Boo! Is The Trudeau’s Druggy Administration Frightening You? More Boo Please!

Grade School Druggie Burn-out Costume by: Failing Fallacy

Yes, now your little tykes can dress up like sociologically manipulated moronic weed sucking fools this Halloween. Just think, they can act just like mom and dad and smell like them too! With this costume, your children will be seriously taken un-seriously, laughing at things that are not funny, getting the munchies from house to house as they trick or treat, terrorizing all the old school parents,  making them feel glad their children are away at college, or at least at some undisclosed location smoking weed with a bong, hiding from the police, who are not looking for them because they themselves are stoned. This costume comes complete with a dreadlock wig (black, brown, blond or green), weed odorizing aerosol spray, charcoal to color your face black (optional), Big Bamboo rolling papers (legal weed not included), torn denim pants, soiled white t-shirt displaying a picture of Bob Marley (TM) and vinyl sandals. Your children will be the envy of the entire burnout neighborhood, if they actually answer their doors to see them, tearing themselves away from the remedial mini-series that has captivated their remaining brain cell’s attention. But don’t worry, your little tykes will not mind because they will most likely forget why they were outside, strolling the neighborhood in the first place, and head to the franchised corner store for some greasy fast food. And if your child is too young to be wandering the streets and gets abducted, don’t worry! You will not remember them anyway, so light up another, sit back and chill! You will most likely see them again in some low budget sex film!

Tuggy Bear Seventy’s-ish  Pimp Costume by: Boogie’s Costume Co.

Historically correct, within a decade or two, pimping attire for that aspiring, stoned youth, that just wants to train the up and coming jail bait (or older experienced adults) who are already well abused by the local, neighborhood perverts. This costume comes complete with a peacock feathered, oversized hat, pink of course, with a large silky-like purple band. The coat and slacks will be pink, or some other flamboyant exasperating pastel color, guaranteed to stand out, striking fear into all of his newly acquired, drug abusing flock. And let us not forget the crimson red, highly polished, wedged heeled shoes! Optional, this costume can be equipped with a wire hanger and a roll of tissue, used for possible disciplinary issues that are sure to arise. You will be raking in the hokum from all the houses in your neighborhood, guaranteeing all the local stoned pedophiles to open their doors and pay extra hokum, and possibly money , for your next available trainee who is anxious to please for their next fix. (Fentanyl or other highly addictive drugs can be purchased from your local, “Sons of Anarchy” approved dealers).

Local Bag Lady and Sex Procurer Costume by: Too-too Courter Inc.

These days of economic waning times, one has to be very imaginative and versatile, willing to multi-task to earn their daily meals and shelter. If you agree, then this costume is for you! Yes, goblins young and old will get a real insight into humanity wearing this Halloween costume. It comes with a small meager makeup kit to enhance your weathered skinned look to appear just attractive enough. The costume also comes attired with spandex pants, fish netted from the upper thighs down to the ankles, revealing the right amount of leg to turn on any local sexist. The top is black spandex too, tightly fitting around your bosoms, guaranteed to make your breasts more prominent. No bosoms yet? We provide falsies for no extra cost!. Because the whole attire is nylon, it will keep you just warm enough, while scavenging from dumpsters to trash cans, warming up during short car rides to close by back alleys, providing monetarized sexual favors.  It also comes with a retractable handled mini cargo cart on wheels, to store all your scavenged goods, to exchange at local recycle depots for a few extra quarters and dimes. So, when you knock at the neighbor’s door this Halloween dressed in this occupationally approved costume via your local school board, they will gladly lead you to their garage, to perform some sexual favors in exchange for all the aluminum cans you can carry, possibly getting a buck or two thrown in!

The Dis-honorable Liberal Member of Parliament Chatelaine Costume by: Beguiled Inc

These next four years of liberalism will certainly get some mileage out of this costume because it, well, is so perfect! If you are of the female gender that is, and your superiority will surpass even the Prime Minister himself! The costume comes with progressively but conservatively styled attire, with a white, Diamond fibered, tight fitting sweater, matched with silky black slacks, to enhance your shapely legs, but not too much, followed by platinum heeled stiletto shoes, just hidden enough by the overhang of your slack’s cuffs, but revealing enough to see your toe nail polish because of the opened toed design. And of course, it would not be complete without jewellery, optionally, an elegant but delicate white gold neckless (included), or for the more bolder feminist, ears, nose and nipple piercings (extra), possibly a small revealed feminist tattoo of enslaved subordinate men! Grace under pressure when you attempt to explain why the economy, morality, and employment have been flushed down the sewer and how it is only going to get better with drugs, somehow. But it will not be because of anything you have done, of course, only someone else, most likely a man! This costume also comes with a makeup kit that will conservatively enhance your feminist prowess, intimidating any male, or female alike of low sociological and class standing, to move aside and bow to your greatness while they provide you with bountiful political and hokum donations, just because you are so dammed cute! So don’t be surprised when you trick or treat this Halloween, that you will not be greeted by any man answering the door, who will be cowering in their basement, emasculated by your perfume and dominant, feminist, superior presence!

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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Gad, What a Rinky-Dinky Canadian Election

Liberal Candidate, Justin Trudeau, also known as, Sheik Yer’ Doobie or Frankie

On the Canadian campaign trail, all the candidates are looking for an edge, a cutting edge to win over the populist’s vote this next federal election. Has Justin done anything in the last four years? I mean, really done anything other than saturate our labor force, universities, and colleges with refugees and immigrants from Asia and the Middle East? Oh, I almost forgot, legalize marijuana. Other than that, has he done anything? No, I cannot say he has. In fact, if the Canadian public were not all (or mostly) stoned, he would be voted out, if not removed from office. A no confidence vote should have be on the agenda a year ago when he legalized marijuana, but instead, everyone got stoned and forgot about it, truly. Because of its money making potential, it sits right up there with pornography. So what if it destroys young adults lives and disgraces them. It makes a lot of money. How does marijuana and drugs like methadone disgrace younger or older individuals? Well if you ask this question, you are definitely stoned, or on the receiving end, making money on weed, like they did in the seventies when places like Columbia and Mexico were selling tonnes of marijuana dirt cheap and all the dealers alike, large or small, were doubling or tripling their money. Now that the government grows marijuana (or regulates it’s cultivation), all these jerks that made millions in the seventies, are now making billions today, legally, at the expense of your son’s and daughters brain cells, money and most importantly, motivation and future. Way to go Justin, your father is most likely spinning in his grave. Then again, what kind of parties did Pierre Elliot Trudeau have anyway back in the day, seeing Margret Trudeau was caught sleeping with Mick Jagger.  Well, the fact that this happened in 1977 does not make Justin an offspring of Mick, but you would have to wonder. So I guess the question is: Does Justin take after his mother, or father. I seriously recommend that everyone vote this immature brat out of office.

Green Party Cadidate, Elizabeth May or also known as, The Beach Geek

Elizabeth May, hmm. Has she changed her platform at all? Has she gained any popularity? She is good looking in a geeky sort of way, ah well maybe not. I don’t know. Other than dealing with climate change, what does she have in store for us financially? Does anyone have a clue? Does she have a clue? Or is that something she’ll bake up if she amazingly gets elected? Only God knows because really, does she know? But to be fair, she is extremely active for women’s rights, particularly abortion, where women can “just have one”, because well, they are women. Well, I guess that eliminates any religious votes she could get if she stayed away from controversial, touchy subjects. But she is definitely an advocate for women’s rights, so if you are a man, well, what is the motivation to vote for her? However, men are just scum or slaves to the feminist’s movement thus men really have nothing to say about that, other than men still have the right to vote, I think. Will they have any rights if she supernaturally becomes Prime Minister? In truth, if she promised to prohibit marijuana and make it illegal, I would vote for her. But somehow, I do not think that would happen, because she is a politician and all politicians love money, even drug money. So unless she comes up with some real promises or something new and original, and with her platform, taxes are surely going to increase and eliminate jobs when pollution controls start sending large companies to other countries without pollution controls, I think she will most likely do the same, possibly a few more seats. I recommend not voting for her until she shows us a real political platform.

The NDP Candidate Jagmeet Singh or warmly referred to as Sheik Polygamy

So, from Jack Laden to who? Jagmeet Singh? Does anyone even know this guy? No matter what his ethnicity is, who is he, really? I never heard of him. What does he stand for? Not on the tip of my tongue. Usually, they find candidates that people know. But I cannot even guess, so I have to research this man. If he is truly NDP, well I have a clue what he stands for, but we all know, the party one runs for, does not tell the tale. People have compared the NDP to the socialist party when in fact, if you know what NDP stood for, you would not be confused. “New Democratic Party”, the key word being Democratic, which means democracy, liberalism or freedom loosely. Jack Laden was extremely well known, no one can deny that fact. But new leaders have to start somewhere I suppose.  However, the more your read about this candidate, the more middle of the road he seems, and he really is not offering anything new to the NDP. Jack Laden was a rebel, a man the did not worry about ruffling feathers. He scared the dung out of the corporate community, including the very wealthy. Now, however, the party is sinking into ambiguity, rebels without a cause, not even a solid thorn in anyone’s side. Perhaps Jagmeet will come out of his shell, but thus far, he is still an unknown. I recommend voting for this man because of his entrancing eyes that have hypnotized me, and to give him some confidence and bring the NDP out of ambiguity. I love unknowns because you never know.

The Conservative Candidate Andrew Scheer, or also know as Bull-it.

And there is Andrew Scheer, another unknown. They say he looks like a young Harper, but I disagree. He looks like Steve McQueen and is sure to capture some of the female votes from Justin. Besides, Harper was a master bard. This guy Andrew, well he seems pretty young to be running for Prime Minister let alone a master bard capable of playing Harpers magic harp. But hey, they legalized marijuana, so what the hell do I know. This guy is also dancing in the middle of the road and is offering no new original ideas about what can be done for the populist of Canada. He is not attacking the liberals, yet. He should, be ripping them to pieces and he would have a world of ammo, like legalizing marijuana and cultivating drug abuse in Canada. We all know that a strong candidate takes real risks to get elected because they know the underlying attitudes of the population really is not impressed with drug legalization and drug solutions to eradicate addiction, unless they are drug abusers themselves. But this vote seems to be geared towards anything but what the tax payers want, other than trying to bribe them with tax cuts, something we all know that, if they do not get the money from your front pocket, they will be picking your back pocket to make up the difference. Well, yeah, vote for this guy, sure. He is American but so what? If we became the 53rd state, we would at least be able to go to the US without a dammed passport. Other than that, I guess there is really no reason to vote for this guy other than to get rid of the Liberals and their Drug Party.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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Provincialism for Hasidic Peerless Incisiveness

Sheik Yer’ Doobie and his mostly Caucasian Harem

As Metaphor to Mutual Suffering?

If you look at the media and Justin Trudeau’s recent exposure using the black face makeup technique for a costume surfacing from his past, you really have to chuckle because, who really cares? It is not the first time it has happened and certainly not original. Mimes for example, with half black half white faced but viewed as acceptable. How about Alice Copper and his green face? That could be racist towards Olive skinned cultures, particularly the Mediterranean’s. But he can continue because why? But Justin Trudeau gets black balled (excuse the racial insinuation of black balled individuals) because he went to a mascaraed party. If I wanted to dress as a black man and color my face black, that is my right. It does not make anyone a bigot. Does this mean, if I sit in the sun and get a sunburn, I am prejudice towards the North American native culture because of my newly acquired red skin? Or if I get a tan, I am prejudice against Indians?  How about if I wrap a towel around my head after I take a shower, does that make me prejudice against the turban wearing cultures?  But they try to justify Al Jolson’s Blackface act because he was Jewish?   Color is a pigment of the skin, nothing more. So all you that are mounted on the racial bandwagon criticizing others for attending a masquerade ball and dressing up, perhaps you should wonder why you are attempting to limit other’s rights to freedom of expression, because you have no right to do such a thing.  I guess then being a Batman fan, I am a bigot against vampires? Or a Superman fan, I am actually being a bigot against Aliens from outer space? Or if I wanted to dress like a woman, I guess I am a chauvinist. Or if I remain dressed like a man and act slightly feminine, I am downgrading homosexuals? Or if I am happy all the time and parade around smiling and unusually happy, I am putting down the Gay community as a whole?

God Dammed, The Prime Minister Pusher Man

Wake up and smell the burnt brain cells, because this is just pot smoke and cocaine mirrors to keep your mind off what the government, or the Trudeau administration is really doing. So as you laugh and giggle at that picture of Justin Trudeau disguised as a Arabic Al Jolson, See through the thin mask of deceit. Trudeau has done a far worse thing, and everyone seems to commend him for such a despicable act in legalizing marijuana. He has created an idealism that it is ok to be on welfare, social assistance, disability and collect money for doing nothing. To sit at home and smoke your brains out using medicinal weed acquired legally for basically nothing, or when that runs out, they can simply run to the new breed of backyard cultivators that grow their own legally, but sell it illegally. What, you did not think that would happen, Justin? Duh, yeah! Now these so called legal personal cultivators are under cutting the government and selling their home grown. Now WTF are you going to do, Just? You stepped in your own pile of newly created socially assisted horse manure, enabling people that have a head cold to go on disability and remain stoned on weed and/or methadone for free. Cool move, dude! So, are we really considering the possibility of letting this clown in as Prime Minister for another four years? I think I would rather put up with Harper again, listening to his harp, leading us to be the 53rd state. But instead, the Canadian public is actually thinking this remedial, immature Prime Minister is doing a good job. Why? Because they are all stoned. Far worse, he’s enabling the aboriginal cultures of this country to remain drunk and stoned instead of setting up real treatment centers that actually force individuals off the drugs either gradually or cold turkey. Instead, we continue to endorse being a “pot head”, that in the real working world, is legally useless, unless you want stoned individuals working at your firm.

The Reader’s Indigestion Version

As the murky pool of disillusionment clears, we are starting to see the necessity for drug tests across the board, infringing on our rights and privacy, all because people want to remain stoned? How to control the masses 101. I guess Justin figures no one understands philosophy, or the hidden volumes of How to Rule the Masses for Idiots. At the same time, smoking one marijuana cigarette is the equivalent of smoking 20 cigarettes as far as your lungs are concerned, or so preached FDA and Health Canada for many a years. What, it is all of the sudden safe? How so? Corner to corner, on any metropolitan street, you smell the stench of marijuana reeking off people, smoking in public places, where in itself, is illegal. But what will the cops do? Basically nothing because they are probably smoking it too on midnight shifts. Will they arrest themselves? What is this, a bad Cheep and Bong movie? Or basically a drugged out nightmare, where the dealers are now the government and very wealthy businesses that were lucky enough to win their vendors permit from the government’s so called lottery, designed to put responsible vendors in the business of distributing medicinal and over the counter marijuana. Kind of a conflict of interest where a medicinal outlet is selling marijuana for purposes other than medicinal when the FDA and Health Canada says it is extremely hazardous to your long term health. Is that not why the government disallowed the sale of tobacco products in pharmacies? Cigarettes are not a drug? Does it not contain nicotine? Case closed.

Facts, or Burnt Out School of Apologia

Marijuana contains THC (Horse Tranquillizer) and other chemicals that travel from your bloodstream to your brain. THC intoxicates your system and brain functions. You’ll have trouble thinking, bloodshot eyes and  Dry mouth (cotton mouth), increased appetite, faster heart rate, retarded coordination, paranoia, loss of short term memory, increased body temperature, mild hallucinations, just to mention a few. Marijuana smoke contains sixty chemicals called cannabinoids. Even vaping marijuana is developing its own sets of fatal health issues. 53% of marijuana users reported experiencing a loss of motivation. Research is surfacing that marijuana can cause depression, mostly in young people. “Cannabis is a psychoactive drug which activates the same brain reward regions as do other abused drugs, such as alcohol, tobacco, cocaine, etc.,” explains Dr. David Gorelick, a professor of psychiatry at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. What does this mean to the layman? It attacks your endorphins (a brain released substance that is responsible for elation), similar to cocaine and other drugs, causing severe depression after not using this drug for  a period of time. In basics, it retards your natural capacity to feel happy. What is worse, when something emotional happens and causes you to cry, your natural endorphins, will not release for pacification making the need for the drug (marijuana) far stronger. Some people cannot function without being stoned. Is that who is working at your business, smoking a joint on their smoke break?

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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Yadda Yadda, Cotton Mouthed Babble On!

Too High to Get it?

Yes, there is a recession coming about in the horizon, created by Justin Trudeau and his excessive liberal thinking, or would it be better to say, S.T.U.P.I.D.I.T.Y.! Silly Testimonial Undermining Populist Invoking Drug Institutional Torturous Yearning. Yes, turning Canadians into junkies. Or should we be called Cannabis-ians, or Methadone-ians changing our country’s name to Cannabis or Methodonia, exchanging the maple leaf for a marijuana leaf or a crack pipe. The drug revolution never started in the sixties, that was the freedom revolution. The Drug revolution started when Justin Trudeau got elected. Marijuana is the least of the problems created by it’s legalization. Just take a look around your neighborhood. Are you seeing a change? Are you seeing old vendor buildings being renovated and changed into drug centers? Are you seeing newly erected buildings, close to schools being built that will house these establishments? Are you seeing medicinal marijuana outlets springing up left and right? We are in the stranglehold of the drug revolution that is making junkies out of anyone too stupid to realize that they are replacing one addiction for the new and improved, governmental controlled addictions. And the best part, you do not have to pay for it! The tax payer does. You know, the poor saps that actually do work who have managed not to lose their minds and become additional junkies and burdens to society. Sooner or later, they will have the majority of people hooked on one substance or another, and the drug companies are all to anxious to comply, providing these drugs, for a price of course. Why work? Just be a junkie and live on social assistance. Don’t have a medical issue, no problem because you can go online and order all the weed you like, hash too! Kilos of it! Why? Because the supply you are legally suppose to have is virtually unenforceable because of the province to province loop holes and jurisdictional differences. So go ahead and bake your brains out until they seep from your ears to the floor. Need something stronger? Well, go visit your local neighborhood methadone clinic, or your municipal approved “Sons of Anarchy” dealers. If you are female, you may only have to prostitute for your fix, until they get tired of you, then you will have to pay like everyone else. What is this doing to Canada’s economy? Just read the paper.

You Would Have to be High to Buy That!

They do not come out and say it, but it is definitely related. When people loose their drive to be productive, everyone looses because nothing of quality is being produced. Thus, less buyer’s confidence and less sales across the board. This weakens so many businesses that expect their bursas and when it fails expectations, money is lost, employment decreases and productivity suffers more. Sure, we can bring in oppressed people from other countries to boost productivity initially, but in the end, they too will realize how little they make, and how little they are prospering by just purchasing food and everyday things. Once the credit is overextended, then what? Nothing moves and the banks sit on all the money, calling in all their overextended loans. Once the banks do this, that is what really makes the economy crash. Then the banks, instead of spending their own money, whine and moan to the government to bail them out by getting the tax payer to pay them out for all the bad debts. Funny thing is, most of these bad debts are just interest owned, not the principle, thus meaning they have not lost a dime and are just whining because they know the government will comply and give them more money they do not deserve in fear of an economic revolt or governmental change, threatening their overpaid jobs, enormous salaries and ridiculous pensions. So the reply from the government usually is, “how much do you need?”. Hey, it is not their money anyway so why would they give a hokum spew. But, don’t believe me and run to the Weed store and buy some brain shrinking burnable substances, then the methadone clinic to get your fix, and finally, if you have any money left over from buying fentanyl (which is why you went to the methadone clinic in the first place because you are going broke supporting your local “Sons of Anarchy” approved dealer), you can head to the Brain Honing Elixir store and buy your favorite flavor of good old fashioned brain pickling alcohol. Funny, that these stores seem to do well no matter what. Recession proof I imagine. Could it be because the people that patronize these establishments are addicted? Bingo! So goes the epitome of Justin Trudeau’s economic philosophy, keep them addicted and they have no choice but to patronize the source to subside their delirium tremens caused by withdrawals. Brilliant, wouldn’t you say?

Which Way to the Beach of Anarchic Mutiny ?

Legal drugs are now being sold by people who make minimum wage, not dealers. These legal dealers only collect the money and you will never see or meet them, ever. They will live in some exclusive neighborhood sending there spawned offspring’s to exclusive universities at the expense of your son’s and daughter’s habitual addiction patronizing these so call compassionate drug establishments that are making money hand over fist from government funding, paid ultimately by the tax payer of the middle class, keeping your son and daughter down, whilst elevating their sons and daughters above to become one percenters of society with their success assured for generations. You think I am exaggerating? Please!  Don’t make me humiliate you once again to look in your son’s or daughter’s room again to search for contraband, legal or illegal. But, I called it before when Justin got elected. It will be one hell of a ride or at least, one awesome beach party. Well I was slightly mistaken. One hell of a Jamaican beach weed party, with all the addictive opiates added. I hear Justin Is in negotiations with Coca Cola to exchange the caffeine additive for cocaine once again, to make it truly a classical soda water to be sold for a much higher price, as liquor or wine. Their philosophy is, weed goes better with coke!

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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Amphigory of the So Called Mercantile Intelligentsia

B.L.O.W.- Bikers Love Oppressed Women

We see it everyday, evidence surfacing with every youth on the street as to the damaging philosophy of “do nothing and get paid to do so”. We are teaching in our school systems that you do not have to work, only scam your way to the top. Who can be the most affluent grifter, as to talk other people out of their hard earned dollars, so you can sit on your fat ass and smoke legal marijuana and drink your favorite, brain honing elixir. You think I am exaggerating? Just take a look at your offspring, the one with the pink hair and several piercing in her nose, covered with tattoos. Who will hire her? I am pretty sure most legitimate businesses will place her resume on the bottom of the heap. Sooner or later, she will end up on disability because she has been deemed as unemployable and will become yet another useless member of society, starting her prostitution career because let’s face it, disability or welfare just does not pay enough to remain stoned and drunk  during the whole month. Thus, that is what she will do to make her ends meet, pacifying her addictions and illicit interests, performing fellatio  on her favorite group of “Son’s of Anarchy” posers. Ah, but you think that just does not happen, a young underage female under a table, performing oral sex on multiple bikers who are drinking beer and playing poker. Nah, you say. I am just exaggerating again. But yes Mom, you too could reach the depths of debauchery and also be under that table, satisfying unbathed, smelly bikers to feed your fentanyl addiction. Hey, they may give you $20.00 for the escapade. Humiliating, but you are part of the group, the family, the Son’s of Anarchy honorary sperm deposit.

S.C.H.O.O.L.- Socially Corrupting House Of Obedient Losers

Soon, Mothers and daughters alike will be teams under that very table, and after, who knows, perhaps you both will be lucky enough to graduate to the overused boudoir, getting gangbanged on crusty soiled linen. And as the ninth or tenth ejaculation of semen drips from your chin, all you will be thinking is, “Just one more ejaculation and  I will have enough to get my fix.” Exaggeration, poppycock, you argue as you start checking your daughter’s room for drugs. Sure enough, you find some different substances, not being sure what they are, and possibly, some you do recognise, like marijuana. What do you do now? Early intervention is the best. Have her arrested and punished. Then she will have to go through treatment and possibly turn around before it is too late. Otherwise, she will be a lost soul.  What causes children to turn to drugs? Mostly, it is the social rejection and humiliation from groups in school. Trying to fit in and being rejected. What can you do about that situation? Keep them out of school and home school them. Keep them away from the very establishment that turns a great percentage of children into social derelicts, only to become a burden to society. Home schooling does not cost a lot of money and it takes less time for your children to learn and graduate. Then they can go to university and have a chance at life. Don’t have the time? Both work? Alternate and share the burden, and your children will be the better for your effort. The children that are most vulnerable to social decimation are the lower and middle classes. They are prime targets and a large percentage of these children end up in desolation.

S.P.O.R.T.S.- Silly Pathetic Obedient Retreads Tormenting Simpletons

Commercialism and monetary motivations are key elements to this decimation, so much so, it needs to be eliminated and totally factored out of the schooling equation. Sports and competition also have to be removed from the school forum because they are probably the most damaging to the  populist of students in any school simply because only a small percentage are chosen for these school teams and sports. The rest are told that they are not good enough in one form or another, and a great percentage of these students will never achieve past mediocrity. However, that is exactly what society wants. That way they can keep the undesirable classes down to underachieve and keep all the wealthy and upper classes dominant. We now represent the state of Russia before the revolution. Down the road, we will be primed and ready to start a social revolution to balance the lopsided equation of monetary distribution.  They know a lot of people do not like to work so they provide damaging social services to keep these people down, on social assistance or disability. The more unproductive these people become, the more the government and upper classes like it, using these people for guinea pigs, testing drugs and other dastardly objectives and experiments, creating more damage for their own amusement.

B.A.N.K.- Beastly Associational Numerical Kleptomania

However, intelligence now is only measured by money. If you have more money, you must be smarter. Everyone knows however, deep down, this is not the case and we are all equal. Yes we are, but only under the eyes of God are we seen as all equal. In this world, people judge you by what class you are established. Once they determine your class, they will want to label as such and keep you down. It is safe to assume, that no one is worthy of special consideration, but plainly, it is seen everyday how the wealthy receive special consideration in all aspects of judgement and the law on a worldly plane. In God’s eyes, that is surely not they way of things, however because we as humans are given free will, this is bound to occur giving preference to the wealthy and elite of society. They say, without them, we would all surely perish, however, that is a myth because without the greed and tyranny of selfish people, we would live in equilibrium and harmony. Of course, in that scenario, only the strong would survive and the weak would be culled naturally as one would expect.  Would that fit in today’s society? Not by a long shot because of adaptations of equality where people, whether weak or strong, able or disabled, are treated equally withstanding their economic class, which is dictated once again, by wealth, power and the elite (one percent of society). So, you have two people in a wheel chair, one wealthy, the other middle class. Who do you think will win?

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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Broken Dreams and Broken Hearts. Fertiliser for Deep Change

The Eatable Ovens of The Holocaustic Exterminated Wallpaper By: Are-Ye-Pained International

In my youth, we were fascinated by our freedom when it seemed apparent, and in most cases, it was the rebellious behavior and groups that seemed to be the most alluring as to what freedom resembled. In essence, it manipulates the youth into the drug culture, experimenting with recreational drugs like amphetamines, LSD and marijuana. In basics, the youth will attend parties where alcohol and drugs are available, rebelling from the control of their parents and peers. The lucky ones that come out unscathed from this substance abuse possibly will get a productive job or go to college or university. A good number, however will remain in this subculture, continuing the substance abuse, becoming junkies and/or alcoholics. Because we all know the “myth” that recreational drugs lead to harder and more addictive substances. Well, it is not a myth, it is true. There are, in basics, two basic types of drug abusers, the chronic and the non-chronic. Some people can do almost any kind of drug and walk away. Others however cannot. The chronic drug abusers and alcoholics are the people that usually end up on the street homeless, destitute or dead. Some substance abusers actually hold down jobs, maintaining a  residence, but are usually the non-chronic users, and only continue using controlled quantities at times of the day when they are not at work.

Eat me Beat me Before the Resurrection Bloodied Bamboo Stems Throw Rug By: B-east Imports Inc.

Chronic users in rare cases do maintain legitimate vocations, but in most realities, are either thieves, grifters or prostitutes. Most legitimate employers do not put up with drug abusers as employees once revealed and will dispose of these employees any way possible. The frequent reasoning for termination would be absenteeism, poor workmanship, legal issues and substance abuse during work hours. So the only vocations left are the illegitimate type. These vocations are rampant now because of the increase of drug abuse by many more participants then ever before, mostly because of highly addictive drugs like fentanyl. These types of drugs are opiate based and are 10 times more addictive then morphine. So Mothers, if you are surprised when you see your daughter plying her new trade under a lamp post in the blue light district of your community, don’t be, because if you were on these drugs, you would be under the same lamp post as her competitor. These days, you can drive in the blue light district any time of the day or night and see these prostitutes (male or female) standing, attempting to lure in a John. The cost of fentanyl at its least, would be 60 to 100 dollars a day and its lowest maintainable daily level. Increasingly, these drugs damage your endorphins thus, the quantity needed grows progressively. In most cases, the daily tally ends up to be $200.00 to $600.00 to subside the DTs (delirium tremens) when coming down off fentanyl and like substances. It is easy to see that most jobs do not pay that much a day, not to mention, the addicted not able to perform these jobs after a certain point, leading to termination.

The Anal Inverter Butt Ripper and Brain Squeeze reversible Vice Grips By: Gasterton of Coronary

Cathy, a woman of 32, with a six year old son that is already awarded to children’s aid society, is allowed to see her child in controlled sessions if she is maintaining her fentanyl addiction with methadone. Her apartment is in jeopardy because of non-payment of rent and her electricity, phone and cable has been turned off. To attempt to make ends meet and get her preferred fix of fentanyl, she goes to the local methadone clinic ( there is one near your neighborhood guaranteed) and gets her daily fix. Now that she is stable and is not experiencing any delirium tremens, she heads out to the street and ply’s her new  trade of prostitution to get enough money to pay her bills, only when she gets the money after a couple of tricks, she goes to her friendly “Son’s of Anarchy” approved dealer and buys some fentanyl. So you tell me, does methadone actually work? I don’t think so. Not in this case and many others like her. Enforced detox is the only way methadone can work as a compassionate drug, given in controlled, progressively smaller amounts to totally eliminate the physical need for either drug. Otherwise, we are just wasting tax payer’s money. Fentanyl is a dream destroyer. It is a an ambition dismantler. It only serves the dealer who is selling this substance. Organized crime, fronted by gangs, are collecting money hand over fist over this dream shredding substance, and the government, pharmaceutical companies and the one percent of society are collecting money hand over fist supplying methadone. marijuana, and other legal substances and prescriptions. Fentanyl dealers are even attacking and setting up shop on reserves, small northern communities and small towns. So it is not solely a  “Big City” problem any more.

Delirium Tremens Vomit Stains Excreted from Amazon Warriors Bed Spread with Scratch and Sniff Technology, Available at: Ali Baba and the Forty Internet Thieves

Why are small towns and communities attractive to organized crime? Because the state or provincial police only drive through every once in a great while, so in actuality, there is no police force. Why is the government and the one percent attempting to sell drugs and supply methadone as it’s answer to this marauding by the underworld?  Just call it competitive mutual interest where both sides make money. Should you be concerned? I would encourage anyone reading this to go to their political representative in your community and flood them with petitions and complaints. Because this direction we are headed is only going to become more bleak and destructive. If you care about your children coming up, you will do anything in your power to shake up these political clowns and demand reprisal. The government only responds to fear. Fear of being impeached or not being re-elected. Fear of losing their cushy jobs and astronomical pensions. If they are fearful of losing that, they will listen. We are the power and we just have to exercise it by showing them right from wrong. Unfortunately, the government at this time is having trouble with the concept of right and wrong. We just have to wake them up from their drug induced slumber. Because hey, we are not in high school anymore. And if you are, hopefully you are smarter then the current status quo.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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Farcicality of Society’s Tomfoolery

Do You Really Think That is Funny?

Or did you laugh because you heard the Laughing Machine. Society over the millenniums have been programmed to what is dictated as funny. Most people cannot laugh unless they hear others laugh. That is why we are 100% brainwashed and march to the 1 percenter’s drum of social approval. That is why so many brainless morons are “hooked” on so called comedies on commercial TV. Still, you have the mini series and the so call series philosophy of home entertainment. Instead of making a good movie from an even better book, they release a series with half rate actors to mesmerize the population into commercial obedience. If you have no idea what I just said, then you are totally brainwashed. You will see the lifestyles the 1 percent are promoting at the time for their own amusement. Because the 1 percent do not watch TV. The 1 percent watch you bungle and botch for their entertainment. That is why so many rich people like the news and journalism. Even though half of it is badly written, they still get immense satisfaction out of the daily news, elevating themselves as above it all, so they can feel superior. Until they start getting killed and maimed. Then it is an atrocity and should not be publicised and must be contained and kept under control so they can feel safe and superior again.  Watching a billionaire get their head cut off? I think that would be something to see.  But instead we get to see “Joe Terrorist” bite the dust. Who is Joe Terrorist? He is a CIA fabrication of your fears and imagination, portrayed by some poor unsuspecting chump . Could you imagine what the wealthy and the 1 percent were thinking when the Czar and his royal family were killed? In reality, is this why Russia, not even a century later, went capitalism? Of course it is because they could never allow a government of the workers, for the workers ever survive on the planet earth. That is just plain idiotic to the 1 percent of society.  Now they can all wear $200.00 blue jeans, smoke marijuana and act like retards, just like the so called free people in Commercial Corporate North America.

Life is a Hierarchy, And you’re a burnt out Stepping Stone.

Cheep and Bong, reigning out of the seventies of the last millennium, were regarded as cult heroes of the drug culture. But what were they actually heroes of? Because they helped promote that marijuana is a harmless vice and should be legalized? Or did they just do this for the money? Will they do anything anymore for free? Or is it because of their high profile and seemingly advocacy for the now popular drug culture, that they can still command high dollar for their appearances, now as Senior drugged up hippies because of the recent successes, legalization and commercialization of the drug to be consumed like cigarettes and liquor? I guess Sargent Stadanko will have to put down his electric marijuana pipe and purchase a crack or fentanyl apparatus to be showy for his possible appearance in the next Cheep and Bong Movie called; “Still Vaping and Irritating”. Face it Cheep and Bong fans, you were used to elevate them into stardom and fame, so they can look down at you as peasants and groupies. I mean, now that it is legal, will they make fun of crack heads or fentanyl users? How it is cool to be totally addicted to these substances? How comical it can be if you are prostituting yourself, performing fellatio for $10.00 to $20.00 to get your next fix, satisfying old washed up hippies now posing as the pillars of society? Give me a break. They act as if the so called “New Drug Philosophy” will save the world. If you look at the accelerated decay in your community and the streets in the last 2 years, it should be a wakeup call to anyone that cares at all about where society is really headed. But hey, don’t take my word for it and light up another doobie and wash it back with some brain honing elixir, and make sure the label of the bottle is displayed prominently as you take a big gulp, to ensure you advertise their product after you paid for the privilege. Are you a loser? Decidedly.

It was So Funny, I Forgot How to Laugh!

In all actuality, being a star or the elite of society has to be an enormous burden, keeping that insulated buffer maintained, securing themselves from the masses.  How is this done mainly? Gatekeepers and lots of them. How do they afford so many? They don’t actually pay gatekeepers. Gatekeepers work for free because of their illusive position as a fan/subscription club member. But that is how hierarchy works. Fan adornment, wanting to be, “Just Like Them”. But in defense to the people hooked on drugs, what can they really do? It is a physical addiction that is almost impossible to beat without enforced isolation. We, as a society, have to step up to the plate and show some courage. Make drug treatment mandatory and enforced, not optional. I see it everyday. Substance abusers soliciting money many different ways, after they have exhausted their government/municipal provided monies, and spending it all on drugs and/or liquor, getting totally inebriated, stumbling back to the shelter at night if it is too cold to sleep outside. In the morning, they head for the soup kitchen or food banks for their food. So, where is the incentive to straighten out? Any money they get, goes towards their addictions, back into the governments or some dealer’s pocket. Further, they can actually get apartments if they are diagnosed with some sort of disability, getting their housing for next to nothing, being paid through social assistance, and spending the rest on drugs and/or booze.  They can also get prescriptions to maintain their addictions. Only most of the junkies sell these prescription drugs to get their preferred fix, usually Fentanyl. There may be some families in this predicament that are more responsible, that actually feed and care for their children, but the horror of it is, a lot of these families don’t, having their children frequently awarded to children’s aid and foster care, or worse, on the street doing the exact same thing. If you are not concerned, you aught to be, seeing you are paying for all of this via taxes taken off your pay cheque. Not a very comical situation. If there is a comedian that can make these situations seem funny, you can bet your Mother’s third wedding band that is accompanied by her previous two matrimonial trinkets, sitting in some local pawnshop, in hock,  that the government will make sure he/she rises rapidly to fame, keeping you occupied during your drugged out drunken evenings being mesmerised by commercial television.

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The Magisterial Covetous Ensorcelled Myriad of Debenture

The Patrician, The Proletarian and the Vagabond

Greed and gold. People (proletarians and vagabonds) are mesmerized by the possibility of being filthy rich. So much so that they will hock there last possession to purchase a lottery ticket. Yes, that chance to become a millionaire (patrician). The odds are astronomical, but if you pray hard enough, Jesus will hear you and let you pick the right ticket or select the correct numbers. However, you are praying to the wrong affiliation. You have to exchange your soul for true wealth. And when you die, you will be in the sanctity of Hell. Being rich means greed through and through. In other words, there is no reason to be billionaire or even a millionaire (patricians). And no, if you do win, you will not share it with anyone. You just say that in hopes  God will think you are truly deserving and fix the lottery just for you because you are so dammed special. That is why the Bible is being shunned and dismantled to suit our decaying morals and turpitudes of greed. So the next time you purchase a lottery ticket, don’t pray to God. Sign your name, in blood, to the Devil. In exchange for your soul, he will let you win, well something. Enough to make it seem worth it at the time anyway.

Spaghetti Western In Hell?

All God wants is faith. The devil wants your soul, which is basically everything you have once you depart from your flesh and bone abode.  Once you are in the kingdom of Hell, you are owned by the Devil and all his demons. You are not even worthy at that point of being a demon. All you will be is Demon food and they will rip your soul apart for seemingly eternity. Will you ever be released from hell? I have no idea other than if you truly want the light and can withstand the pain of illumination, then possibly you can be released. Some people suggest the earth is hell and we live it everyday. But in reality, the earth is a dimension of trials and tribulations. What you do on earth determines if you will rise or fall. If your soul is pure enough, you may ascend to the heavens. If it is stained with excessive sin, you may sink to the depths of hell. The most popular scenario would be purgatory, where you are weighed and judged whether you are worthy of advancing or being recycled back to earth. Yes, the Devil is choosy too, and to be accepted into the depths of hell, you have to be either truly evil, or ready to sign your soul away in blood..

What if Abel really Killed Cain and Assumed his Identity?

You may wonder how many times your soul has been recycled and the answer would most likely be, several times. Each life usually gets more complex as to the trials you face and even more confusing as to what the correct course of action would be for every trial we face. Should I give that homeless person some money? Should I, as a homeless person, share my last piece of bread with that millionaire? Should I, a middleclass individual,  help that junkie purchase more drugs? What are the correct answers to these situations? It is not at all clear and you would most likely not share your last piece of bread with a starving millionaire if you were a homeless person, even if the banks were all closed and he was starving for real. The correct answer would be; sharing the piece of bread with this millionaire and not expecting anything in return, only that you helped this person in their time of need. But we would all expect something in return and that would not be a sincere motivation. Instinct could interfere, and we may hoard and eat that piece of bread, and if the millionaire attempted to grab a piece, we would grab the nearest rock and bludgeon that person to death in the fight for survival. But our intellect should reign and contemplate the correct response to this situation, depending on your moral integrity. Some of us would definitely share the piece of bread selflessly, but many would definitely bludgeon the millionaire to death and steal his possessions (possibly assuming his identity if they looked alike), seeing the banks are closed and he had no pocket money to buy lunch.

In Pharmacies we Mistrust? Or is it the Spawn’s of  Nihilism

Now, you have a gold Rolex, some very expensive rings, possibly some gold teeth, some expensive clothes and shoes. You are most likely going to pawn all these items for some money, once business hours arrive. You will either start a new life, or purchase more drugs and booze to continue your life of destitution. If you were a middle classed individual (proletarian), you would probably use the money to make your next few mortgage payments. If you were rich (patrician), you would most likely take the possessions and stash them away as trophies. In most cases, the average person (proletarian) enjoys a derangement of the senses, enabling them to forget their crappy job, their excessive bills and payments, and their desire to be free. That is why booze, cigarettes, and now marijuana are great money makers. The pharmaceutical companies, owned by the 1 percenters (patricians), love the fact that Commercial Corporate North America has a population full of junkies and neurotics (proletarians and vagabonds), just looking for a reason to go on prescription medication or purchase that next batch of illegal drugs from their friendly pharmacist or the “Son’s of Anarchy” approved local dealer .

Prosperous Chit Inducing Specie Hoard

Just another excuse to go on disability and pass your burdens onto the people that still work (proletarians), who have managed to not lose their minds working for lazy, wealthy deadbeats (patricians), that we are all so ready to admire and serve like slaves. Our society is so deranged, that it sells money to people through cash grubbing Money Stores. People (vagabonds) that receive social assistance, disability, welfare, or government provided incomes, will pay hefty fees to cash these cheques in receipt of liquid money that is already theirs in the first place. The 1 percent (patricians via the proletarian) issue these cheques with this in mind knowing most of the vagabonds do not have a bank account. How stupid can we get? Well, if we are stupid enough to deal with money stores to buy back our own money, then we have already hit the threshold of total idiocy. People (patricians, proletarians, vagabonds) will do anything for money, and now, most vagabonds will spend all their government provided money, siphoned from the pockets of the working class (proletarian), to get and remain totally drunk and stoned. Yes, people (vagabonds that were once proletarians) have heartbreaking stories explaining why they are living their current circumstance, but soon gets washed away in a river of booze or gagged and diminished into a haze of drug sedated smoke. That way, the government and the rich (patricians) can get away with their abusive rule, enabling all of these destitute people (vagabonds) to continue their hopeless journey to self-destruction.

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Cherry Picker, A True Story of a Grifting Prostitute

What is a cherry picker? In the larger sense of this phrase, it would mean a person that takes the best before the rest. Opportunist. Like the one that skims the cream, leaving the refuse for the ones behind them. A person of this description has no remorse and usually will take their grandmother’s last dime and/or last possession. A grifter of sorts, but one that does not hide what they are, only their motives. This story is about Cheri. An older woman, far older than her photograph she uses in her ad. In basics, Cheri is in the solicitation business where she uses her photograph to lure the unsuspecting into her web of deceit. So if you are looking for just one quick session, you may get away unscathed and possibly satisfied, depending on her mood on that particular day. If she sees that you may have more monetary value, she may ask you to hang around, and how she really just wants one man to take care of her. If you sympathise with her and hang around, then she has you in her hooks. Now you will start giving her more money because she needs milk or cigarettes. If you play into that, then she will suggest to go out to eat instead of buying groceries. On the way to the restaurant, she will ask you for $100.00 or $200.00 to get some medication that she really needs for her anxiety but because her doctor lives in another province/state, and because she cannot get a doctor, she has to buy her meds illegally until her prescription is sent via snail mail. If you fall for that you may be sitting in your car for several minutes to an hour waiting for this woman, that was supposedly starving, in front of some dealers house who sells oxycodone, percocets,  morphine, heroin, crack, cocaine, fentanyl, etc., etc.. Each pill, if in pill form will cost about $20.00, 40.00, $60.00 to $100.00 depending on the milligram content or quantity of the drug. Once she finally comes out of the dealers house, she will want to immediately go to back to her place and take the drugs. If she takes it orally, she may still want to eat. But, before she wants to eat, she has four or five friends (junkies) that needs a ride desperately. Now, you are chauffeuring these people around that you hardly know from destination to destination. During you taxi endeavors, she will whisper in your ear that she needs another $100.00 or $200.00 because the dealer ripped her off and she only got one pill, not to mention, Sally, one of the poor starving, homeless junkies in the rear seat, who is coughing up flehm and spitting out the window, is broke and needs $100.00 to feed her kids (who are all by now awarded to the Children’s Aid Society). She will sensuously rub your thighs and whisper, “I will make it worth your while”. Now that she has you driving to an ATM, with a car full of junkies, she will ask for $150.00 to $200.00 more because she was short on her rent and her landlord wants it paid asap or she will be evicted. After you retrieve $550.00 from your ATM and give her the money, she will want you to drive them all to this party. Now, you are wondering, what about the rent and these poor starving children while you pull into the driveway of another dealer’s home and are told to wait there like a chauffer while everyone else for some reason is allowed to enter the premises. As you sit there watching people run in and out, waiting for your princess to exit and show you an extraordinary time,  you will start looking at your watch, thinking that you have to be at work in 6 hours.  Now you are getting anxious because another 20 minutes to an hour has ticked by and you are still sitting there like a fool waiting for your princess that, by the way, you have paid for threefold seeing the original session was $150.00 to $200.00. Now suspicious, you get out of your car and start knocking on the door. An older burly man covered in tats answers the door and just looks at you. You ask the oversized gent if Cheri is still there. The smelly oversized biker replies “Cheri who?”. You start stuttering while describing her as the offensive man slams the door in your face. You decide to wait a little longer but no body exits. Now that 2 hours have slinked by, you decide to return to the scene of the crime. You ring her buzzer to her security building several times and finally get an answer. You identify yourself and after a painful moment of non-response, the buzzer sounds and you open the door. As you approach her door, another man of offensive appearance and physique exits her threshold while you enter. You approach Cheri in her living room, while she finishes redressing. She lights a smoke as she contemplates a story to explain her mysterious disappearance from where you waited almost 3 hours. You logically question her as she becomes more irritable and evasive. You back off mentally and try to hold her. She pushes you away and looks you abjectly in the eyes. You abruptly get up to leave and she says “Wait, don’t leave!”. She explains that the man who just left was her landlord and she gave him what she could to cover the rent, but still owes more. Generally, landlords do not collect money at 3:00 am in the morning but for some reason, you force yourself to believe her as she simulates a few sobs and sniffles. You start comforting her and she hugs you. She whispers in your ear, that she needs another $100.00 to $200.00 to get her medicine because her friends that you just chauffeured, ripped off all her money and left her holding the bag. Now she owes more money to the dealer and if she is to get her medicine tonight, she will need more like $500.00. As you hold this woman while she simulates more sobs and sniffles, she starts rubbing your thighs. You start to feel an erection and return her advances. You palm her thighs and work your way up to her vulva. She winces in simulated pleasure then stands up abruptly. “Come on, lets go get my medicine so I can really show you an awesome night.”

In reality, most men will continue on and get the $500.00 and go through the same experience, even though they know they shouldn’t. If you think you should say no, then you probably should. Do not get the illusion that she likes you. She likes your money and the fact that you are gullible. No, you will not get laid again tonight, even though you bought her services almost tenfold. At this point, you are not even classified as a trick, pimp or otherwise. The best description at this point would be a sucker or a chump. And this little filly will suck you monetarily dry in exchange for little or no sex. Even if you had only $10.00 left to your name, she will gleefully take it from you while, if you are stupid enough to bring her to your home, she steals your possessions, anything a pawn shop will take in exchange for money.

On the reverse of this coin, this person is a sociopath that hates men because of the abuses they sustained from a parent, guardian or spouse. Most of these women are junkies with severe addiction problems. To say the least, you will never help these women because they have to help themselves. You can throw a mountain of money at them but in the end, you are enabling them to continue their self-destruction while you go into financial ruin. If you experience such a person, the best course of action is to turn your back and say no, repeatedly. If you are married and experienced this with a similar prostitute, then you are receiving your just deserts for your infidelity, however, you can also turn your back and say no and save your family from ruin. So buyers beware and be weary not to fall into her corrupting claws. This woman (like many others participating in modern prostitution) is a succubus and as long as she is addicted to opiates (the worst addiction one could experience) her soul belongs to the devil. And if you chase this woman, you will go broke, guaranteed.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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Governmental Fools

Wheels of Steal

I am talking about the hierarchy of organized crime, in any city in Commercial Corporate North America. The front lines of this chain of command are the biker clubs and/or gangs. There is a main club, perhaps the largest and certainly the most popular, idolized by drug cults, lore fans and infamous idolizers alike. You know, people that really cannot think for themselves so they follow these false prophets, like pop, rock, rap and heavy metal bands, just to name a few genres. What do these bike clubs/gangs do? They eliminate the smaller gangs and cowboys that are in the drug trade and franchise it via highly addicting drugs or better know as opiates (Most popular Fentanyl), whether man made or naturally processed. Most people addicted to opiates are more then likely hooked for a very long time, if not for life. Organized crime in smaller cities cannot really make much money on prostitution or gambling so they zero in on the drug trade. They use bike clubs/gangs to process these drugs and sell them on street level. There is no need to control the prostitution because 95% of these women on the street prostituting are hooked on opiates (Fentanyl). Thus as the addiction escalates. they purchase these opiates in one form or another and do them via needle, basing or orally. Thus 90% of the money these prostitutes generate on the street goes right into organized crime’s pocket purchasing these drugs. Yes, the son’s of anarchy that control the drug distribution to all these soulless women that will continue this cycle until they are dead or totally useless. We as a society idolize the son’s of anarchy and the mob mentality (as in the Mafia) because we are brainwashed to think that they are somehow glorious. In reality, these people are profiting off your son’s/daughter’s addiction. These bike clubs/gangs do not have to worry about controlling prostitution, because Karen, barely 17 and already hooked on opiates and has already outlived her usefulness as a fresh chatelaine for the corrupted elite who solicited her sexual services in exchange for money and unlimited opiates and cocaine, becoming the newest street whore that have to walk the streets, performing oral sex for $20.00 to get enough money to purchase enough opiates to keep her high so she can continue her desperate frolic for more money to purchase more drugs which escalates to higher levels, guaranteeing these women will continue prostituting themselves to purchase their next fix. Thus, there is no need for organized crime to control prostitution anymore. The opiates do that for them. They just provide the drugs to be ready and available for sale, rain or shine. If that location gets busted, they setup shop a block down the street. If that place is compromised, then they merely move to another location, usually less then 24 hours. The drugs get seized and mysteriously disappear from the evidence room and reappears magically in the new location to keep the money machine rolling.

Jesters of Power

You know, like Trudeau and Trump. I think that if Trudeau could turn back the clock, he would have not legalized marijuana. There is such an underlying resentment from the masses, and it will possibly ruin his chances to get re-elected. I am talking about the real people and not the dammed drug abusers and dealers that find new and interesting angles to apply their abuse and trade of desolation, wiling down their paths of self-destruction.  If he does get back in, it will because someone or something fixed the election, just like when Harper got re-elected. And there is Trump and his fascist wall of discrimination. But, there is enough greedy, boorish people in the USA, so he may just pull it off and get re-elected. So what do we do, now that we know the political arena in North America is corrupted by the harlequins organized crime? Do not be fooled. Organized crime has corrupted the highest corridors of power. All we can do is revolt and take back our country from these criminals. Hang them high and create a new politics and drug free environment. Do you really think Trudeau or any of his henchmen really give a night soil about your daughter performing fellatio on the street  to obtain more opiates to remain obliviously high to forget her last trick? If you believe they actually care then, you probably still believe in the tooth fairy.

Street Claptrap

How much of your tax dollar is going into programs to give junkies drugs because they will not go through detox in fear of withdrawals? What do they do once they get these compassionate drugs? They sell them off to more desperate junkies and purchase more opiates illegally. That is the very reason they should enforce rehabilitation and not make it voluntary. Because voluntary rehab just does not work. Just think, part of your tax dollar is enabling a junkie to remain drugged. Compassionate? It would differ to the interpretation of each individual. Most reformed junkies agree that the person themselves, has to hit rock bottom to realize their destitution and decide for themselves to rehabilitate. It would be a debate whether weaning junkies off the drug as opposed to enforced detox and rehab would be the best solution. However, it would boil down to our morals as a society and what is best for the tax payers. Certainly providing alternate drugs to replace the street drugs is hardly a solution. It would be more of a money grab by the pharmaceutical companies via your tax dollars. Positively, if it were put to a popular vote, enforced rehabilitation and detox would win as opposed to providing these substance  abusers more drugs. At the very least, it would create more employment and less profiteering for the drug companies which are owned of course, by the 1 percent of society, our trusted neighborhood dealers. However, you would never know them personally. You would just meet their middleman, the doctor or practitioner. Legalization of marijuana will lead our society to eventually think that drug use is acceptable if not needed. It would boil down to control and “How to rule and dominate a society 101”. As the masses continue to become more intelligent, having access to unlimited knowledge, how does one control and dominate the informed masses? Keep them stoned, drunk and destitute, keeping them dependant on the government and system, forcing everyone else that actually works, to support these abominations of sociological decimation by fear of ridicule and criticism, not to mention defamatory desolation via De-Face Book and other social medias and mediums. How else would the government be able to still convince the populas that 911 was a terrorist attack and the towers collapsed at free fall speed due to aeroplane collisions? If you believe that then, well, you must be stoned.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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