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When Men Were Men and Women Were Women. When was that again?

I was looking through the latest theater movies last week and decided to watch Sicario which was basically about the drug trade and how Homeland Security and other agencies were trying to keep the USA clean of drugs. This movie bothered me on so many levels that if I went through them all, this would a book and not a post.

This movie is brain wash material if I ever watched one. But more scary is the fact that they portray real men with bisexual tendencies. I use the description, “real men” very loosely because this is just a distorted vision either a Hollywood writer, director or producer or all three. Or, because it has Homeland Security stamped all over the movie footage, could mean Homeland Security had a large influence on this film.

If you watched this movie, you would know which scene or scenes I am referring to, and if you do not, watch the movie. The top billed star of the movie was a woman and she played the born again tough bitch FBI agent Macer, that emasculated her partners by her confident persona, making the poor chaps look like a wimps. The only men in the film she did not emasculate was the story characters Gillick and Graver whom are portrayed as the “real men” with bisexual tendencies.

Note: I am not using the actors real names because this post is not here to promote the famous. If you want to know what actors they are, look it up on Wikipedia.

Where Real Men are Bisexual Men and Women Emasculate Men

Is this a twisted contrast? Twisted Plot or just plain a gay agenda? I left the theater wondering WTF? I paid to see this swill? I thought the movie was well done and had some moments, but in the final assessment, it was pig feed. Then I started looking at all the recent movies, and just by looking at the titles and description, could not find anything that did not lean the same way as the “Emasculation Plot” in Sicario. In other words, I started looking through older movies which sucks a bit because I already seen them.

Then I seen some promise. Knock, Knock, staring one of my favorite actors and a couple of women as the villains. I thought this may be worth a gander. So I watched the movie. This movie almost had me going, especially when the female duo came back and caught him by surprise and started holding him hostage. But then the story started to dismantle itself and eroded very quickly. This movie started to send so many twisted messages, too many to mention, but the main message is “destroy the family unit”. The other twisted message I am mentioning is: “When Men think they are Real Men they are Pedophiles and Real Women that were Victims of Pedophilia can get way with Murder”.

So lets destroy the Family Unit! It is the “In” thing to do! Is it not?

This movie could not be more clear on these messages, and take a plunge to the abyss with the “destroy the family unit” message, by the total trashing of the home, especially the immature vandalism of the family pictures, which by the way, how many families really have that many family pictures every square inch on the wall space of the home? Total exaggeration of how perfect the family was, and how extreme the attack on the family unit was portrayed with the extreme, immature vandalism of the family pictures. I mean who really wrote this puke? Satan himself?

I think even Satan would have wrote this movie with more class, so it may of been one of his legion demons. But, when you are already brainwashed and get influenced by more astute brainwashing, frequently experienced by writers that have the misfortune of writing for Hollywood, then sometimes, you end up with plain, incoherent writing. It could also just be the drugs they do in Hollywood. No excuses, it is just plain dunghill writing.

Conformity? We don’t need no Stinking Conformity!

Since when do we need films that are suppose to entertain, written in attempt to have us think in certain ways? We all know that the government, one way or the other, has tried to control Hollywood. In turn, people that write for Hollywood, conform to certain genres, styles, and content. If not, it has no chance in hell to be produced into a film. Why cannot Hollywood find better writers? Because most good writers like to have there own control over the content and do not need the “editors from hell” forging their material into over exaggerated cess scribble.

Mentality wise, you have to watch most movies now with a large grain of salt. Yes, you may have some movies that are in the “normal zone” and according to the person watching dictates what normal is to them. If you produce a movie, you can produce what you want. If you go over the line of believable, then make it believable in the sense that anyone could put themselves into the position the movie is trying to get across. Pure fantasy movies have a lot of leeway to convince the viewer, but still has to make it believable that someone could find and ride a Pegasus, by first, where to possibly find one or summon one, and second, how you would approach the creature to mount and ride.

Where did I leave my Story Plot? I think I left it in the Inkwell!

Too many times, the movie leaves too much for the viewer to imagine or determine the origin of a situation and leaves them inattentive and yawning. Movies that take the time to walk the viewer towards these important details are the successful movies. But even the successful movies are laced with subliminal messages and images, sometimes embedded between frames, or in plain view for all to see, but usually do not consciously notice, laying the foundation for the suggestion that is formulated by a series of these messages or images. If I had any suggestion to anyone, it would be do not watch TV or movies. Even if you are aware, it still gets through to your subconscious.

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Originally Published on October 25, 2015

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Homophobic, or Heterophobic?

Where the Hell is Levis Quebec?

When I was a small boy, my mother divorced my father for another man, took my two sisters and moved to eastern Ontario, then later Quebec where she stayed in Levis Quebec (among other places). At this time, my brother and I was living at my Aunts because my father moved to the states to work with a construction company and once settled, would retrieve us to live with him.

But before that happened, my mother decided that she was to bring us to Levis to live, so away we went. Being a 11 year old boy, was excited and pumped up from the tales my mother told my brother and I about how great it was going to be with all of us together again. That story overall is very complex and vexing, so I will not explore that here. We later moved from the three room shanti where we all lived to Quebec city (across the river) to a much larger, very old colonial styled house and lived there for three years.

Wow, this Place is, err, Different

Here is where I was exposed to an array of people. Very different from the people that I knew back home. My mother was friends with several prostitutes. I guess that was because we lived in a very seedy, economically challenged area where a number of the women her age were either prostitutes or strippers, or both. We also met a lot of musician types because my mother’s live in spouse was a musician by profession.

There I was exposed to homosexual men for the first time. I did not know what a homosexual was, but was taught very fast when a male homosexual (one of the musicians) was attempting to convince me to touch his “lump” on his lower end of his stomach. Just as I was about to appease his request, my mother saw and heard what was happening and chased the man out of the house furiously. Then she gave me the facts of life about homosexuals.

Being young, I barely caught on what was being explained only that I was to keep my distance from those types of men when alone. This man was one of the musicians that was working with my mother’s spouse at the time. I was amazed after I understood what he attempted to do, that he was still allowed in our home, even for rehearsals.

The Good, The Bad, and the Phobic

I guess that should of given me a case of homophobic tendencies, but being a child, forgot about the incident very quickly and continued to live as a normal child, as normal as the circumstances of that area would allow. But now as an adult, I do not understand the term “homophobic” anymore then I understood fully what that man attempted to do to me when I was a child. If he was successful in his attempt, I may of been living a very different life, either traumatized from sexual abuse, or simply becoming a homosexual due to the influence that would of been imposed.

Is that being homophobic? I do not think so. There bad homosexuals and there are good homosexuals. There are good lesbians and bad lesbians. There are good bisexuals and bad bisexuals. Just as there are good heterosexuals and bad heterosexuals. I know there many more classifications like, transsexuals, hermaphrodites, transvestites, etc. But for the purpose of this discussion, I think I mentioned the adequate groups. Of course, there would be some people that would attempt to explain that mans behavior, but in the end, it was pretty plain he was trying to sexually abuse a child. And, there are heterosexuals and other mentioned and unmentioned groups that also sexually abuse children.

There is a movement now, depending what side of the fence you sit, to empower homosexuality, lesbianism and bisexualism as a mode of acceptable behavior. It is very obvious, and seems to accepted, and most do not seem to have a problem with this empowerment. In fact, the term bisexualism seems more fitting because since this empowerment, people on both sides of the fence that have never drifted before, have drifted back and forth in experimentation. Freedom of sexual preference.

To Birth or not to Birth, That is the Question

Large criticism of Russia discouraging the empowerment of homosexuals and lesbians has developed in recent years. What is the real reason for Russia’s scrutiny of these groups? They want people to act in a heterosexual manner to reproduce their dwindling population. The fact that they have more women then men would put a lot more scrutiny on homosexual behavior , strongly encouraging all men to reproduce with women, rather then pursue a same sex relationships that cannot reproduce naturally.

In countries that do not have that population issue, rather having too high of a birth rate, like countries in North America, encourage same sex relationships for the opposite reason. To cull the birth rate. But, again , some would argue that the Russia regime is nasty and hates homosexuals and lesbians. I say, I doubt it is that simple. That attitude works well for countries in North American, trying to revive the old communism, capitalism rivalry, especially with capitalism now being viewed as outworn, and just plain lopsided towards the 1 percenters and the wealthy. What is so hilarious about that argument is that Russia is not communist anymore.

A Word to Cull For

Being a heterosexual, do I care that homosexuals, lesbians and bisexuals can now, in many places, marry and adopt or have children using a surrogate or artificial insemination? No, why would it bother me? I do not really care what they do as long as they do it in an ethical, and responsible manner, free of abuse. But the term homophobic has got to go, because it is a term that is clearly created to cause upheaval between the same sex relationships and the heterosexual relationships. I would also say, if you are gay and use this term, then you are heterophobic.

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Originally Published on October 22, 2015

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Canadian Election, Jeez…

The Liberals, led by Justin Trudeau win big in Canada, winning seats in every province, stealing both Conservative and New Democrat seats (mostly New Democrat) winning back some key seats in Ontario. What does this mean to Canadians? Who cares. Really. Jack Layton would of been spinning in his grave, how his legacy NDP victory, gaining historic amounts of seats (98 seats) in 2011, was totally mismanaged and squandered by the current party leadership.

Because they did not have a majority, they did not get anything substantial accomplished, mostly because they did not tag team with the Liberals to snip the strings on Harpo’s (Harper) harp. Some would say it was because Jack Layton died shortly thereafter his epic victory. I say, duh ya! The fact that the NDP ended up with 44 seats makes me wonder WTF they did to the party. I liked Jack Layton because he was one dangerous S.O.B..

I voted NDP again, because, well, Liberal color is red, Conservative color is blue (Navy Blue, I think), the Green party color is, well, green, and the NDP color is Orange. I decided on the fact that red, blue and green are not my lucky colors, orange being neutral. Pathetic you may say. But, I do not care because it is all a pile of dung anyway.

Hey, what do you expect? I once voted for the Doug Henning (Magician) Natural Law Party (1992). I wanted to see him make the “deficit disappear, now!”. That by the way was part of his campaign slogan. The party proposed yogic flying as a solution to the problems of the nation. Cool eh?

What even more amazing is the fact that the Conservatives still managed to keep 99 seats after totally hosing Canada for the last two terms. Harpo (Harper) must be a master bard, how he “harped” his way from losing more seats, and retaining a respectable amount. In fact, if it was not for the Atlantic side of the vote, we may of been listening to Harpo’s harp for another four years. Harpo is stepping down, but the Conservatives are nuts, they should keep his harp.

One thing I noticed about the average elected (male) Liberal is that they look like old greasers from the 1950’s or at the very least, beatniks from the late 1950’s and early to mid 60’s . Why is that? Justin Trudeau seems to resemble Frankie Avalon. If you look at his wife, she has a strong resemblance of Annette Funicello, just die her hair black and give her B52 hair do, and voila. Party to their victory, Frankie (Justin) and Annette (Sophie) on the beach, the official 8th beach party movie. What on earth does this mean? I guess it means that because any Canadian beach will be much too cold this time of year, they will have to shoot the victory party in the studio set and air it on the next Royal Canadian Air Farce episode, or shoot it on a beach in California or Florida which may mean increasing CBC’s government funding.

So, that could also mean, deep down, the majority of Canada want to be beach bums in California, or more appropriately, Florida where a lot of retired Canadians already spend the winter. This also means that the Conservatives and the NDP will have play the role of the black leathered beach biker goons with black leather hats always trying to spoil Frankie’s (Justin) and Annette’s (Sophie) beach parties. And, Elizabeth May (Green Party) can play the lonely beach geek always trying to get laid, scaring off all the beach boys and goons. Wicked. I am getting a rush just thinking about it.

Now that I have got your attention, or totally pissed you off, what advice do I have for the average Canadian with Justin at the helm? Hold on! It is going to one hell of a ride! Or at least one awesome beach “party”.

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Originally Published on October 20, 2015

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