to control us in the hopes that we can someday be wealthy. It is a pipe dream. It is a distorted illusion of success. Do you really think that everyone on the planet can be a billionaire? Even a millionaire? Of course not. So why are we idolizing these greedy people and their greed inducing media of brain control? We as a community can have it all and be happy. We as a community can grow are own food and livestock. We as the community can build our own houses and barns. We as a community can blacksmith our own tools. We as a community can make our own generators. We as a community can pulp our own paper or make our own lumber. We as a community can make our own clothes. We can survive without opulence. And if we find a lump of gold, we can melt it down and use as a conductor. Or use it for a doorstop. If we find a diamond, it could be used as a frequency controller or oscillator or we could see how many times it would skip across the lake. These things, other then being shiny, are just things of opulence. Not worthy of any community’s worship. If any community knew what power they really have, the 1 percenters would attempt to crush that community with some sort of police action and/or label it as a extremist cult or commune justifying intervention by the FBI or CIA. Come on, you did not think that they knew that this may happen? They have nightmares about it every night. That is why they have such organizations like the FBI, CIA, NSA, RCMP…etc.

No Diamonds in the Manger

You can’t fool a government/establishment founded upon insurgency. Or at least a government’s puppeteers who are the 1 percent of society. No hope? Not by a longshot. We as a community have the right to insurgency. It says so in the constitution of USA. But it really does not have to say so in any constitution. For a community to take action in order survive is the right of any community and every person in that community. Survival is an instinct. Cannot be bred out of us or abolished as a way of thinking. It is a natural response to aggression. And it is legal to survive. If anyone knows of any laws that prevent survival of a person, group or community, please enlighten me.  But to rebel in an open evasive action is outworn and antiqued. It is our thoughts, not our actions that rebel successfully. Because eventually, it will be taught to our offspring that opulence is truly our enemy and the destructor of the independent community. Merry Christmas, the true meaning of the birth of Christ.

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The Macrocosm is Planate, You will Trundle off the Periphery. Benison!

Columbus Day

Ever wonder why an Italian explorer would be exploring in Spanish ships? That is the real question of that voyage in my mind. But Columbus was just another 1 percenter looking for glory at the expense of others. Spanish royalty granted these ships in the exchange for wealth and untold  treasures. Columbus was convincing enough to get 3 ships, some say 4, when his homeland’s holy emperor/republic refused.  But we all know what a mess the Italian Senate was, not to mention, being under holy rule. Ignorance was the big factor why he did not get Italian ships. Even though there was scientific and physical proof the earth was round. Pythagoras created the technology (information), mathematical proof that the world is a sphere (round) much earlier, around 330 BC. And the Vikings, I guess, because they were ignorant, sailed to North America much before any other culture. But I believe they knew, or at least believed that Odin would protect their Voyages, and if the runes said sail, they sailed. But to the holy Roman Empire or Republic, the Vikings were considered barbarians. In the end, whether the Italian senate believed the world was flat or round, really does not matter. It is control. Each culture has their own control, laws, and penalties. Even though Italy was rich in culture, science, and art, they were under the holy emperor/republic whom were renowned for their narrow-ism and pompous biblical analysis. Meaning, because Jesus happened to be crucified because of Pontius Pilate’s decision induced by the holy Jewish community, they had some direct connection to God? Who knows. But science in these times was viewed as borderline witchcraft, and we all know what happened to witches and warlocks AC. Thus, Columbus was most likely prudent to search elsewhere for his navy. As far as Columbus causing an Apocalypse in South America, that Apocalypse was well under way caused by local tribes warring, dominating, and killing each other. Thus, the invasion of the Spanish fueled expedition, did not have much fortified resistance from the already scattered and internally conquered natives dominated by more powerful and corrupted native tribes. As far as Columbus Day? Well, you can be the judge. Columbus did lead Europe towards the Americas. And because there was a wealth of riches to be had, the European Monarchs, holy or not were attracted to the Americas like flies to dung.


Canadian Thanksgiving has no real significance to the rest of the world, only to signify the harvest following fall equinox. Not much controversy, thank God, surrounding this Canadian Holiday, or even the American Thanksgiving which occurs on November 24th. Just a hopeful prayer for abundance of the harvest.

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Travail Diurnal Course

Labour Reins

Labour Day is suppose to be a celebration of our forefathers whom possessed the balls to retaliate against the large corporations, 1 percenters, and their surf drivers. The fights that took place were brutal and bloody. The Corporations involved hired endless goons to attempt to “slap” the workers down that retaliated from their “whips of mastery”.  It was obvious, at the turn of the 20th century, that something had to be done about these greedy corporations, owned by ruthless 1 percenters. They had children between 8 and 12 years of age that were old enough to hold a shovel, or some other serfdom tool, in the mines 12 to 14 hrs a day, along with their own parents, slaving and breathing in coal dust or whatever else the particular mine produced for 10 to 12 cents a day. Yes, you heard correctly, children. How do you think rich families of that time, families that dominated the commonwealth remained so rich and powerful? By paying their employees pennies while they made millions. And it was legal. What a fopsicle. But it was sucked up because people needed to live, survive.

Safe Moat, Guaranteed to Repel Barbarians and Crusaders 

I am sure people heard of Jimmy Hoffa. The main con-stream media of that day, and still today if the topic was presented, brainwashed the public that he was nothing but a communist, back-stabbing, ruthless, Mafioso, crook, extortionist and murderer. At one time, this man was associated to the devil himself, only worse. Why? Because he had the balls and the brains to stand up and confront the greedy corporations and employers of the day that were abusing their power over their employees. He helped form the Teamsters, who were the largest and most powerful union in North America. They represented mainly the truckers, but started a trend of labour organization that lasted for decades. Jimmy Hoffa’s integrity was attacked by Robert Kennedy. The tragic assassinations  of these Kennedys is another story. But they were part of the 1 percenters because of their wealth. Ultimately, they were against unions. They saw unions as communistic behaviors and for that, they were definitely on the side of the 1 percenters. When Kennedy brought down Hoffa which ultimately led to Jimmy being severed from the teamsters, it was the beginning of the end to unions. Or at least unions with some power. When unions were at their peak, between the 60’s and 80’s, they were actually declining the minute Hoffa was replaced as the Teamsters President. At that point, the Teamsters, in their peak, were very strong, but slowly but surely, was being bought and divided up between corporations and the 1 percenters.  Now unions, if one exists, is owned by the company. Every year they reduce your rights, money, benefits, and pensions. I am old enough to know the difference. There are some companies that you have to pay an entrance fee to get into the union, between $600.00 to $1500.00 to become a full fledged member and you are eligible for that after one full year’s service. Some companies put you on part time permanently, waiving the “union carrot” in your face to continue. Once you get close to the time mark, they fire you because of failure too meet some stupid performance benchmark. I personally have been victim of that policy more then once.

Propagandist, A Brainwashed Tale…

But as we all know, there are companies, most of them, that have no unions. Some companies have strict policies that no unions are allowed. Some companies have internal courses that encourage people that work there to take, that cover the reasons unions are not good for any company. PPE. Propaganda Propriety Education. You know? Like the films trucker and shipper companies force their employees and potential employees to watch about how terrorists were responsible for the World Trade Tower’s disaster caused by aeroplanes crashing into the buildings and how a terrorist could be sitting right next to you in your classroom and how it is your patriotic duty to “rat him out” if you see any suspicious behavior. If you believe that or the main con-stream media’s version of 911, then I have some permafrost reality you may be interested in purchasing. Disappearing fast so don’t wait, buy yours now, while it has not melted yet! We are heading in the direction that leads to slavery. What does it mean to be a slave? Being a slave means to have little or no rights. To work for little or next to nothing. Getting rid of unions and labour laws is exactly what the corporations and the 1 percenters want. Once that is achieved, and they have dismantled the legislation that govern labour laws of each state and province, then you will know what it means to be a slave. They are lobbying for that as we speak. As we drink our fop beer or fop drink, celebrating Labour Day, that our forefathers bled and died for, so we can allow our current employers (if you are lucky enough to have one), to slowly but surely  strip away our rights to a better wage, humane and safe working conditions, and benefits and pensions. Kiss that all goodbye, because in most cases, they have succeeded. All they have left to do now is to permanently destroy our labour legislation. How do they do that? By burying the courts with labour and human rights cases so that your case will not be heard until 2099. Make it ineffectual, ergo making it powerless. The government, in the end, really do not care because they are just puppets on the corporation’s strings and the corporations are puppets on the one percenter’s strings.

Don’t Sell Yourself Short, We could get $50.00 to a $100.00 for your services on the open market…Minus the condom

All one has to do is to examine what large banks and financial groups did to the banking legislation between 2000 and 2008. They almost created another depression. But, instead, created one of the biggest recessions in 90 years, causing almost the same affect, mostly to the masses. The biggest power the 1 percenters have over us, the masses, is boredom. They win by causing boredom, sure to make the masses fall asleep by shear boredom. Most people have to go out for that drink, or beer. Be with their friends, have a good time. Spending their hard earned cash on alcohol and other “fop” styled social lubricants,  others soon to be legal like marijuana, cocaine and opium. They know that the populace is “hooked” on socializing. So much so, that we will ignore all the games the 1 percenters are playing with our rights and dignities.  Saying, “its ok to be an alcoholic, drug abusive, sexual deviant because, hey, everyone is doing it! What are you waiting for?” The ones that see through the corruptive brainwashing are the ones that are isolated because let’s face it. Most people are easily led to the fire. Like insects.  Only when they hit the fire, well, then it is too late. We have to warn the people that listen. That know that there is something not right. They in turn can convince others. But because, on the most part, we are already divided and conquered, it is an uphill struggle to turn the serfdom tide headed towards slavery.

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