The Macadamized Skidder Byway, The Chagrin of NWO, Part Two: The Rhizome of the Penurious…

Don’t be a Bogart! Pass the Damned Joint!

Normally, I do not zero in on a specific place, and definitely try not to point the finger at a specific person, well, except for Trump, but he deserves the criticism and everyone’s scrutiny. Trudeau? He legalized Marijuana, so that speaks for it’s self. If there was a leader that could start a world war, Trump is a definite candidate. Trudeau would go along with anything Trump does because of his classic passivism. Trump will run in 2020, so we will see. Up until then however, he will most likely behave in order to get re-elected. The worst he will do is smoke a couple of doobies with Justin while they visit on so called official business. But this is not a blog about either of them. This is a blog about stagnation and greed. NWO (not the New World Order) has been stunted of growth since it’s conception. Conservative minded people that have been rich here for generations (old money), from the beginning, and still dominate the non-growth of the largest community in NWO, which is Thunder Bay, among other larger communities that suffer from the same emboggment. We all know about the macadamized skidder byway that snakes through our territory, weaseling in and out from town to town, on its way to Southern Ontario (east) or Manitoba (west). Anyone that has driven on this skidder trail called the Trans Canada Imperial Highway knows the feeling when surrounded by tractor-trailers averaging 120 to 140 km per hour, rain or shine, sleet or snow, or what ever the conditions. That is 75 to 95 mph to those that still use the standard analog method of measurement. This byway is definitely not the autobahn and no where near a standard freeway. It is a chagrin that we have to endure living in this area of Ontario. Well, it is not the worst roads in Ontario. Just ask any aboriginal that has to travel by ice roads to venture off their assigned reservations.

So, You Want to be Free, eh?

So where is this all leading to? What am I talking about anyway? I am talking about growth and prosperity for everyone. If we have to play this stupid game called L-I-F-E, then why cannot we all prosper? Because of greedy people holding all the purse strings. We are suppose to be part of the commonwealth, but for some reason we cannot immigrate freely to any other country in our commonwealth. Why do we have to endure the Queen’s aged face on our money if we cannot live in England? Why? Mainly, they sent our forefathers here to settle this desolate winter wonderland because, they were emptying their prisons. Similar to how the US of A got its settlers in the beginning. Who else could they con into coming here? Besides, the officials and tax collectors needed slaves of some kind and of course, a population they could actually collect taxes from. But that is ancient history. We even gained our independence. Well, sort of I guess. Actually, no, we did not really because we still have to pay homage to that petrified bitch called the Queen of England and all of her royal spawn scum. But, as long as we are a parliament, it will never go away until we have a real revolution. But that will bring communism?  Bull dung! It will bring a far better democracy and a better system if we do it right.

The Queen Hoar of the Royal Dragoons.

But I am not talking about the Queen. I am talking about her influence on this land and how they discourage growth. Cities in NWO could be a lot larger and more prosperous, but due to the parliamentary rules and taxation, they want to keep us small and controllable. All they want is to suck this area dry for all of our natural resources. That is why NWO should separate from Ontario and become their own province. Hell, NWO should separate from Canada and form our own country. Then we could grow. There is no other way really. We have most of the water, trees, uranium, gold, silver, great farm land and ultimate tourist attractions. We would be a rich, independent country after not being sucked dry by the Federal government and Southern Ontario. Anyone that lives here knows it is true. If you do live here and dispute this, then you are most likely bought and paid for by the boorish population of Southern Ontario or worse, the federal government. So what are we waiting for? Lets revolt and form our own country. We would not even have to raise a fist of fire a weapon, just wilfully take what is ours. Possession is 9/10ths of the law and legally, all we have to do is set the border right around Sault Saint Marie. If they do not want to be in our country then, who cares. Place the border right there and enforce it with our own border patrol. We can treat the Southern Ontarians like the Mexicans. Or, we can build a wall and keep them out, just like Trump. But would that be Fascist?  Of course it would be, but if Trump, the leader of the supposedly most free country on the planet earth, can build one, then why cannot any community do it?

The Man, or Woman,  with Ewe Brains

It is in the Constitution on the United States. If the old government is not working, then form a new government that will work. No, it is not communism. It is common-sense. What is in the Canadian Constitution? Nothing but boorish, snobby guidelines imposed by the Queen and her Imperial hedge hounds, only to create fear and dominate the little people to be her slave. I say, let England provide her the slaves. Why should we be her slaves? You are most likely thinking right now, unless you have critical thinking skills, we do not pay homage to the Queen, we are an independent democracy, sort of. If you think that then you are a slave and will be until you are old and half crippled, living on social assistance because your savings were taxed away, or siphoned by your family spawn who condemned you to an old age facility that you escape from every other weekend to get away from the haughty slave driving nurses, forcing you to do puzzles and eat slop before, during and after they give you all the depressants (antipsychotics) you need to keep you a zombie. You think I am crazy? Good, because that would mean you are a pawn for the boorish government and elite of society due to the fact that you want to be, “just like them”. Stop burning your brain cells using legal marijuana or your favorite brain honing elixir, and practise some originality and intellect. If you are still struggling to understand what I am saying, then may God have mercy on your soul and give you a real brain, or at least a replacement.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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A Sobering January, Not for the Weak of Heart…

Mormon Baits, Mankind sleeps with the Fishes

January has always been the month of the “Hang-over”, whereby we realize just to what extent we were exploited and hammered by commercialism with their seductive ad campaigns. They told us how special we were, in December, and how they love us so, by bringing us all the product jettisons we can afford, or not afford, to buy that, not so special person, a gift. A gift that will be forgotten, guaranteed before January of the new year, before that first set of overpriced fireworks illuminate the darkened, bleak sky. Just as your eyes are dazzled with spectacular colors and eye candy, it will start to dawn on you how much money you were, once again, conned into spending for those, not so special, family members. In fact, if you had an axe in your hands right about that precise moment of realization, you would most likely chop them all up into itty bitty pieces, small enough to dissolve the remains with hydrochloric acid in your bathtub and watch them all swill down the drain. And as you take another gulp of your favorite brain honing elixir, you will smile thinking about all the money you will recover when you return all the gifts before the 15 day return policy is up!  And, after they arrest you and you sit in your new suit, purchased with the money you received from all those returned gifts, during your trial, a trial that you convinced your attorney to plead temporary insanity, you will still be, yes, smiling knowing you will be out in the next 30 to 90 days after you are deemed totally insane, but because the province/state cannot afford to maintain insane asylums, you will be living in a halfway house for free, until they figure you can actually hold a job without killing your employer. Thus if you managed not to do any of that, I guess you are still brainwashed into thinking that somehow, Capitalism is still blessed by our Lord and Savior. I think he would have had more respect for you if you committed the ladder. Loser!

MK Ultra-Violence

Now with the new set of tyrannical chains of debt attached to our credit, accompanying all the other chains of debt induced by one brainwashing ad campaign or another, you will keep trudging along, being pulled over your head by these heavy anchors of “chit”. So avoid holding any blunt objects, unless they are sharp, just incase your spouse says in a irritating voice that the kitchen needs to be revamped after reading the latest issue of “Hone and Jargon”. But hey, don’t deprave yourself and make a ritual out of the slaughter! Enjoy it thoroughly, while you severe them from limb to limb. Grow some balls and do what has to be done! It is the only way you will finally see the light because lets face it. Once you deprogram yourself from the indoctrination, you will not find anyone capable of holding a truly intelligent conversation. Look at it this way. It is just one less indoctrinated human to deal with, that’s all. No other way to put it, really. You can try and deprogram them, but after they call you stupid and idiotic over and over again as you attempt to get them to see the light, you will most likely start sharpening your axe. It is just not worth your time, and besides, being brainwashed is like being a drunk. You have to want to be helped or it just does not work. Then again, we could lock all the brainwashed up, but that would be hugely impractical because 90% of the population are hopelessly brainwashed.

Birth Space, Should it be Rented or Taxed?

It would take a revolution or some drastic event, like the Great lakes over flooding, or earthquakes in California, or the earth’s axis to tilt and wash away 90% of the population, hopefully the right 90%, including the 1 percent from which all this greed and tyranny was conceived and carried on from generation to generation. But of course, the 1 percent would think they would be the only people worth saving. But that should never come as a shock to anyone that has seen the light. Not withstanding that, what would be the answer? There really is no answer other then extreme measures. While they discredit Religion and the faith in God, they will attempt to produce a new moral fibre that will be intertwined with commercialism and capitalism of course, so you will hold it close to your greedy heart, accepting it as your new misguided faith. On the 3rd day he created Tide, so you can at least keep your clothes clean even though your soul will be highly tarnished from corruptive sinning. Keep tearing down those Churches or convert them into condominiums. No space or abode should not be without debt in order to make that land or structure truly productive. You do not need money, because you will have plenty of credit to keep you enslaved to the system until you are old and grey, or dead, which ever blesses you first, which means, death will be your only solace. Old age will be your hell.

God Misplaced his Rain Rattle

Will God save us? Why would he? He would have to repeat history in attempt to keep a small portion of the population to thrive and flourish again, in the right direction. Obviously, that did not happen because if we call what we have achieved up until now as something to be proud of, then we should all be chopped up into itty bitty pieces and fed to the fish. What would be God’s next move? Well, he already came as the lamb. He will now come as the lion and for that, we should all be weary because none of us will be saved. Perhaps he will start another earth somewhere else in another galaxy, hopefully far from this one. And no, he will not allow the 1 percent safe passage or consolation.  Perhaps by that time, the 1 percent will figure out how to escape through a black hole and save themselves, because that is the only way it will happen. But it would be their just desserts actually, to bounce around from time warp to time warp, truly exposing their cosmic insignificance.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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Merry Corporate Christmas, Blessed Royal Inn; Birth of a Cyborg

How Deep is that Rabbit Hole Anyway?

This Christmas has marked the pivot point producing the anti-Christ, the cyborg. This device, or being, whom is most certainly possessed by Satan, will take all of our jobs, and in most cases, eliminate the need for humans all together. Although they have hidden aliens, alien crafts,  and certain technologies for generations, they have flaunted them, in our face, in plain sight. Now, because Nasa has decided to share certain sightings and/or reports of alien crafts and beings, does not mean full transparency. It should serve as a wake-up call to all, that the government, Nasa and other agencies, to release such information, even in pun, that we have hit the threshold of the beginning of the end. We may appreciate their so called transparency, but it is just the tip of the iceberg. This means that we, in the coming decades, will experience major changes. So, if you haven’t already, you better prepare for the worst. This has nothing to do with nuclear wars and shelters, although if the environment gets worse, which it most certainly will, has everything to do with hiding underground  So as we all look in awe at some stupid sighting of some alien craft they decided to release, it is just a diversion to keep your nose out of what they are really doing. Now that they have pretty much sown up YouTube and all the other popular social medias, with bullying and mindless commercialised entertainment guarded by gatekeepers, they will lead you on, away from the plain truth.

Country Holes, Take me Home…

What is underground anyway? You may ask this question or you may not, but if you do, you have a brain that is capable of critical thinking. They have hundreds of underground complexes, mostly military, that reside underground. In North America, these vast facilities occupy the inner portion of the earth. They can dig these tunnels and complexes in amazing speeds. Seven to eight different alien races live in certain underground areas, sharing technology with our so called trustworthy leaders, enabling technology to progress at an accelerated speed which will guarantee our slavery, or worse, elimination. Cyborgs will possess the same dexterity and functionalities of humans, armed with a far superior brain (CPU) to preform mundane and mindless work far better then any human. Complex white collar professions will easily be eliminated and research professions will be easily adaptable to the cyborg. These cyborgs will be armed with brains (CPUs)  that will be able to learn and adapt and create which makes the human, obsolete. In fact, the cyborg will be able to do your job or profession far better then you have ever performed. So what does this all mean exactly? It means the elimination of mankind. You may ask yourself, what can I do that a cyborg can’t? Let’s see now, perhaps reproduce biologically? No, that would not be it because the scientific community can produce and grow biological materials like skin, organs and bones. They are also on the edge of cloning, if not already. Thus that information will be standard programming to a cyborg brain. So, what is this advantage we have over any computer? Remember, these computers can learn and evolve from their environment. What is this advantage? Emotions? Love? Sex? Nope, these are all learned from the environment and can be simulated.

Yes I would Marry a Cyborg. Is that Crazy?

I guess we have absolutely no advantage over the cyborg, not even strength, because they will undoubtedly be endowed with superior physical abilities. Beauty? I doubt that, because, they will most likely be produced perfectly in variations of  appearances. Give up? Well it is simple actually. And it is the most constructive and destructive ability humans possess. No, it is not anger, because anger is based on cause and effect which has a resultant, thus can be learned easily and predicted. What is the one emotion we can produce that a computer could never produce? We have a winner. Irrationality, which also causes unpredictability. Our capacity to have faith and believe in something not there. To pray and chant to seemingly nothing. To hope for the impossible which breaks the number systems. You may say to yourself that religion is not based on the irrational. But you are wrong because the scientific community will not believe in the irrational. They would not ever hold stock in a being that is not apparent and has not manifested into a mundane material, presence or apparition. I could talk all day long to myself and have fun. But does that lead to productivity or manifest into a product? Of course not, however it does give us an edge on creativity and stratagem over any computer that will not waste it’s time on the irrational, or even understand it’s purpose or byproducts.

Mental Institutions, Anyone?

A computer will always be bonded to the logic that it strictly adheres. Yes, it will do unpredictable events, but only based on logic that we as humans would not see, at least not right away. Does this mean we are saved? Not by a long shot because people will never believe that their government would ever exterminate them. But with cyborgs and computers making all the decisions, what logical reason could be computed to keep billions of people alive that have to be fed, clothed and sheltered? The only reason we would be kept around as a culled population would be for slavery.  Meaning, we would be thinned out and exterminated. Logically, to a computer, that would be the only solution. The one percenters, well they would enjoy their time on top as obvious exceptions to the rule, but in the end, they will be eliminated as well. Take comfort in your own irrationality and practice the unpredictable. That will be your key to survival. It is too late to stop because the cyborgs have already been conceived. It is just a matter of time and money (your money) that they will be leading you to your slave camp, or extermination facility. But I know you will not listen and deem me as irrational and anti-conventional, but really, that is exactly the resultant I am attempting to achieve.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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Shimmering Patent of Resplendent Greed

The Royal Golden Hierarchy of Classy Segregation

For capitalism to work, it depends on someone richer. It cannot exist without this philosophy, as in the richer person or establishment. Any capitalistic enterprise consists of a CEO or Chairman of the Board and/or President, Treasures, assistants, vices to such positions, and the slave driving managers. whom carry the whips of tyrannical incentives, whom keeps the rest of the employees toting the line of production, enabling all those ravenous creeps on top to get richer. You noticed I said richer, because any top position of any company is rarely occupied by the owner, whom by that time is filthy rich, enjoying their days on some beach that you would never be invited to or even allowed to visit. Even if you could pay for it, and couldn’t, you would just end up in a secondary and tertiary beach that harbours the not so wealthy, lower end of the upper class. If you are middle class, you definitely could not afford these adventures. Because the middle class is a rarity, they might just allow you to visit out of sheer amusement, as long as you remain a safe distance away from the royal mini-monarchs and their 1 percenter friends. The lower class, well they can find a local public beach and squalor with the rest of the poor pond scum. However, this still does not account for why we, as a population, allow this hierarchy to continue existing, dominating our lives.

The Royal Golden Kangaroo Court 

Really, what other system would work? We are all afraid of sharing with each other because we are brainwashed to be greedy. Any other system in this world having a government that implements the “sharing” philosophy has been or will be, trounced out and destroyed by the capitalistic war machine. We are indoctrinated to believe that these systems are evil and serve no purpose in a prosperous society. That God blessed capitalism, and people that promote this system will prosper, at least in the boundaries of your social class confinements. Ok, if you still do not get it after a hundred blogs, then I will spell it out. Capitalism is the Monarch system and serves the Monarchs of the world. If you live in Canada and dispute this, then you are as dumb as a stump. At least if your brains are a stump, it will make great housing for ants, so you are not totally useless. The US uses the Monarch system via conglomerations. Very large and rich corporations owned by the 1 percent of society. Anything else is just a Mom and Pop shop on the verge of being gobbled up by the franchise philosophy that was birthed to serve the 1 percent. Who are the 1 percent? Royalty. They may not wear crowns and sit in thrones, but you can bet that last piece of turkey being served up at your local shelter on Christmas eve with 200 more people in line, and you are the 201st, that they are indeed royalty disguised as humans.. What is Wall Street/Bay Street? They are the Royal treasurers. The local and provincial/state governments? They are they Royal tax collectors. The senate, congress, parliament and President/Prime Minister? They are the Law of the Land Scribers for the Royal Machine. Of course, all courts high and low are the Royal courts or guillotine/gallows masters. Did I miss something? Use your imagination and fill in the blanks.

The Royal Golden Patriarch/Matriarch of Religious Disbelief 

What does this all mean? You live in a Monarchy system and do not even know it, fool. If you are a fool, perhaps you can work as a royal harlequin, providing cheap entertainment for the 1 percent and their royal hierocracy. Just go to Hollywood, which really should be called, Jesterwood. However, having a name like “Hollywood”, it really does not have to be changed, just look up the definition. Don’t get this confused with religion because it has absolutely nothing to do with God or what is conveyed as divine or righteous. Of course, that would be why religion is slowly but surely being dismantled in Commercial Corporate North America. It conflicts with the “Greed” mentality now being conveyed by the 1 percent. More importantly, it does not turn a profit nor is it franchise-able. If it were, we would be praying in McGodly, Godly King or Godly Queen! Get a Communion Pounder with Cheese, or a Holy Whopper! How about an Act of God Blizzard! Stuff your face and pray! And remember, donations to the poor are only collected on Mondays and Wednesdays! Contributions to the franchise are welcome anytime and it is all tax deductible! However, there are entrepreneurs attempting to purchase abandoned churches, making them into housing or some other profitable business. They seem like blasphemous opportunists, but what would you expect from a brainwashed business major? It is not their fault they act like greedy marauders because they were trained like dogs to be that way. Ergo, if the subject surfaces as a top story in the search engines, then it will become a “Golden Patent of Resplendent Greed”.

The Royal Golden Tower of Babble-on

In reality, the franchising of religious beliefs in nothing new. Just ask the Catholic, Methodist, Jehovah Witness, Protestant faiths, just to name a few, which are all versions of Christianity. A branding of the same religious system which creates confusion. Not to mention different beliefs like Muslim, Hindus and many more that contradict each other. Just look it up and you may be astonished how many religious beliefs exist on this planet, not to mention, classifying Atheism as a religion. And because it is a belief system, which believes in basically nothing other than the mundane material philosophy, they classify it as a religion.Then again, there are groups that still believe the world is flat, so I guess people will believe in anything if there is a following. Why do you think Ewe-boob-Tube and De-Facebook are so popular? That, or too many cheap drugs. Of course, the drug culture could be a definite belief system of Commercial Corporate North America and as well, be classified as a religion, however still remains labelled a cult from the sixties. There are ceremonies of different religions , classified as spiritual beliefs, that involve the use of different drugs. Satanism is definitely a religion because if you believe in Satan, you believe in God. The two basically would not exist without each other. What side is greed affiliated with? If you have to ask that question then your brain may already be an ant eaten stump.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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Halloween’s Creepy Sleepy Society of Bumkin Heads

Greedy Banker Premature Foreclosure Notice Slinger Costume by: Cripple Regret Lancewear

Look no further, we have the costume of the century! Yes now everyone, young and old can dress to the hilt and fantasize about being a “Greedy Banker.” Just think of the fear you will generate as you comb the streets, looking for a door to knock on. And you can bet your Grandmother’s crystal that is already sitting in the local pawn shop, when they open that door, they will scurry in fear, letting you grab all the treats you want, guaranteed! Just remember, even if they are brave enough to stand there and face you, all you have to do is quick draw the foreclosure papers from your custom foreclosure holster which guarantees to drop them to their knees, cowering and cringing like blind little puppet slaves ready to serve you all the hokum your teeth can stand before they rot and fall out of your skull. The perfect costume for your little brainwashed goblins so they can gleefully aspire to be another monetary bullying greedy brain stomping capitalist. Greed knows no bounds and the fear that these costumes will generate will guarantee you and your brainwashed offspring a golden path to decadence and debauchery. Not even the Holy scriptures could predict such a horror that is truly owned by the 1 percent of society, at least in spirit!

Ravenous CEO Rape and Plunder Small Business Costume by: Wolf Gorging

Is your game rape? Plunder? Well we have just the costume for you! Why not dress like the latest and greatest CEO? Yes, if you aspire to climb that corporate capitalistic ladder, then there is no better way to prepare yourself then dressing the part and scaring the bejesus out of all the local small business owners by knocking on their doors, showing them your plundering plans to open a  franchise chain store across the street that will bankrupt them in 6 to 8 months guaranteed! After which you can hire them to clean the toilets and shine your shoes, possibly scrub your floors for minimum wage. Just think, you can have both the husband and wife, possibly their offspring, cooking your meals, doing your laundry, providing cheap entertainment, the works! So, when they open the door seeing your little tykes dressed in this costume, they will immediately bow and kiss their feet in compliance hoping when they finally  bankrupt them, they will have mercy upon their souls and allow them to serve the dynasty for eternity. Or at least until a larger greedy capitalistic corporation swallows that corporation whole. Remember, this costume is educational and is approved by your local school board as a fun way to learn how to become a brainwashed pawn to successfully keep capitalism on top, keeping the 1 percent of society pathetically rich. As an added bonus, it comes with programmed audio sound effects of voices tyrannically bitching out your slave driven employees to work just a little harder to receive a penny raise or the privilege to climb under the boss’s desk!

Kardassian I am so Dammed Popular and Rich Bully Costume by: Star Defiled

Perhaps you were, as a child, a class bully or simply from a wealthy family that all the teachers  favored and allowed special privileges simply because your were so dammed special! Well, why let it end there, especially when your current offspring are all losers? Just dress them up in this provocative costume, Kardassian! Yes they will certainly intimidate anyone foolish enough to open their doors this Halloween, having them  bow in subordinary awe to these rich royal specters of the night! Kiss their royal sash, and be careful not to drool upon their ambient greatness and be grateful that they have graced your household  with their celebrity god-like resonance. Being dressed as the ultimate role models of the high society, you will feel the influence as everyone you encounter will want to be just like you, to be greedy, just like you, because you are dressed as the divine of civilization, promoting alternate lifestyles as acceptable and moral as defined by the rich, whom you will represent while dressed in this costume of the upper crusty, boorish class. So go ahead and dress up today as a Kardassian! Buy this costume now and get a “Jruce Benner Costume” absolutely free for that inspiring tyke of yours that realized before puberty, he really wanted to be female! Makeup and jewelry not included.

Money Store Loan Shark Stalking Costume by: A Fish Called You

Perhaps you are better at breaking things, like limbs of deadbeats unable to pay their loans? If that is the case, then this is the costume for you, “Money Store Loan Shark.” As you  slime your way through the evening down the unsuspecting deadbeat’s street, you can be sure their lights will be off when you come knocking. So what do you do then? You just break their doors down and find the little slime balls in their hiding spots. Once found, you just adjust their kneecaps with your baseball bat (included). If that don’t get an agreement to pay, then you can put on the brass knuckles (included) and adjust their jaw! Be sure however, not to break their writing hand’s fingers and bones to be sure they can sign once they agree to sell their soul to you. If all else fails, then you can pull your snub-nosed 38 (extra) and ventilate their skull, spraying their grey matter all over the closet wall. You can be sure once the word spreads through that neighborhood, the next collection will be a breeze! So, no need for harassing phone calls or wasting paper on warning letters. This costume is the sure fire way to strike fear into everyone, because let’s face it, everyone In the suburbs owes money. Act now and get a free demolition and arson kit to make prime examples of those extra hard collections, getting money from single mothers, elderly people, welfare families and politicians.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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Lustrous Lust To Be Upper Crust? Without a Wringer.

Drop to your Knees Golden Greedy Eye Shadow by You-Stink

Hopefully I am wrong, but I think we are all captivated by the golden fairy dust being blown around by our friendly fantasy inducing media culprits, attempting to con us into the next covet-level purchase that will somehow bring us a bit closer to the 1 percent of society, well, at least illusively. Money and wealth only provides security to those who hide behind that pecuniary golden fence thinking they will be safe, until the money runs out. And it almost certainly will, unless you are a 1 percenter. We are taught to emulate the 1 percent as if they are our ultimate role models to follow, influencing our offspring to follow their example of greed, just long enough until they, like you, have been totally ensnared into deep financial debt, never to see the light of day again because of the interest payments imposed onto the over inflated bursa that was freely loaned, burying them into a financial grave that will enslave them for the rest of their lives. The next time your boss asks you to climb under his/her desk and demands you to do something simply unreasonable, remember that if you do not, you will be replaced by someone willing to blunder themselves to get your job. The labor regulations of any country will not do a thing and by the time they can actually look at your case, you will be most likely retired before you get any satisfaction. You can always get a lawyer that will speed it up slightly, but that solicitor will end up with 40% of the take. Is there a solution? Yes there is, but it entails you having to tell your boss where to go each and every time he decides you are stupid or desperate enough to break safety rules, work extra time for nothing, or provide sexual favors. But, we are in so much financial debt. We cannot do that and loose everything? But really, what are you loosing? You are just loosing debt. So  really, you are loosing nothing. Your dignity may suffer but you will become stronger because of the humility.

Barbed Wired Freedom Camp Lip Liner by Robbie Frown

We all should be aware by now, that it is against the holy scriptures to charge interest or push debt to oppress your neighbors just because you have more money or material then they have. Why is it shunned by the holy scriptures? Because it makes slaves of the people that are forced to pay interest on money provided to them out of need. But capitalism is based on debt pushing and interest. Capitalism is dependant on slavery. Capitalism is a system of deception and greed. But you say to yourself; “I am not a slave. I am free.” Oh really! Ok live in your delusional world and fantasize you are free. Look around you and tell me, what are you really free to do? You are free to shop for more product jettisons. You are free to borrow more money. You are free to watch brainwashing snot nightly on your 60 inch indoctrinating flat screened boob tube, as long as you pay your cable bill. You are free to walk down the street and get mugged by people more desperate then you are. Try an experiment. The next time you go for a walk, just carry cash and no wallet. When someone robs you or threatens you, just freely give them all you have. Most likely you will confuse the hell out of them and they will be more afraid of you simply because you freely gave them what they needed. But if the assailant watched too many idiotic police epitomes, they will most likely hurt you.

Is that my Daughter Performing Fellatio Mascara by Booticontrol

Remember, aggressive behavior is taught in our education systems. Competition is force fed into our children. So are we really surprised when your son or daughter comes out of the school system as an aggressive byproduct ready to do anything for money? Just ask Candy, barely 16 and posing as 18 or older as she gets into another car ready to do any sexual act for money. Is your son/daughter missing? Want to really find her/him? Then drive down the red light district in any town or city in any country in the world, depending where you live, and there is a great chance you may find him/her, standing there attempting to be sexy, luring in the next trick. Or you can simply open up google and type into the search field “escorts in “Your City” and you will get site after site listing all the escorts in your city. Seventy-five% of these women will be 20 years of age or younger ready to solicit anyone willing to pay. Out of these women under 20 years of age, forty% are guaranteed to be underage prostitutes. Remember, escorts are nothing more then prostitutes. To be conned otherwise means you are pretty dammed stupid. Thus, there is an excellent chance you may find your missing child working tricks to stay high. But if you cannot face the fact that your missing child could be in these circumstances, then you may be in denial or just plain ignorant. However, it is a place to start. But a lot of these children are there because of drug related addictions and do this to support their habit.

This is a blender, This is your Brains Rotating in a Blender Lip Stick by Lobe-Sieve Cosmetics  

Oh yes, that reminds me, Canada just legalized marijuana (October 17th, 2018) for the entire country. What will this do to stop the drug abuse in that country? Absolutely nothing. It will make it far worse, pushing children faster to the harder, truly addictive drugs. Why? Because organized crime cannot compete with the government on a level playing field so they will concentrate more of their illicit efforts on cocaine, crack, PCP, heroin, crystal meth, etc.. And let us not forget the prescription  opiate and morphine drugs that are sold by prescription users of these drugs on the street to minors and junkies alike so they can eat and pay rent. Who really makes the money when prescription drugs end up fair game on the streetwise pharmaceutical superstore? The 1 percenters of course whose main objective is to enslave anyone and everyone any way they can for profit. And a populist with drug addictions are far more controllable then people that have their wits about them and are capable of critical thinking. So go ahead and buy some of that legal weed and roll a doobie, light it up and choke it back cannonball style, chasing it down with your favorite brain shrinking elixir to avoid cottonmouth. Just be sure you do it before your favorite indoctrinating TV series so you can sink into the couch prepared for your frontal lobe assault, liquefying your mushy brain.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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Volte-face Sectarianism

I Keep my Courtesan in Line Neck Collar for that Distinguished Political John by: MonkeyDungHill 

We are warned day to day, minute to minute not to discriminate people being infiltrated into our society by the thousands, taking jobs, business opportunities and livelihoods, destroying our morale, morals and mortality. The liberal governments of our Corporate North American continent seem fixed ion this idealism, and does not give a hokum spew about all the people in this country that are uneducated, under paid, unemployed and generally oppressed by the system’s greed and tyranny. These cultures are given large bursas upon landing, allowing them to buy up many different franchise chains with our tax money that the government gives to these immigrants who create employment for only themselves and their families by immigrating more of their spawned bloodlines, refusing to hire other cultures other then their own, complaining because they do not believe in Christianity and Christian holidays,  insisting that our own native traditions have to be disguised so we do not offend these cultures and their praise to Allah? Yet we have to allow them time to kneel on there carpets and praise their faith at work or in public while we, for our beliefs, can be censured and  possibly charged for wishing a Merry Christmas, or Happy Easter? Well, let’s break the ice and say “Merry Christmas and Happy Easter” to all of these Jewish and Allah worshiping cultures. If you do not like that, then roll up you carpet and praise Allah or celebrate your Honokaa in private. Abdul, who works in MartWallet, boastfully describes to men and women alike in our country how Abdul will go home, having his wife wash his feet, elaborating how women are meant for these menial purposes. In reality, it is not these cultures that are insisting on these ridiculous extremities to restrict our rights. It is commercial Corporate North America doing this, by pissing off woman’s rights groups, the average hard working citizen, religious groups, the unemployed of our country, gays, homeless, destitute, etc., etc. and on and on until they create so much hate and separatism that riots and revolts will begin, enabling the government to enforce martial law, imprisoning everyone, including, yes, our newly arrived cultures, the gay communities or anyone that is not in the 1 percent spectrum or members of their mini-monarchs, armies, agencies and gatekeepers. If you think you are special because you are a so called minority, then perhaps you should see if Wheaton New Jersey will give you huge grants or monthly cheques because you are a minority and build you a new house, purchasing for you, another 7-11 so you and your spawn can prosper off the tax payer’s toils, living happily ever after, segregated. It works just fine for the mini-Monarchs and the 1 percenters. Perhaps they will let you into their club? Doubtful. So where does all this childish nonsense come from? Well, we are he ones that put these saps in power who screw us on a daily basis. So are you really surprised? Eight years to one extreme; Liberals-Democrats and their watered down philosophies who think somehow, by paying immigrants to come here will improve the economy; or the other extreme; Conservative- Republican rights dissolvers; who close all our immigrant doors, destroy our liberties, labor laws and rights which has been weakened by the liberals watering down our populist with people that will work for next to nothing and pay next to nothing because they were “given” all of our franchises that were in need of “cheap” labor. Sounds like the Republicans-Conservatives and the Liberals-Democrats are all working together? You betcha!

Aspire to Be My Fresh Legislative Chatelaine Neck Collar by: HockingNerdBlether

Last time I checked, a Liberal politician makes the same amount as a conservative politician and only the covet level educated few, ever aspire to that level of income of a political career, unless you are rich already, meaning who would waste their time in politics if you are a 1 percenter, unless you are young and naïve thinking life is not corrupt. If you think that then you also probably thought the “war on drugs” was real. Just ask Oliver North. Personally, I think the agenda of all this misdirection and obvious antagonism between the races, cultures, creeds, classes, gender, homoerotic and whatever else category name that has been labelled, creating fear and separatism, is devised solely to create a slavery for the New World Odorous Order. One government, 1 dictator or an array of puppet parties to vote for to simulate you have a choice selecting the New World Puppet controlled government brought to by our friendly, greedy 1 percent of the world to keep them rich and you poor. So keep voting in these grifters who usurp any prosperity you may have or get, so they can micro-manage your life and keep you a prisoner, slaving for their freedoms to remain 1 percenters who basically enjoy all the wealth, liberties and the best life has to offer that you will dream nightly about because you want to be “just like them”.  You will want all the wealth “just like them” because you are brainwashed to be “just like them”; but wake up and smell the burnt stale coffee and realize you will never be “just like them” and if you want to be “just like them” then your brain is a mushy pool of hokum spew. But, hope is just around the corner because they are legalizing marijuana so they can keep you stoned and drunk watching your favorite indoctrinating boob tube series further assaulting your mushy brain guaranteeing that you will have to sell anything you managed to actually own in your life time to be locked up in an old age facility, a total prisoner whereby the highlight of your day will be that you will be dead soon, because I cannot think of any other benefit being in that depressing reality being prescribed many different pain killers and depressants causing a numbed worthless existence. Kind of what your life is like now, only now you have a longer leash to enable you to go to work and slave for them, being paid just enough to keep you a credit abusing slave in deep financial debt. See the light yet?

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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Clannish Clandestine Lazaretto

Incest Acquiescence

Sheila was continually sexually abused by her father to the point of her enjoying the interaction. She explained in detail how it started and how her mother left her husband, leaving Sheila behind in the care of her father? Another woman Sharon is a bisexual and was abused sexually by her father at the consent of her mother to the point of her mother locking her in a room with her father. Does witnessing or experiencing sexual abuse cause aggressive sexual tendencies in any mode of a sexual description or preference depending on the context of abuse forced into particular sexual acts IE: sodomy, vaginal or oral sex? A native boy confided that he was forced to perform fellatio on his step father for several years during childhood. He is now emotionally distressed and a member of a native gang. These questions could only be answered by a psychiatrist or a metal health professional. Statistics show that 1 out of every 3 females are sexually abused in the home and 1 out of every 4-5 males are sexually abused in the home. This means a relative ~1/5 of our North American population experiences sexual abuse in the home by family members, mostly parental.

How Young is Jejune?

Can a person under the puberty age actually decide their sexual preference without stimulation or influence? Why would sex education have to teach transsexualism when sex education only discusses the natural purposes of the male and female anatomy (biology) as it pertains to reproduction? Whether you are gay or straight can never change how the male and female anatomy is suited together for reproduction. To be a transgender, lesbian, homosexual, bisexual, transvestite, etc., how can it be realized without influence or pictorial assertion, IE: seeing a crossdresser or a transsexual male or female crossdressing or being verbally and literarily educated before the child really understands sexuality before puberty where most children do not seek sexual activity until pubescent reactions occur. To suggest that the sexual curiosity of a pre-pubescent child could actually be that accurate (decisive) upon what sexuality a person prefers would seem embryonic. Is there any reason other then our own self-justification that we are allowing the school systems to be pushed into this type of curriculum? We can only answer our own questions to our own experiences. I played with my sister’s dolls from time to time when I was between the ages of 5 to 8 years of age and I am a heterosexual male. Thus it would seem that analogy would not be fool proof whether a person of that age prefers males or females only promoting forms of separatism.

We Will Be Fooled, Again

If these cultures to do with sexual freedom, including the heterosexual, assert the sexual activity between same sex, or different sex or the combination thereof, then sexual practices of any orientation should not be taught in the schools at all unless the education involves (or al least includes) the natural biological purposes of the male and female anatomy to educate in an non-suggestive, non-obscene manner todo only with natural, unassisted reproduction. IE:  fornicating in a public place would be considered obscene no matter what the sexual orientation would be. Children are impressionable and easily influenced and is why education should not justify any mode of sexual preference as education because it is simply not needed or afforded as a curriculum study. Children brought up in same sex marriages should be informed by the parents and not by the school system. Schools cannot govern this and be fair to all groups because of its dictatorial nature, not allowing a choice, only acceptance. And to force this upon the public is not constitutional and actually should be voted in on a popular vote (polls) system and not legislative procedures where everyone knows these systems are far too influenced by lobbyists and special interest groups.

Governance Needs our Conformity, Not our Acumen or Ipseities

Is there a solution? The main con-stream media only hooks to the sensationalism of the ordeal and amplifies the petty possibilities of name-calling and possible jail sentences which is a total insult to the public’s intellect, but once again, creates fear, chasing everyone back into the cloakroom clinging to the teachers dress. It is a way to keep sexual cultures to be continuously fighting for power against each other wasting their time and breath and not focusing on what the governments of North America are really trying to do, like weakening our liberties and destroying our labor laws. They purposely will, seemingly, give a liberty to one culture but at the same time, attempt to weaken our rights to speak as individuals. I do not think the government ever makes or passes any laws without designing the legislation to be to the government’s and the 1 percenter’s  best interest, only creating more litigation and lawsuits in our court systems which everyone knows, makes money for the 1 percent ultimately, and filling our jail systems creating very cheap labor. But we still continue to flame each other and give a free pass to the 1 percent of society whom really cause these lies and exaggerations in our legislation to suit their own money sucking schemes.

Sticks and Stones can Break my Bones, and my Thoughts will tend to Incriminate Me? 

So, we just go back to name calling and separatisms instead of unifying as individuals for the purpose of intelligent communication. How long can we endorse this clannish behavior of our cultures whether it is race, sexual, beliefs, morals, religious or political?  Why cannot we venture out of our clans and just talk as individuals. If we did that, it would be a great place to live. But instead we play into the governments hands and participate in their 2 to 3 political party system and fight like a bunch of morons. I sincerely hope when they do legalize marijuana that people do not withdraw into a shell of stoned solitude glued to the TV watching indoctrinating programming keeping you ineffectual as an individual and like, everyone else in your clan, you will only dream to be, just like them (the 1 percenters). If you are in university or college, you get a taste of liberties and feel you are on the right path to success. But you are being brainwashed to be “just like them” unless you savor your individuality that will counter their indoctrinating, peer-pressured, provincial, uppity, elite, money grubbing, cookie cutter philosophies that they will cleverly “jam down your throats”. Let us face the fact, when cyborgs become more prevalent and an actuality, you will not be able to compete and will be systematically eliminated unless you have kept your individuality and intellect to elevate yourself above the greed, promoting everyone to be an individual which is far more powerful then any (programmed) cyborg or any indoctrinated fool that worked on the assembly line making the very cyborg that will take their job. If we stand up and take back our individuality, we are slaves to none.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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“Pop” Goes the Ewe-Boob-Tube

Electron Gunners Collision 

I was recently looking at different films of Ewe-Boob-Tube and I was having a real hard time finding something interesting enough to click on to watch. This was not the case 7 years ago when there were a flourishing amount of independents and their truth media channels and a lot of them were, in my opinion, sincere about the truth as in what they were attempting to convey with well thought out broadcasts that exposed the real truth todo with their attacks on the main stream con-media and their generic plagued output that was mainly, an insult to people’s intellect and, b-o-r-I-n-g! North American media and news entities have become the “experts” of the “half truths” since the early 50’s, slowly integrating to what it is today. The writers for most of these commercialised news outlets are “bought and paid for” and will not do anything to disrupt their “gravy train” and so called “reputations”. It is mind numbing to see that commercial corporate North America is “censorship by inanition”. In other words, you can write what you want, but if it conflicts with our “sponsor’s special interests” then you are unemployed. What does this have to do with Ewe-Boob-Tube? I think if you have to ask that question then you are so far gone and manipulated by the indoctrination that Ewe-Boob-Tube serves up, now on a minute to minute basis, 24 hours a day, that maybe you should just perform a frontal lobe trim on yourself to save time.



Phosphorus Dream World  

The picture  above reflects what I seen on my Ewe-Boob-Tube channel showing me alternatives to an older truth media channel  that I used to watch, but for some reason, most of their videos have been taken down for one reason or another. Look familiar? Yes, I was getting a cold rush up my spine, reminding me of the bad old days looking at that boring, proprietary, brainwashing cesspool of entertainment called “cable TV”. I had flashbacks I was still in the nineties when I was still dopey enough to see if I could find any “truth in media” or something simply entertaining on a “commercialized broadcast”. You can also see from this pic that because I live in Canada, they want to force feed me Canadian news media, which I have absolutely no use for (my personal preference).  American media is slightly more fun, but still indoctrinating and I really have no use for those feeds either.  All the channels on this picture are not old cable entities, but might as well be in my own personal opinion. What is this saying anyway? It is a wake up call to all you independents out there “not to sell out to the main con-streamed media’s corporate bursa”. If you do, then in most cases you will be bought out and buried, never to see the day’s light again.

Bleeds like Stereo Destructions

I remember in my youthful days, I was into music and hated the trending type music that seemed to be pushed on everyone by relentless radio broadcasts, thoroughly infected by commercialism.  So I figured the best way to avoid commercials is to purchase the album of certain musical bands that I liked, therefor evading the propaganda. One thing I noticed in the eighties was a huge amount of independent music labels featuring new bands coming out of no where and getting distribution to the record stores. This created an underground of new intellectual art that was interfering with the sales and promotion of the so called “top forty artists” that were going “number one with the bullet” (cliché) with the help of commercialized corporate sponsorship via the “radio”. The independents were really taking a huge “bite” out of their collective expectations and bursas that were researched at great corporate expense. I wonder how many A&R reps for major record companies lost their jobs then because of this decline? Well, who cares really. But one thing to be sure was that the major record companies were not going to take this lying down and simply bought out all of the independent labels of that time and buried them. This created an “shark effect” atmosphere whereby even some of the major record companies were being bought out by larger corporations, ergo making music production even more boring and predictable onto the turn of the century.  By the early to mid nineties, most of these independent labels became ineffectual or nostalgia. I guess this is now happening to Ewe-Boob-Tube? You betcha!

Which Witch to Snitch and Lynch

And of course we have the “AIDs” infiltrators of the truth movement in media that was ever so prevalent on Ewe-Boob-Tube. What do I mean? You know, like this man made virus, these channels that were placed strategically here and there to emulate the real truth media channels to usurp them of their credibility and more importantly, subscribers by robbing the stories (plagiarizing) and ridiculing the concepts which in essence creates a “gatekeeping mentality” presence that discourages artists and writers to broadcast anything in fear of retribution, or a witch hunt if you prefer. Get burned to the stake metaphorically by chasing them off the medium.  You can spot these emulators easy by the production quality, which they try so hard to fake, but you can tell every time because it is unmistakeably polished. They just do not get it. They think everyone wants to hear what is “trending”. No, people just want to hear the truth. Period. But we all fear the wrath of the “gatekeeper” that will make fun of us or worse, isolate us. Get over it and start believing and wanting the truth. Popularity is for school children when they go to a dance hoping they are not one of the nerds in the corner, alone and isolated because of controlled popular opinion. If we as adults succumb to this analogy, then we are still nothing more then, children waiting to be led by the nose to do someone’s bidding for the good of the collective conformity, or worse molested into shells of soulless husks of inhuman existence.  Isolation is ok, because if that happens to you, you know you are on the right track in your attempt to shed the brainwashing that has been inflicted on you since you were a child. You do not have to break any laws or go to jail to crusade against indoctrination. You  only have to be yourself and stand up for your rights as an individual. As one individual, you have more power then 100 brainwashed corporate bought slaves. Believe it, because the corporations know this and is why they are trying to “buy” your individuality, and not for very much money either.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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Prostitution Evaded for Pecuniary Tax Collated?

The definition of prostitution to the layman is “receiving monetary rewards for the engagement of sexual activity” thus rendering an illegal exchange of money for sex. But if one were to solicit a prostitute and pay her in drugs, is that illegal other then the fact that the drug itself illegal? Or how about food? If a hungry person solicits themselves in the exchange of food for sexual activity?

If you are a stickler then: Oxford Definition of prostitution – the practice or occupation of engaging in sexual activity with someone for payment.

Canadian Dictionary: Prostitution is the practice of exchanging sexual services for money or for other needs such as food and shelter (In Canada, Prostitution is not a crime, only the solicitation and communication thereof todo with prostitution, which is just a play of words because it is still illegal in the whole sense of the transactional agreement, solicitation in accordance to “sex” and the monetary exchange thereof.) 

Merriam-Webster: Prostitution: the act or practice of engaging in promiscuous sexual relations especially for money. 2 : the state of being prostituted : debasement. (Which brings in the procurer (Pimp) element of the illicit endeavor.)

No matter how you slice the pie, it is illegal. So why can certain sites solicit sex over the internet? IE: A woman/girl and/or man/boy sits at home, on camera, hosted by an any number of so called legitimate  membership hosting sites, and awaits someone to purchase a membership to enable them to purchase sexual activities based on the ongoing micro transactions made from the account depending on the customer’s/member’s requests of what sexual activity they want the female/male or both to perform, whom sits in a bedroom being procured (pimped) over the internet. This is not real modelling or acting because it is a real time performance not intended for distribution by policy of the site, this is sexual activity with penetration for money. Prostitution, not simulated.

Or if a woman/man and/or man/woman is paid to have sexual intercourse and/or foreplay/fellatio/cunnilingus/sodomy on camera to be sold to a wide variety of people to view over the internet or by means of electronic medium or another volatile or non-volatile data recording medium like DVD/Blu-ray, SD card, USB drive or removable drive. Although pornography is viewed as acting and is why it is legal for adults to purchase and view, it is still prostitution because they are having “real penetration and orgasms” during sex and is not simulated or acting. It is having sexual activity for money whereby usually all parties are being paid for performing sex onto each other. To watch someone murder a person on camera for real is illegal and considered not acting because the actual event is occurring, not simulated. Then why is pornography viewed as not prostitution if the actual act is not simulated but real? If this is legal then so should be prostitution on any level.  Because if one was to hire a prostitute to have sex with them and filmed it for the intent of sale and distribution on a legal market as a production, then it would make any act of prostitution legal so long it was filmed on the intent to be distributed for legal sale.

This would make any “John”, the solicited, a potential producer/director/actor of a prostitution filmed and make any “Jane”, the  prostitute an actress. Any lawyer, however incompetent could argue this case and win so long as the John/Jane encounter was filmed.

There has been a lot of upheaval in the underground markets for prostitution and it has certainly made many people paranoid. When Craniumslist decided to kill the personal section of their long-time bulletin board, it would seem they started a trend of fear. I have lost respect for that firm simply because they are not standing up for their First Amendment rights as a publisher.  They really are offending the freedom symbol they use as part of their logo. Either way, they have just made my corporate hated list to be sure.

Freedom of the press: the right to publish newspapers, magazines, and other printed matter without governmental restriction and subject only to the laws of libel, obscenity, sedition, etc.

So instead of cleaning up the personals and enforce anyone that publishes an ad, to be responsible for their own publication by making them the publisher, through the terms of service, they could not be held liable and the Feds would have to chase after the individual offenders who become the publishers. But because of the push from special interest groups, lobbyists, and/or corporations pushing to eliminate the so called underground element on free personal ads, not to mention trying save money for the US Treasury,  they create a blanket form of enforcement (FOSTA) that just tightens the noose on freedom of speech, creating a fear and panic that causes everyone, once again,  to run back into the cloakroom and cling to the teacher’s dress.

In the area I live, the police and authorities have followed suit with raids and crack downs on the streets causing people that would advertise for the locals in a personal format, eliminate their ads, allowing large corporate sex sites to take over for fees of course. It is not very discreet when you have to register to a site that simply just wants your money via debit or credit card for information that should be free. In most cases it is just a con job that will string you along to spend more money in exchange for basically, nothing, not to mention make anyone that is stupid enough to join these pay sights susceptible to credit and identity theft. If they do not want money you will be spammed out by countless commercial and phishing emails. The best way to combat these marauders is to not patronise their money sucking hypocritical websites. They are the gatekeepers and the doorways to what and who is really controlling the sex trade, attempting to mold it into a totally virtual format. Virtual prostitution will make it even more secure, at the expense of your privacy and security,  for sex pushing corporations to enslave participants to perform in virtual rooms who could be of any age really and no one would ever know how they were recruited and if they even get paid keeping them hooked and stoned on opiates. Human trafficking will skyrocket  in the next decade to come, unless we educate and home school our children now before your child is the next enslaved victim via virtual sex room for virtual prostitution.


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