Farcicality of Society’s Tomfoolery

Do You Really Think That is Funny?

Or did you laugh because you heard the Laughing Machine. Society over the millenniums have been programmed to what is dictated as funny. Most people cannot laugh unless they hear others laugh. That is why we are 100% brainwashed and march to the 1 percenter’s drum of social approval. That is why so many brainless morons are “hooked” on so called comedies on commercial TV. Still, you have the mini series and the so call series philosophy of home entertainment. Instead of making a good movie from an even better book, they release a series with half rate actors to mesmerize the population into commercial obedience. If you have no idea what I just said, then you are totally brainwashed. You will see the lifestyles the 1 percent are promoting at the time for their own amusement. Because the 1 percent do not watch TV. The 1 percent watch you bungle and botch for their entertainment. That is why so many rich people like the news and journalism. Even though half of it is badly written, they still get immense satisfaction out of the daily news, elevating themselves as above it all, so they can feel superior. Until they start getting killed and maimed. Then it is an atrocity and should not be publicised and must be contained and kept under control so they can feel safe and superior again.  Watching a billionaire get their head cut off? I think that would be something to see.  But instead we get to see “Joe Terrorist” bite the dust. Who is Joe Terrorist? He is a CIA fabrication of your fears and imagination, portrayed by some poor unsuspecting chump . Could you imagine what the wealthy and the 1 percent were thinking when the Czar and his royal family were killed? In reality, is this why Russia, not even a millennium later, went capitalism? Of course it is because they could never allow a government of the workers, for the workers ever survive on the planet earth. That is just plain idiotic to the 1 percent of society.  Now they can all wear $200.00 blue jeans, smoke marijuana and act like retards, just like the so called free people in Commercial Corporate North America.

Life is a Hierarchy, And you’re a burnt out Stepping Stone.

Cheep and Bong, reigning out of the seventies of the last millennium, were regarded as cult heroes of the drug culture. But what were they actually heroes of? Because they helped promote that marijuana is a harmless vice and should be legalized? Or did they just do this for the money? Will they do anything anymore for free? Or is it because of their high profile and seemingly advocacy for the now popular drug culture, that they can still command high dollar for their appearances, now as Senior drugged up hippies because of the recent successes, legalization and commercialization of the drug to be consumed like cigarettes and liquor? I guess Sargent Stadanko will have to put down his electric marijuana pipe and purchase a crack or fentanyl apparatus to be showy for his possible appearance in the next Cheep and Bong Movie called; “Still Vaping and Irritating”. Face it Cheep and Bong fans, you were used to elevate them into stardom and fame, so they can look down at you as peasants and groupies. I mean, now that it is legal, will they make fun of crack heads or fentanyl users? How it is cool to be totally addicted to these substances? How comical it can be if you are prostituting yourself, performing fellatio for $10.00 to $20.00 to get your next fix, satisfying old washed up hippies now posing as the pillars of society? Give me a break. They act as if the so called “New Drug Philosophy” will save the world. If you look at the accelerated decay in your community and the streets in the last 2 years, it should be a wakeup call to anyone that cares at all about where society is really headed. But hey, don’t take my word for it and light up another doobie and wash it back with some brain honing elixir, and make sure the label of the bottle is displayed prominently as you take a big gulp, to ensure you advertise their product after you paid for the privilege. Are you a loser? Decidedly.

It was So Funny, I Forgot How to Laugh!

In all actuality, being a star or the elite of society has to be an enormous burden, keeping that insulated buffer maintained, securing themselves from the masses.  How is this done mainly? Gatekeepers and lots of them. How do they afford so many? They don’t actually pay gatekeepers. Gatekeepers work for free because of their illusive position as a fan/subscription club member. But that is how hierarchy works. Fan adornment, wanting to be, “Just Like Them”. But in defense to the people hooked on drugs, what can they really do? It is a physical addiction that is almost impossible to beat without enforced isolation. We, as a society, have to step up to the plate and show some courage. Make drug treatment mandatory and enforced, not optional. I see it everyday. Substance abusers soliciting money many different ways, after they have exhausted their government/municipal provided monies, and spending it all on drugs and/or liquor, getting totally inebriated, stumbling back to the shelter at night if it is too cold to sleep outside. In the morning, they head for the soup kitchen or food banks for their food. So, where is the incentive to straighten out? Any money they get, goes towards their addictions, back into the governments or some dealer’s pocket. Further, they can actually get apartments if they are diagnosed with some sort of disability, getting their housing for next to nothing, being paid through social assistance, and spending the rest on drugs and/or booze.  They can also get prescriptions to maintain their addictions. Only most of the junkies sell these prescription drugs to get their preferred fix, usually Fentanyl. There may be some families in this predicament that are more responsible, that actually feed and care for their children, but the horror of it is, a lot of these families don’t, having their children frequently awarded to children’s aid and foster care, or worse, on the street doing the exact same thing. If you are not concerned, you aught to be, seeing you are paying for all of this via taxes taken off your pay cheque. Not a very comical situation. If there is a comedian that can make these situations seem funny, you can bet your Mother’s third wedding band that is accompanied by her previous two matrimonial trinkets, sitting in some local pawnshop, in hock,  that the government will make sure he/she rises rapidly to fame, keeping you occupied during your drugged out drunken evenings being mesmerised by commercial television.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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The Magisterial Covetous Ensorcelled Myriad of Debenture

The Patrician, The Proletarian and the Vagabond

Greed and gold. People (proletarians and vagabonds) are mesmerized by the possibility of being filthy rich. So much so that they will hock there last possession to purchase a lottery ticket. Yes, that chance to become a millionaire (patrician). The odds are astronomical, but if you pray hard enough, Jesus will hear you and let you pick the right ticket or select the correct numbers. However, you are praying to the wrong affiliation. You have to exchange your soul for true wealth. And when you die, you will be in the sanctity of Hell. Being rich means greed through and through. In other words, there is no reason to be billionaire or even a millionaire (patricians). And no, if you do win, you will not share it with anyone. You just say that in hopes  God will think you are truly deserving and fix the lottery just for you because you are so dammed special. That is why the Bible is being shunned and dismantled to suit our decaying morals and turpitudes of greed. So the next time you purchase a lottery ticket, don’t pray to God. Sign your name, in blood, to the Devil. In exchange for your soul, he will let you win, well something. Enough to make it seem worth it at the time anyway.

Spaghetti Western In Hell?

All God wants is faith. The devil wants your soul, which is basically everything you have once you depart from your flesh and bone abode.  Once you are in the kingdom of Hell, you are owned by the Devil and all his demons. You are not even worthy at that point of being a demon. All you will be is Demon food and they will rip your soul apart for seemingly eternity. Will you ever be released from hell? I have no idea other than if you truly want the light and can withstand the pain of illumination, then possibly you can be released. Some people suggest the earth is hell and we live it everyday. But in reality, the earth is a dimension of trials and tribulations. What you do on earth determines if you will rise or fall. If your soul is pure enough, you may ascend to the heavens. If it is stained with excessive sin, you may sink to the depths of hell. The most popular scenario would be purgatory, where you are weighed and judged whether you are worthy of advancing or being recycled back to earth. Yes, the Devil is choosy too, and to be accepted into the depths of hell, you have to be either truly evil, or ready to sign your soul away in blood..

What if Abel really Killed Cain and Assumed his Identity?

You may wonder how many times your soul has been recycled and the answer would most likely be, several times. Each life usually gets more complex as to the trials you face and even more confusing as to what the correct course of action would be for every trial we face. Should I give that homeless person some money? Should I, as a homeless person, share my last piece of bread with that millionaire? Should I, a middleclass individual,  help that junkie purchase more drugs? What are the correct answers to these situations? It is not at all clear and you would most likely not share your last piece of bread with a starving millionaire if you were a homeless person, even if the banks were all closed and he was starving for real. The correct answer would be; sharing the piece of bread with this millionaire and not expecting anything in return, only that you helped this person in their time of need. But we would all expect something in return and that would not be a sincere motivation. Instinct could interfere, and we may hoard and eat that piece of bread, and if the millionaire attempted to grab a piece, we would grab the nearest rock and bludgeon that person to death in the fight for survival. But our intellect should reign and contemplate the correct response to this situation, depending on your moral integrity. Some of us would definitely share the piece of bread selflessly, but many would definitely bludgeon the millionaire to death and steal his possessions (possibly assuming his identity if they looked alike), seeing the banks are closed and he had no pocket money to buy lunch.

In Pharmacies we Mistrust? Or is it the Spawn’s of  Nihilism

Now, you have a gold Rolex, some very expensive rings, possibly some gold teeth, some expensive clothes and shoes. You are most likely going to pawn all these items for some money, once business hours arrive. You will either start a new life, or purchase more drugs and booze to continue your life of destitution. If you were a middle classed individual (proletarian), you would probably use the money to make your next few mortgage payments. If you were rich (patrician), you would most likely take the possessions and stash them away as trophies. In most cases, the average person (proletarian) enjoys a derangement of the senses, enabling them to forget their crappy job, their excessive bills and payments, and their desire to be free. That is why booze, cigarettes, and now marijuana are great money makers. The pharmaceutical companies, owned by the 1 percenters (patricians), love the fact that Commercial Corporate North America has a population full of junkies and neurotics (proletarians and vagabonds), just looking for a reason to go on prescription medication or purchase that next batch of illegal drugs from their friendly pharmacist or the “Son’s of Anarchy” approved local dealer .

Prosperous Chit Inducing Specie Hoard

Just another excuse to go on disability and pass your burdens onto the people that still work (proletarians), who have managed to not lose their minds working for lazy, wealthy deadbeats (patricians), that we are all so ready to admire and serve like slaves. Our society is so deranged, that it sells money to people through cash grubbing Money Stores. People (vagabonds) that receive social assistance, disability, welfare, or government provided incomes, will pay hefty fees to cash these cheques in receipt of liquid money that is already theirs in the first place. The 1 percent (patricians via the proletarian) issue these cheques with this in mind knowing most of the vagabonds do not have a bank account. How stupid can we get? Well, if we are stupid enough to deal with money stores to buy back our own money, then we have already hit the threshold of total idiocy. People (patricians, proletarians, vagabonds) will do anything for money, and now, most vagabonds will spend all their government provided money, siphoned from the pockets of the working class (proletarian), to get and remain totally drunk and stoned. Yes, people (vagabonds that were once proletarians) have heartbreaking stories explaining why they are living their current circumstance, but soon gets washed away in a river of booze or gagged and diminished into a haze of drug sedated smoke. That way, the government and the rich (patricians) can get away with their abusive rule, enabling all of these destitute people (vagabonds) to continue their hopeless journey to self-destruction.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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Cherry Picker, A True Story of a Grifting Prostitute


What is a cherry picker? In the larger sense of this phrase, it would mean a person that takes the best before the rest. Opportunist. Like the one that skims the cream, leaving the refuse for the ones behind them. A person of this description has no remorse and usually will take their grandmother’s last dime and/or last possession. A grifter of sorts, but one that does not hide what they are, only their motives. This story is about Cheri. An older woman, far older than her photograph she uses in her ad. In basics, Cheri is in the solicitation business where she uses her photograph to lure the unsuspecting into her web of deceit. So if you are looking for just one quick session, you may get away unscathed and possibly satisfied, depending on her mood on that particular day. If she sees that you may have more monetary value, she may ask you to hang around, and how she really just wants one man to take care of her. If you sympathise with her and hang around, then she has you in her hooks. Now you will start giving her more money because she needs milk or cigarettes. If you play into that, then she will suggest to go out to eat instead of buying groceries. On the way to the restaurant, she will ask you for $100.00 or $200.00 to get some medication that she really needs for her anxiety but because her doctor lives in another province/state, and because she cannot get a doctor, she has to buy her meds illegally until her prescription is sent via snail mail. If you fall for that you may be sitting in your car for several munities to an hour waiting for this woman, that was supposedly starving, in front of some dealers house who sells oxycodone, percocets,  morphine, heroin, crack, cocaine, etc., etc.. Each pill, if in pill form will cost about $20.00, 40.00, $60.00 to $100.00 depending on the milligram content of the drug. Once she finally comes out of the dealers house, she will want to immediately go to back to her place and take the drugs. If she takes it orally, she may still want to eat. But, before she wants to eat, she has four or five friends (junkies) that needs a ride desperately. Now, you are chauffeuring these people around that you hardly know from destination to destination. During you taxi endeavors, she will whisper in your ear that she needs another $100.00 or $200.00 because the dealer ripped her off and she only got one pill, not to mention, Sally, one of the poor starving, homeless junkies in the rear seat, who is coughing up flehm and spitting out the window, is broke and needs $100.00 to feed her kids (who are all by now awarded to the Children’s Aid Society). She will sensuously rub your thighs and whisper, “I will make it worth your while”. Now that she has you driving to an ATM, with a car full of junkies, she will ask for $150.00 to $200.00 more because she was short on her rent and her landlord wants it paid asap or she will be evicted. After you retrieve $550.00 from your ATM and give her the money, she will want you to drive them all to this party. Now, you are wondering, what about the rent and these poor starving children while you pull into the driveway of another dealer’s home and are told to wait there like a chauffer while everyone else for some reason is allowed to enter the premises. As you sit there watching people run in and out, waiting for your princess to exit and show you an extraordinary time,  you will start looking at your watch, thinking that you have to be at work in 6 hours.  Now you are getting anxious because another 20 minutes to an hour has ticked by and you are still sitting there like a fool waiting for your princess that, by the way, you have paid for threefold seeing the original session was $150.00 to $200.00. Now suspicious, you get out of your car and start knocking on the door. An older burly man covered in tats answers the door and just looks at you. You ask the oversized gent if Cheri is still there. The smelly oversized biker replies “Cheri who?”. You start stuttering while describing her as the offensive man slams the door in your face. You decide to wait a little longer but no body exits. Now that 2 hours have slinked by, you decide to return to the scene of the crime. You ring her buzzer to her security building several times and finally get an answer. You identify yourself and after a painful moment of non-response, the buzzer sounds and you open the door. As you approach her door, another man of offensive appearance and physique exits her threshold while you enter. You approach Cheri in her living room, while she finishes redressing. She lights a smoke as she contemplates a story to explain her mysterious disappearance from where you waited almost 3 hours. You logically question her as she becomes more irritable and evasive. You back off mentally and try to hold her. She pushes you away and looks you abjectly in the eyes. You abruptly get up to leave and she says “Wait, don’t leave!”. She explains that the man who just left was her landlord and she gave him what she could to cover the rent, but still owes more. Generally, landlords do not collect money at 3:00 am in the morning but for some reason, you force yourself to believe her as she simulates a few sobs and sniffles. You start comforting her and she hugs you. She whispers in your ear, that she needs another $100.00 to $200.00 to get her medicine because her friends that you just chauffeured, ripped off all her money and left her holding the bag. Now she owes more money to the dealer and if she is to get her medicine tonight, she will need more like $500.00. As you hold this woman while she simulates more sobs and sniffles, she starts rubbing your thighs. You start to feel an erection and return her advances. You palm her thighs and work your way up to her vulva. She winces in simulated pleasure then stands up abruptly. “Come on, lets go get my medicine so I can really show you an awesome night.”

In reality, most men will continue on and get the $500.00 and go through the same experience, even though they know they shouldn’t. If you think you should say no, then you probably should. Do not get the illusion that she likes you. She likes your money and the fact that you are gullible. No, you will not get laid again tonight, even though you bought her services almost tenfold. At this point, you are not even classified as a trick, pimp or otherwise. The best description at this point would be a sucker or a chump. And this little filly will suck you monetarily dry in exchange for little or no sex. Even if you had only $10.00 left to your name, she will gleefully take it from you while, if you are stupid enough to bring her to your home, she steals your possessions, anything a pawn shop will take in exchange for money.

On the reverse of this coin, this person is a sociopath that hates men because of the abuses they sustained from a parent, guardian or spouse. Most of these women are junkies with severe addiction problems. To say the least, you will never help these women because they have to help themselves. You can throw a mountain of money at them but in the end, you are enabling them to continue their self-destruction while you go into financial ruin. If you experience such a person, the best course of action is to turn your back and say no, repeatedly. If you are married and experienced this with a similar prostitute, then you are receiving your just deserts for your infidelity, however, you can also turn your back and say no and save your family from ruin. So buyers beware and be weary not to fall into her corrupting claws. This woman (like many others participating in modern prostitution) is a succubus and as long as she is addicted to opiates (the worst addiction one could experience) her soul belongs to the devil. And if you chase this woman, you will go broke, guaranteed.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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Governmental Fools

Wheels of Steal

I am talking about the hierarchy of organized crime, in any city in Commercial Corporate North America. The front lines of this chain of command are the biker clubs and/or gangs. There is a main club, perhaps the largest and certainly the most popular, idolized by drug cults, lore fans and infamous idolizers alike. You know, people that really cannot think for themselves so they follow these false prophets, like pop, rock, rap and heavy metal bands, just to name a few genres. What do these bike clubs/gangs do? They eliminate the smaller gangs and cowboys that are in the drug trade and franchise it via highly addicting drugs or better know as opiates (Most popular Fentanyl), whether man made or naturally processed. Most people addicted to opiates are more then likely hooked for a very long time, if not for life. Organized crime in smaller cities cannot really make much money on prostitution or gambling so they zero in on the drug trade. They use bike clubs/gangs to process these drugs and sell them on street level. There is no need to control the prostitution because 95% of these women on the street prostituting are hooked on opiates (Fentanyl). Thus as the addiction escalates. they purchase these opiates in one form or another and do them via needle, basing or orally. Thus 90% of the money these prostitutes generate on the street goes right into organized crime’s pocket purchasing these drugs. Yes, the son’s of anarchy that control the drug distribution to all these soulless women that will continue this cycle until they are dead or totally useless. We as a society idolize the son’s of anarchy and the mob mentality (as in the Mafia) because we are brainwashed to think that they are somehow glorious. In reality, these people are profiting off your son’s/daughter’s addiction. These bike clubs/gangs do not have to worry about controlling prostitution, because Karen, barely 17 and already hooked on opiates and has already outlived her usefulness as a fresh chatelaine for the corrupted elite who solicited her sexual services in exchange for money and unlimited opiates and cocaine, becoming the newest street whore that have to walk the streets, performing oral sex for $20.00 to get enough money to purchase enough opiates to keep her high so she can continue her desperate frolic for more money to purchase more drugs which escalates to higher levels, guaranteeing these women will continue prostituting themselves to purchase their next fix. Thus, there is no need for organized crime to control prostitution anymore. The opiates do that for them. They just provide the drugs to be ready and available for sale, rain or shine. If that location gets busted, they setup shop a block down the street. If that place is compromised, then they merely move to another location, usually less then 24 hours. The drugs get seized and mysteriously disappear from the evidence room and reappears magically in the new location to keep the money machine rolling.

Jesters of Power

You know, like Trudeau and Trump. I think that if Trudeau could turn back the clock, he would have not legalized marijuana. There is such an underlying resentment from the masses, and it will possibly ruin his chances to get re-elected. I am talking about the real people and not the dammed drug abusers and dealers that find new and interesting angles to apply their abuse and trade of desolation, wiling down their paths of self-destruction.  If he does get back in, it will because someone or something fixed the election, just like when Harper got re-elected. And there is Trump and his fascist wall of discrimination. But, there is enough greedy, boorish people in the USA, so he may just pull it off and get re-elected. So what do we do, now that we know the political arena in North America is corrupted by the harlequins organized crime? Do not be fooled. Organized crime has corrupted the highest corridors of power. All we can do is revolt and take back our country from these criminals. Hang them high and create a new politics and drug free environment. Do you really think Trudeau or any of his henchmen really give a night soil about your daughter performing fellatio on the street  to obtain more opiates to remain obliviously high to forget her last trick? If you believe they actually care then, you probably still believe in the tooth fairy.

Street Claptrap

How much of your tax dollar is going into programs to give junkies drugs because they will not go through detox in fear of withdrawals? What do they do once they get these compassionate drugs? They sell them off to more desperate junkies and purchase more opiates illegally. That is the very reason they should enforce rehabilitation and not make it voluntary. Because voluntary rehab just does not work. Just think, part of your tax dollar is enabling a junkie to remain drugged. Compassionate? It would differ to the interpretation of each individual. Most reformed junkies agree that the person themselves, has to hit rock bottom to realize their destitution and decide for themselves to rehabilitate. It would be a debate whether weaning junkies off the drug as opposed to enforced detox and rehab would be the best solution. However, it would boil down to our morals as a society and what is best for the tax payers. Certainly providing alternate drugs to replace the street drugs is hardly a solution. It would be more of a money grab by the pharmaceutical companies via your tax dollars. Positively, if it were put to a popular vote, enforced rehabilitation and detox would win as opposed to providing these substance  abusers more drugs. At the very least, it would create more employment and less profiteering for the drug companies which are owned of course, by the 1 percent of society, our trusted neighborhood dealers. However, you would never know them personally. You would just meet their middleman, the doctor or practitioner. Legalization of marijuana will lead our society to eventually think that drug use is acceptable if not needed. It would boil down to control and “How to rule and dominate a society 101”. As the masses continue to become more intelligent, having access to unlimited knowledge, how does one control and dominate the informed masses? Keep them stoned, drunk and destitute, keeping them dependant on the government and system, forcing everyone else that actually works, to support these abominations of sociological decimation by fear of ridicule and criticism, not to mention defamatory desolation via De-Face Book and other social medias and mediums. How else would the government be able to still convince the populas that 911 was a terrorist attack and the towers collapsed at free fall speed due to aeroplane collisions? If you believe that then, well, you must be stoned.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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The Macadamized Skidder Byway, The Chagrin of NWO, Part Two: The Rhizome of the Penurious…

Don’t be a Bogart! Pass the Damned Joint!

Normally, I do not zero in on a specific place, and definitely try not to point the finger at a specific person, well, except for Trump, but he deserves the criticism and everyone’s scrutiny. Trudeau? He legalized Marijuana, so that speaks for it’s self. If there was a leader that could start a world war, Trump is a definite candidate. Trudeau would go along with anything Trump does because of his classic passivism. Trump will run in 2020, so we will see. Up until then however, he will most likely behave in order to get re-elected. The worst he will do is smoke a couple of doobies with Justin while they visit on so called official business. But this is not a blog about either of them. This is a blog about stagnation and greed. NWO (not the New World Order) has been stunted of growth since it’s conception. Conservative minded people that have been rich here for generations (old money), from the beginning, and still dominate the non-growth of the largest community in NWO, which is Thunder Bay, among other larger communities that suffer from the same emboggment. We all know about the macadamized skidder byway that snakes through our territory, weaseling in and out from town to town, on its way to Southern Ontario (east) or Manitoba (west). Anyone that has driven on this skidder trail called the Trans Canada Imperial Highway knows the feeling when surrounded by tractor-trailers averaging 120 to 140 km per hour, rain or shine, sleet or snow, or what ever the conditions. That is 75 to 95 mph to those that still use the standard analog method of measurement. This byway is definitely not the autobahn and no where near a standard freeway. It is a chagrin that we have to endure living in this area of Ontario. Well, it is not the worst roads in Ontario. Just ask any aboriginal that has to travel by ice roads to venture off their assigned reservations.

So, You Want to be Free, eh?

So where is this all leading to? What am I talking about anyway? I am talking about growth and prosperity for everyone. If we have to play this stupid game called L-I-F-E, then why cannot we all prosper? Because of greedy people holding all the purse strings. We are suppose to be part of the commonwealth, but for some reason we cannot immigrate freely to any other country in our commonwealth. Why do we have to endure the Queen’s aged face on our money if we cannot live in England? Why? Mainly, they sent our forefathers here to settle this desolate winter wonderland because, they were emptying their prisons. Similar to how the US of A got its settlers in the beginning. Who else could they con into coming here? Besides, the officials and tax collectors needed slaves of some kind and of course, a population they could actually collect taxes from. But that is ancient history. We even gained our independence. Well, sort of I guess. Actually, no, we did not really because we still have to pay homage to that petrified bitch called the Queen of England and all of her royal spawn scum. But, as long as we are a parliament, it will never go away until we have a real revolution. But that will bring communism?  Bull dung! It will bring a far better democracy and a better system if we do it right.

The Queen Hoar of the Royal Dragoons.

But I am not talking about the Queen. I am talking about her influence on this land and how they discourage growth. Cities in NWO could be a lot larger and more prosperous, but due to the parliamentary rules and taxation, they want to keep us small and controllable. All they want is to suck this area dry for all of our natural resources. That is why NWO should separate from Ontario and become their own province. Hell, NWO should separate from Canada and form our own country. Then we could grow. There is no other way really. We have most of the water, trees, uranium, gold, silver, great farm land and ultimate tourist attractions. We would be a rich, independent country after not being sucked dry by the Federal government and Southern Ontario. Anyone that lives here knows it is true. If you do live here and dispute this, then you are most likely bought and paid for by the boorish population of Southern Ontario or worse, the federal government. So what are we waiting for? Lets revolt and form our own country. We would not even have to raise a fist of fire a weapon, just wilfully take what is ours. Possession is 9/10ths of the law and legally, all we have to do is set the border right around Sault Saint Marie. If they do not want to be in our country then, who cares. Place the border right there and enforce it with our own border patrol. We can treat the Southern Ontarians like the Mexicans. Or, we can build a wall and keep them out, just like Trump. But would that be Fascist?  Of course it would be, but if Trump, the leader of the supposedly most free country on the planet earth, can build one, then why cannot any community do it?

The Man, or Woman,  with Ewe Brains

It is in the Constitution on the United States. If the old government is not working, then form a new government that will work. No, it is not communism. It is common-sense, What is in the Canadian Constitution? Nothing but boorish, snobby guidelines imposed by the Queen and her Imperial hedge hounds, only to create fear and dominate the little people to be her slave. I say, let England provide her the slaves. Why should we be her slaves? You are most likely thinking right now, unless you have critical thinking skills, we do not pay homage to the Queen, we are an independent democracy, sort of. If you think that then you are a slave and will be until you are old and half crippled, living on social assistance because your savings were taxed away, or siphoned by your family spawn who condemned you to an old age facility that you escape from every other weekend to get away from the haughty slave driving nurses, forcing you to do puzzles and eat slop before, during and after they give you all the depressants (antipsychotics) you need to keep you a zombie. You think I am crazy? Good, because that would mean you are a pawn for the boorish government and elite of society due to the fact that you want to be, “just like them”. Stop burning your brain cells using legal marijuana or your favorite brain honing elixir, and practise some originality and intellect. If you are still struggling to understand what I am saying, then may God have mercy on your soul and give you a real brain, or at least a replacement.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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A Sobering January, Not for the Weak of Heart…

Mormon Baits, Mankind sleeps with the Fishes

January has always been the month of the “Hang-over”, whereby we realize just to what extent we were exploited and hammered by commercialism with their seductive ad campaigns. They told us how special we were, in December, and how they love us so, by bringing us all the product jettisons we can afford, or not afford, to buy that, not so special person, a gift. A gift that will be forgotten, guaranteed before January of the new year, before that first set of overpriced fireworks illuminate the darkened, bleak sky. Just as your eyes are dazzled with spectacular colors and eye candy, it will start to dawn on you how much money you were, once again, conned into spending for those, not so special, family members. In fact, if you had an axe in your hands right about that precise moment of realization, you would most likely chop them all up into itty bitty pieces, small enough to dissolve the remains with hydrochloric acid in your bathtub and watch them all swill down the drain. And as you take another gulp of your favorite brain honing elixir, you will smile thinking about all the money you will recover when you return all the gifts before the 15 day return policy is up!  And, after they arrest you and you sit in your new suit, purchased with the money you received from all those returned gifts, during your trial, a trial that you convinced your attorney to plead temporary insanity, you will still be, yes, smiling knowing you will be out in the next 30 to 90 days after you are deemed totally insane, but because the province/state cannot afford to maintain insane asylums, you will be living in a halfway house for free, until they figure you can actually hold a job without killing your employer. Thus if you managed not to do any of that, I guess you are still brainwashed into thinking that somehow, Capitalism is still blessed by our Lord and Savior. I think he would have had more respect for you if you committed the ladder. Loser!

MK Ultra-Violence

Now with the new set of tyrannical chains of debt attached to our credit, accompanying all the other chains of debt induced by one brainwashing ad campaign or another, you will keep trudging along, being pulled over your head by these heavy anchors of “chit”. So avoid holding any blunt objects, unless they are sharp, just incase your spouse says in a irritating voice that the kitchen needs to be revamped after reading the latest issue of “Hone and Jargon”. But hey, don’t deprave yourself and make a ritual out of the slaughter! Enjoy it thoroughly, while you severe them from limb to limb. Grow some balls and do what has to be done! It is the only way you will finally see the light because lets face it. Once you deprogram yourself from the indoctrination, you will not find anyone capable of holding a truly intelligent conversation. Look at it this way. It is just one less indoctrinated human to deal with, that’s all. No other way to put it, really. You can try and deprogram them, but after they call you stupid and idiotic over and over again as you attempt to get them to see the light, you will most likely start sharpening your axe. It is just not worth your time, and besides, being brainwashed is like being a drunk. You have to want to be helped or it just does not work. Then again, we could lock all the brainwashed up, but that would be hugely impractical because 90% of the population are hopelessly brainwashed.

Birth Space, Should it be Rented or Taxed?

It would take a revolution or some drastic event, like the Great lakes over flooding, or earthquakes in California, or the earth’s axis to tilt and wash away 90% of the population, hopefully the right 90%, including the 1 percent from which all this greed and tyranny was conceived and carried on from generation to generation. But of course, the 1 percent would think they would be the only people worth saving. But that should never come as a shock to anyone that has seen the light. Not withstanding that, what would be the answer? There really is no answer other then extreme measures. While they discredit Religion and the faith in God, they will attempt to produce a new moral fibre that will be intertwined with commercialism and capitalism of course, so you will hold it close to your greedy heart, accepting it as your new misguided faith. On the 3rd day he created Tide, so you can at least keep your clothes clean even though your soul will be highly tarnished from corruptive sinning. Keep tearing down those Churches or convert them into condominiums. No space or abode should not be without debt in order to make that land or structure truly productive. You do not need money, because you will have plenty of credit to keep you enslaved to the system until you are old and grey, or dead, which ever blesses you first, which means, death will be your only solace. Old age will be your hell.

God Misplaced his Rain Rattle

Will God save us? Why would he? He would have to repeat history in attempt to keep a small portion of the population to thrive and flourish again, in the right direction. Obviously, that did not happen because if we call what we have achieved up until now as something to be proud of, then we should all be chopped up into itty bitty pieces and fed to the fish. What would be God’s next move? Well, he already came as the lamb. He will now come as the lion and for that, we should all be weary because none of us will be saved. Perhaps he will start another earth somewhere else in another galaxy, hopefully far from this one. And no, he will not allow the 1 percent safe passage or consolation.  Perhaps by that time, the 1 percent will figure out how to escape through a black hole and save themselves, because that is the only way it will happen. But it would be their just desserts actually, to bounce around from time warp to time warp, truly exposing their cosmic insignificance.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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Merry Corporate Christmas, Blessed Royal Inn; Birth of a Cyborg

How Deep is that Rabbit Hole Anyway?

This Christmas has marked the pivot point producing the anti-Christ, the cyborg. This device, or being, whom is most certainly possessed by Satan, will take all of our jobs, and in most cases, eliminate the need for humans all together. Although they have hidden aliens, alien crafts,  and certain technologies for generations, they have flaunted them, in our face, in plain sight. Now, because Nasa has decided to share certain sightings and/or reports of alien crafts and beings, does not mean full transparency. It should serve as a wake-up call to all, that the government, Nasa and other agencies, to release such information, even in pun, that we have hit the threshold of the beginning of the end. We may appreciate their so called transparency, but it is just the tip of the iceberg. This means that we, in the coming decades, will experience major changes. So, if you haven’t already, you better prepare for the worst. This has nothing to do with nuclear wars and shelters, although if the environment gets worse, which it most certainly will, has everything to do with hiding underground  So as we all look in awe at some stupid sighting of some alien craft they decided to release, it is just a diversion to keep your nose out of what they are really doing. Now that they have pretty much sown up YouTube and all the other popular social medias, with bullying and mindless commercialised entertainment guarded by gatekeepers, they will lead you on, away from the plain truth.

Country Holes, Take me Home…

What is underground anyway? You may ask this question or you may not, but if you do, you have a brain that is capable of critical thinking. They have hundreds of underground complexes, mostly military, that reside underground. In North America, these vast facilities occupy the inner portion of the earth. They can dig these tunnels and complexes in amazing speeds. Seven to eight different alien races live in certain underground areas, sharing technology with our so called trustworthy leaders, enabling technology to progress at an accelerated speed which will guarantee our slavery, or worse, elimination. Cyborgs will possess the same dexterity and functionalities of humans, armed with a far superior brain (CPU) to preform mundane and mindless work far better then any human. Complex white collar professions will easily be eliminated and research professions will be easily adaptable to the cyborg. These cyborgs will be armed with brains (CPUs)  that will be able to learn and adapt and create which makes the human, obsolete. In fact, the cyborg will be able to do your job or profession far better then you have ever performed. So what does this all mean exactly? It means the elimination of mankind. You may ask yourself, what can I do that a cyborg can’t? Let’s see now, perhaps reproduce biologically? No, that would not be it because the scientific community can produce and grow biological materials like skin, organs and bones. They are also on the edge of cloning, if not already. Thus that information will be standard programming to a cyborg brain. So, what is this advantage we have over any computer? Remember, these computers can learn and evolve from their environment. What is this advantage? Emotions? Love? Sex? Nope, these are all learned from the environment and can be simulated.

Yes I would Marry a Cyborg. Is that Crazy?

I guess we have absolutely no advantage over the cyborg, not even strength, because they will undoubtedly be endowed with superior physical abilities. Beauty? I doubt that, because, they will most likely be produced perfectly in variations of  appearances. Give up? Well it is simple actually. And it is the most constructive and destructive ability humans possess. No, it is not anger, because anger is based on cause and effect which has a resultant, thus can be learned easily and predicted. What is the one emotion we can produce that a computer could never produce? We have a winner. Irrationality, which also causes unpredictability. Our capacity to have faith and believe in something not there. To pray and chant to seemingly nothing. To hope for the impossible which breaks the number systems. You may say to yourself that religion is not based on the irrational. But you are wrong because the scientific community will not believe in the irrational. They would not ever hold stock in a being that is not apparent and has not manifested into a mundane material, presence or apparition. I could talk all day long to myself and have fun. But does that lead to productivity or manifest into a product? Of course not, however it does give us an edge on creativity and stratagem over any computer that will not waste it’s time on the irrational, or even understand it’s purpose or byproducts.

Mental Institutions, Anyone?

A computer will always be bonded to the logic that it strictly adheres. Yes, it will do unpredictable events, but only based on logic that we as humans would not see, at least not right away. Does this mean we are saved? Not by a long shot because people will never believe that their government would ever exterminate them. But with cyborgs and computers making all the decisions, what logical reason could be computed to keep billions of people alive that have to be fed, clothed and sheltered? The only reason we would be kept around as a culled population would be for slavery.  Meaning, we would be thinned out and exterminated. Logically, to a computer, that would be the only solution. The one percenters, well they would enjoy their time on top as obvious exceptions to the rule, but in the end, they will be eliminated as well. Take comfort in your own irrationality and practice the unpredictable. That will be your key to survival. It is too late to stop because the cyborgs have already been conceived. It is just a matter of time and money (your money) that they will be leading you to your slave camp, or extermination facility. But I know you will not listen and deem me as irrational and anti-conventional, but really, that is exactly the resultant I am attempting to achieve.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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Shimmering Patent of Resplendent Greed

The Royal Golden Hierarchy of Classy Segregation

For capitalism to work, it depends on someone richer. It cannot exist without this philosophy, as in the richer person or establishment. Any capitalistic enterprise consists of a CEO or Chairman of the Board and/or President, Treasures, assistants, vices to such positions, and the slave driving managers. whom carry the whips of tyrannical incentives, whom keeps the rest of the employees toting the line of production, enabling all those ravenous creeps on top to get richer. You noticed I said richer, because any top position of any company is rarely occupied by the owner, whom by that time is filthy rich, enjoying their days on some beach that you would never be invited to or even allowed to visit. Even if you could pay for it, and couldn’t, you would just end up in a secondary and tertiary beach that harbours the not so wealthy, lower end of the upper class. If you are middle class, you definitely could not afford these adventures. Because the middle class is a rarity, they might just allow you to visit out of sheer amusement, as long as you remain a safe distance away from the royal mini-monarchs and their 1 percenter friends. The lower class, well they can find a local public beach and squalor with the rest of the poor pond scum. However, this still does not account for why we, as a population, allow this hierarchy to continue existing, dominating our lives.

The Royal Golden Kangaroo Court 

Really, what other system would work? We are all afraid of sharing with each other because we are brainwashed to be greedy. Any other system in this world having a government that implements the “sharing” philosophy has been or will be, trounced out and destroyed by the capitalistic war machine. We are indoctrinated to believe that these systems are evil and serve no purpose in a prosperous society. That God blessed capitalism, and people that promote this system will prosper, at least in the boundaries of your social class confinements. Ok, if you still do not get it after a hundred blogs, then I will spell it out. Capitalism is the Monarch system and serves the Monarchs of the world. If you live in Canada and dispute this, then you are as dumb as a stump. At least if your brains are a stump, it will make great housing for ants, so you are not totally useless. The US uses the Monarch system via conglomerations. Very large and rich corporations owned by the 1 percent of society. Anything else is just a Mom and Pop shop on the verge of being gobbled up by the franchise philosophy that was birthed to serve the 1 percent. Who are the 1 percent? Royalty. They may not wear crowns and sit in thrones, but you can bet that last piece of turkey being served up at your local shelter on Christmas eve with 200 more people in line, and you are the 201st, that they are indeed royalty disguised as humans.. What is Wall Street/Bay Street? They are the Royal treasurers. The local and provincial/state governments? They are they Royal tax collectors. The senate, congress, parliament and President/Prime Minister? They are the Law of the Land Scribers for the Royal Machine. Of course, all courts high and low are the Royal courts or guillotine/gallows masters. Did I miss something? Use your imagination and fill in the blanks.

The Royal Golden Patriarch/Matriarch of Religious Disbelief 

What does this all mean? You live in a Monarchy system and do not even know it, fool. If you are a fool, perhaps you can work as a royal harlequin, providing cheap entertainment for the 1 percent and their royal hierocracy. Just go to Hollywood, which really should be called, Jesterwood. However, having a name like “Hollywood”, it really does not have to be changed, just look up the definition. Don’t get this confused with religion because it has absolutely nothing to do with God or what is conveyed as divine or righteous. Of course, that would be why religion is slowly but surely being dismantled in Commercial Corporate North America. It conflicts with the “Greed” mentality now being conveyed by the 1 percent. More importantly, it does not turn a profit nor is it franchise-able. If it were, we would be praying in McGodly, Godly King or Godly Queen! Get a Communion Pounder with Cheese, or a Holy Whopper! How about an Act of God Blizzard! Stuff your face and pray! And remember, donations to the poor are only collected on Mondays and Wednesdays! Contributions to the franchise are welcome anytime and it is all tax deductible! However, there are entrepreneurs attempting to purchase abandoned churches, making them into housing or some other profitable business. They seem like blasphemous opportunists, but what would you expect from a brainwashed business major? It is not their fault they act like greedy marauders because they were trained like dogs to be that way. Ergo, if the subject surfaces as a top story in the search engines, then it will become a “Golden Patent of Resplendent Greed”.

The Royal Golden Tower of Babble-on

In reality, the franchising of religious beliefs in nothing new. Just ask the Catholic, Methodist, Jehovah Witness, Protestant faiths, just to name a few, which are all versions of Christianity. A branding of the same religious system which creates confusion. Not to mention different beliefs like Muslim, Hindus and many more that contradict each other. Just look it up and you may be astonished how many religious beliefs exist on this planet, not to mention, classifying Atheism as a religion. And because it is a belief system, which believes in basically nothing other than the mundane material philosophy, they classify it as a religion.Then again, there are groups that still believe the world is flat, so I guess people will believe in anything if there is a following. Why do you think Ewe-boob-Tube and De-Facebook are so popular? That, or too many cheap drugs. Of course, the drug culture could be a definite belief system of Commercial Corporate North America and as well, be classified as a religion, however still remains labelled a cult from the sixties. There are ceremonies of different religions , classified as spiritual beliefs, that involve the use of different drugs. Satanism is definitely a religion because if you believe in Satan, you believe in God. The two basically would not exist without each other. What side is greed affiliated with? If you have to ask that question then your brain may already be an ant eaten stump.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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Halloween’s Creepy Sleepy Society of Bumkin Heads

Greedy Banker Premature Foreclosure Notice Slinger Costume by: Cripple Regret Lancewear

Look no further, we have the costume of the century! Yes now everyone, young and old can dress to the hilt and fantasize about being a “Greedy Banker.” Just think of the fear you will generate as you comb the streets, looking for a door to knock on. And you can bet your Grandmother’s crystal that is already sitting in the local pawn shop, when they open that door, they will scurry in fear, letting you grab all the treats you want, guaranteed! Just remember, even if they are brave enough to stand there and face you, all you have to do is quick draw the foreclosure papers from your custom foreclosure holster which guarantees to drop them to their knees, cowering and cringing like blind little puppet slaves ready to serve you all the hokum your teeth can stand before they rot and fall out of your skull. The perfect costume for your little brainwashed goblins so they can gleefully aspire to be another monetary bullying greedy brain stomping capitalist. Greed knows no bounds and the fear that these costumes will generate will guarantee you and your brainwashed offspring a golden path to decadence and debauchery. Not even the Holy scriptures could predict such a horror that is truly owned by the 1 percent of society, at least in spirit!

Ravenous CEO Rape and Plunder Small Business Costume by: Wolf Gorging

Is your game rape? Plunder? Well we have just the costume for you! Why not dress like the latest and greatest CEO? Yes, if you aspire to climb that corporate capitalistic ladder, then there is no better way to prepare yourself then dressing the part and scaring the bejesus out of all the local small business owners by knocking on their doors, showing them your plundering plans to open a  franchise chain store across the street that will bankrupt them in 6 to 8 months guaranteed! After which you can hire them to clean the toilets and shine your shoes, possibly scrub your floors for minimum wage. Just think, you can have both the husband and wife, possibly their offspring, cooking your meals, doing your laundry, providing cheap entertainment, the works! So, when they open the door seeing your little tykes dressed in this costume, they will immediately bow and kiss their feet in compliance hoping when they finally  bankrupt them, they will have mercy upon their souls and allow them to serve the dynasty for eternity. Or at least until a larger greedy capitalistic corporation swallows that corporation whole. Remember, this costume is educational and is approved by your local school board as a fun way to learn how to become a brainwashed pawn to successfully keep capitalism on top, keeping the 1 percent of society pathetically rich. As an added bonus, it comes with programmed audio sound effects of voices tyrannically bitching out your slave driven employees to work just a little harder to receive a penny raise or the privilege to climb under the boss’s desk!

Kardassian I am so Dammed Popular and Rich Bully Costume by: Star Defiled

Perhaps you were, as a child, a class bully or simply from a wealthy family that all the teachers  favored and allowed special privileges simply because your were so dammed special! Well, why let it end there, especially when your current offspring are all losers? Just dress them up in this provocative costume, Kardassian! Yes they will certainly intimidate anyone foolish enough to open their doors this Halloween, having them  bow in subordinary awe to these rich royal specters of the night! Kiss their royal sash, and be careful not to drool upon their ambient greatness and be grateful that they have graced your household  with their celebrity god-like resonance. Being dressed as the ultimate role models of the high society, you will feel the influence as everyone you encounter will want to be just like you, to be greedy, just like you, because you are dressed as the divine of civilization, promoting alternate lifestyles as acceptable and moral as defined by the rich, whom you will represent while dressed in this costume of the upper crusty, boorish class. So go ahead and dress up today as a Kardassian! Buy this costume now and get a “Jruce Benner Costume” absolutely free for that inspiring tyke of yours that realized before puberty, he really wanted to be female! Makeup and jewelry not included.

Money Store Loan Shark Stalking Costume by: A Fish Called You

Perhaps you are better at breaking things, like limbs of deadbeats unable to pay their loans? If that is the case, then this is the costume for you, “Money Store Loan Shark.” As you  slime your way through the evening down the unsuspecting deadbeat’s street, you can be sure their lights will be off when you come knocking. So what do you do then? You just break their doors down and find the little slime balls in their hiding spots. Once found, you just adjust their kneecaps with your baseball bat (included). If that don’t get an agreement to pay, then you can put on the brass knuckles (included) and adjust their jaw! Be sure however, not to break their writing hand’s fingers and bones to be sure they can sign once they agree to sell their soul to you. If all else fails, then you can pull your snub-nosed 38 (extra) and ventilate their skull, spraying their grey matter all over the closet wall. You can be sure once the word spreads through that neighborhood, the next collection will be a breeze! So, no need for harassing phone calls or wasting paper on warning letters. This costume is the sure fire way to strike fear into everyone, because let’s face it, everyone In the suburbs owes money. Act now and get a free demolition and arson kit to make prime examples of those extra hard collections, getting money from single mothers, elderly people, welfare families and politicians.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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Yucky Hily and Wacky Donny

The Secret Sisterhood of Emasculate or Castrate…

In Washington DC, at an undisclosed area, Hily and her PR manager were in the rear of a black limousine, waiting for a chain-link gate to be opened. The sign on the gate read: “Restricted Area: Sewage System Environmental Concoct.” “What are we doing here anyway? I though we were going to a sisterhood meeting?” said Hily getting bored waiting. “We are, this is the new location. You do not know this because you have not attended the last several meetings which included the purchase of this location.” said Hily’s PR manager. “What is your name anyway? Who hired you? I am sure I never?” said Hily not recollecting choosing her for any position during the last election. “My name is Max, short for Maxine. The sisterhood assigned me to take care of you and keep you out of trouble.” said Maxine, adjusting her skirt, crossing her long limber legs. Hily started staring at Maxine’s legs, looking them up and down. Maxine caught Hily gawking at her thighs, as Hily looked at Maxine meeting her eyes. Maxine took off her glasses and placed them carefully in her purse, dropping the Bottega to the floor in the limo. Hily grabbed Maxine  by the back of her neck, pulling Maxine closer to her as they kissed, igniting a mutual passion, groping and fondling each other in the rear of the limo. At that moment of their heated fornication, the limo started to move, causing them both to pull back and straighten out their apparel as they approached the barrack styled building.

In the airspace above Ottawa, Just and Donny were in Just’s private plane talking about the North American trading disagreement, circling Ottawa’s perimeter at Just’s request. “Hey Just, I cannot control what my double says about you. So he called you a wuss, big deal. You have my vote any day, legalizing marijuana across the country. Cool move dude! Where is that ball and chain of yours Just?” said Donny, pinching the stewardess’s buttocks as she swung around, slapping Donny in the face. “Whoa, I guess she’s not ready to party!” said Donny as he chuckled taking a drink of his vodka. “Sophy is at some women’s organization meeting in Washington DC, I am not sure what it is called. She is not due back until tomorrow.” said Just watching the stewardess leave the lounge area of the plane. “Hey Just break out some of that legal weed. I know you are holding, come on, roll a bird!” said Donny feeling a bit intoxicated. “Oh, yeah, I got some stashed in the plane along with my hukkah so we can smoke a big bowl simultaneously!” said Just as he got up, removing a panel off the side of the plane interior, pulling out a large freezer bag of weed and his hukkah. “Load this up Donny!” said Just throwing the bag of weed on his lap, placing the hukkah on the table in front of Donny. “Hey, you have any wine? We will fill it up with wine instead of water and drink it after!” said Donny breaking up the buds and packing the bowl tight. “No, but I can get some champagne. We have lots of that on board. Hey Sheryl, bring a couple of bottles of champagne.” said Just  as he attached the four hoses to the hukkah. “Yes sir right away, said the stewardess bringing a couple bottles of champagne, setting them down on the table along with two glasses. “Hey babe, get yourself a glass. Join the party!” said Donny as he pulled the cork from one of the champagne bottles, filling the hukkah’s liquid reservoir with bubbly. “I am sure I am not your babe.” said Sheryl not impressed with Donny. “It is ok Sheryl, sit down with us, please” said Just politely as Donny started to light the hukkah, drawing hard through one of the hoses. “Come on, Just, Sheryl, get down on one of these and help me get a good cherry glow on it!” said Donny as Just grabbed one of the hoses, handing another to Sheryl. Sheryl reluctantly sat down and took the hose offered by Just, toking along with them.

Back at the Sisterhood, in their recently acquired, barrack styled building, Hily and Maxine were in the locker room undressing, putting on their crimson hooded robes. “Why do we have to, ah, fully undress to wear these robes. We never had to undress before let alone wear robes.” said Hily, keenly watching Maxine undress. “Because, we have to feel at one with the Sisterhood, not wearing any clothing or decadent jewellery, as we were born. That way, no phallus bearing male can infiltrate. We would see their phallus erect, extending out the frontal portion of the robe.” said Maxine fitting her voluptuous body into her robe. Hily finished getting into her robe, following Maxine as then both grabbed a lit crimson candle, walking into the main corridor where hundreds of other sisters were congregating in front of  a large stage, decorated with pink and red collaged colors and rose petals raining down onto the stage. In the center of the stage, a walking strip extended into the middle of the audience area with a circular pedestal at the end of the walking strip, holding a large wax pink phallus, six feet high and two feet in diameter, having a base of two large reddened and blue testicles. As Hily and Maxine pulled their hoods over their heads, they both walked close to the center stage. The lights grew dim as the stage lights and candles illuminated the darkened area with red, lavender and pink lighting. As all the sisters cheered, Mel, who was the leading sister, and Grand Chatelaine, came walking out from behind the curtain wearing a pink and lavender hooded robe as she approached the podium, set midway down the stage strip behind the wax phallus statue. “My Sisters of the Secret Sisterhood of Emasculate or Castrate, welcome! We are fortunate to have with us today our recent sister who almost made it into the Whitehouse, where we know, is where our sister, Hily, truly belongs! But because of the male dominance and bullying our species have endured for centuries, from our vulgar male counterparts, we have to wait another 4 to 8 years before we can get a deserving sister in the top office, presiding over us, elevating the sisterhood to our true anima destiny! That is why, when you go home to that male species, whom has infected you life and stained your existence, you either; what is it my sisters?” asked Mel loudly as all the sisters cried; “Emasculate or castrate! Emasculate or castrate! Emasculate or castrate!” “Yes my sisters, that is right; we must show our true dominance over the weak vulgar animus, and take back our trues rights and power. We are all the Queen Bees that rule our hives, and will crush their over inflated phallus, stomp their over bloated testicles, as we elevate our truly deserving anima and control the world, not by penetration, but using our powered fissures, to cloak and control the animus as our truly deserving slaves!”  As Hily watched in amazement, Maxine held her candle high, grabbing onto Hily’s robe in excitement. Hily raised her candle as she watched Mel light a torch and swing it around, as the sisterhood screamed and cheered in approval while Mel slowly paraded up the stage strip, towards the large wax phallus. As all the sisters raised their candles, Mel ignited the wax phallus, backing away as the phallus quickly went aflame, burning into a large conflagration, melting and liquifying over the pedestal, as a large exhaust fan on the tall ceiling, drew the smoke out of the building.

To be continued, as an anima persevering over animus conclusion or the animal instinct giving way to intellect, if not too inebriated…

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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