Yucky Hily and Wacky Donny

The Secret Sisterhood of Emasculate or Castrate…

In Washington DC, at an undisclosed area, Hily and her PR manager were in the rear of a black limousine, waiting for a chain-link gate to be opened. The sign on the gate read: “Restricted Area: Sewage System Environmental Concoct.” “What are we doing here anyway? I though we were going to a sisterhood meeting?” said Hily getting bored waiting. “We are, this is the new location. You do not know this because you have not attended the last several meetings which included the purchase of this location.” said Hily’s PR manager. “What is your name anyway? Who hired you? I am sure I never?” said Hily not recollecting choosing her for any position during the last election. “My name is Max, short for Maxine. The sisterhood assigned me to take care of you and keep you out of trouble.” said Maxine, adjusting her skirt, crossing her long limber legs. Hily started staring at Maxine’s legs, looking them up and down. Maxine caught Hily gawking at her thighs, as Hily looked at Maxine meeting her eyes. Maxine took off her glasses and placed them carefully in her purse, dropping the Bottega to the floor in the limo. Hily grabbed Maxine  by the back of her neck, pulling Maxine closer to her as they kissed, igniting a mutual passion, groping and fondling each other in the rear of the limo. At that moment of their heated fornication, the limo started to move, causing them both to pull back and straighten out their apparel as they approached the barrack styled building.

In the airspace above Ottawa, Just and Donny were in Just’s private plane talking about the North American trading disagreement, circling Ottawa’s perimeter at Just’s request. “Hey Just, I cannot control what my double says about you. So he called you a wuss, big deal. You have my vote any day, legalizing marijuana across the country. Cool move dude! Where is that ball and chain of yours Just?” said Donny, pinching the stewardess’s buttocks as she swung around, slapping Donny in the face. “Whoa, I guess she’s not ready to party!” said Donny as he chuckled taking a drink of his vodka. “Sophy is at some women’s organization meeting in Washington DC, I am not sure what it is called. She is not due back until tomorrow.” said Just watching the stewardess leave the lounge area of the plane. “Hey Just break out some of that legal weed. I know you are holding, come on, roll a bird!” said Donny feeling a bit intoxicated. “Oh, yeah, I got some stashed in the plane along with my hukkah so we can smoke a big bowl simultaneously!” said Just as he got up, removing a panel off the side of the plane interior, pulling out a large freezer bag of weed and his hukkah. “Load this up Donny!” said Just throwing the bag of weed on his lap, placing the hukkah on the table in front of Donny. “Hey, you have any wine? We will fill it up with wine instead of water and drink it after!” said Donny breaking up the buds and packing the bowl tight. “No, but I can get some champagne. We have lots of that on board. Hey Sheryl, bring a couple of bottles of champagne.” said Just  as he attached the four hoses to the hukkah. “Yes sir right away, said the stewardess bringing a couple bottles of champagne, setting them down on the table along with two glasses. “Hey babe, get yourself a glass. Join the party!” said Donny as he pulled the cork from one of the champagne bottles, filling the hukkah’s liquid reservoir with bubbly. “I am sure I am not your babe.” said Sheryl not impressed with Donny. “It is ok Sheryl, sit down with us, please” said Just politely as Donny started to light the hukkah, drawing hard through one of the hoses. “Come on, Just, Sheryl, get down on one of these and help me get a good cherry glow on it!” said Donny as Just grabbed one of the hoses, handing another to Sheryl. Sheryl reluctantly sat down and took the hose offered by Just, toking along with them.

Back at the Sisterhood, in their recently acquired, barrack styled building, Hily and Maxine were in the locker room undressing, putting on their crimson hooded robes. “Why do we have to, ah, fully undress to wear these robes. We never had to undress before let alone wear robes.” said Hily, keenly watching Maxine undress. “Because, we have to feel at one with the Sisterhood, not wearing any clothing or decadent jewellery, as we were born. That way, no phallus bearing male can infiltrate. We would see their phallus erect, extending out the frontal portion of the robe.” said Maxine fitting her voluptuous body into her robe. Hily finished getting into her robe, following Maxine as then both grabbed a lit crimson candle, walking into the main corridor where hundreds of other sisters were congregating in front of  a large stage, decorated with pink and red collaged colors and rose petals raining down onto the stage. In the center of the stage, a walking strip extended into the middle of the audience area with a circular pedestal at the end of the walking strip, holding a large wax pink phallus, six feet high and two feet in diameter, having a base of two large reddened and blue testicles. As Hily and Maxine pulled their hoods over their heads, they both walked close to the center stage. The lights grew dim as the stage lights and candles illuminated the darkened area with red, lavender and pink lighting. As all the sisters cheered, Mel, who was the leading sister, and Grand Chatelaine, came walking out from behind the curtain wearing a pink and lavender hooded robe as she approached the podium, set midway down the stage strip behind the wax phallus statue. “My Sisters of the Secret Sisterhood of Emasculate or Castrate, welcome! We are fortunate to have with us today our recent sister who almost made it into the Whitehouse, where we know, is where our sister, Hily, truly belongs! But because of the male dominance and bullying our species have endured for centuries, from our vulgar male counterparts, we have to wait another 4 to 8 years before we can get a deserving sister in the top office, presiding over us, elevating the sisterhood to our true anima destiny! That is why, when you go home to that male species, whom has infected you life and stained your existence, you either; what is it my sisters?” asked Mel loudly as all the sisters cried; “Emasculate or castrate! Emasculate or castrate! Emasculate or castrate!” “Yes my sisters, that is right; we must show our true dominance over the weak vulgar animus, and take back our trues rights and power. We are all the Queen Bees that rule our hives, and will crush their over inflated phallus, stomp their over bloated testicles, as we elevate our truly deserving anima and control the world, not by penetration, but using our powered fissures, to cloak and control the animus as our truly deserving slaves!”  As Hily watched in amazement, Maxine held her candle high, grabbing onto Hily’s robe in excitement. Hily raised her candle as she watched Mel light a torch and swing it around, as the sisterhood screamed and cheered in approval while Mel slowly paraded up the stage strip, towards the large wax phallus. As all the sisters raised their candles, Mel ignited the wax phallus, backing away as the phallus quickly went aflame, burning into a large conflagration, melting and liquifying over the pedestal, as a large exhaust fan on the tall ceiling, drew the smoke out of the building.

To be continued, as an anima persevering over animus conclusion or the animal instinct giving way to intellect, if not too inebriated…

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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