3-60’s Beatniks In Granny Boots

3 Gypsies and a Dragoon: No Crystal Scrying Within City Limits

Getting closer to the town limits, Mary was rubbing her stomach. “I hope there is something to eat when we get there. I am really getting hungry.” said Mary as her stomach growled. “We have no local currency. So how are we suppose to buy anything?” said Marsha as she followed at a short distance behind, brushing the bugs off her skirt. “Good question Marsha, sometimes I think you actually may have some brains after all.” said Sara leading the way. “May be we could do some more auditions?” said Marsha careful not step in the horse dung on the trail. “Yeah, we made a lot of money the last time.” said Mary looking pretty clueless. “Yes, what a great idea. Better yet, when we get to town, why don’t you and Marsha tell the first witch hunter you see that you can start a fire with a lighter or you just flew in on a flying horseless carriage! That should guarantee a witch trial for the both of you. While you await your trial, they will be sure to feed you some gruel. And when they burn you to the stake, I will personally cast the first torch.” said Sara as she chuckled to herself. “Come on Sara, everyone knows witches fly on brooms, not horseless carriages.” said Marsha snickering at Sara. “What does gruel taste like?” asked Mary licking her lips, still very hungry. “Would you two shut up already.” said Patti as her hope began to dissipate not seeing any real infrastructure getting closer to the town limits. “What’s the matter Patti, does this place remind you of your swamp running Cajun village you sprung from?” said Sara now sure they were way back in time. Patti with a furious look, attempted to grab for her gun, only to realize she was not wearing her holster or the gun. “Looking for this?” asked Mary as she pulled the gun out from under her blouse. Sara looked and grabbed it out of her hand. “Why did you bring this dammed thing anyway?” said Sara as she hid the gun under her blouse. “Give me my gun!” demanded Patti holding her hand out as they all stopped walking. “Forget it Miss Trigger happy. We do not need you pulling this thing out here. You will get us all barbecued.” said Sara knowing Patti’s short fuse. Just as Patti went towards Sara, a lady in her mid 50’s approached them. “Well me ladies, are you suppose to be gypsies or something? Where is your gypsy wagon?” asked the woman keenly. “It is over…” began Mary as Sara interrupted. “Ah, we are not gypsies. We are ah, nurses. We are looking for some work.” said Sara as she held Mary close. “Well, you do not look like nurses. You go into town looking like that, they will hang you all for sure. Come with me. I know a back way into town. You can come to my abode and I will rummage up more suitable attire for all of you to wear.” said the woman leading them away from the main town entrance. “That is very nice of you ah, Miss…” asked Sara as she slowly started to follow the woman dressed in a long black skirt and white blouse wearing a white bonnet style hat. “My name is Sarah Wildes.” said the woman leading them all to her home along the rear bush line. “Sarah Wildes? I have read everything there is to read about you. You are a legend!” said Sara following excitedly. “Do you have something to eat ma’am?” asked Mary looking more famished. “Yes darling. I have some mutton stew brewing. Come along now lasses.” said Sarah cutting into a trail entering the bush. “Where in God’s name are we?” asked Patti reluctantly following. “Please lass, no blasphemy. That is a sure fire way to gain unwanted attention.” said Sarah as they entered the backyard of her estate.

Inside Sarah’s stylish but modest house, she had them all seated at her table, serving them mutton stew. As Sarah placed a bowl in front of each of them, the 3-60’s Beatniks in Granny Boots examined the mutton stew through their circular rose shaded glasses.  Being hungry, Mary started eating the stew with no hesitation, along with a large piece of bread. Sara and Patti were looking at it and testing the taste as Marsha continued to examine the stew critically not sure if she should eat any. “Come now child, you should eat being as thin as you are. You have to put some meat on your behind if you want any chance of catching a man.” said Sarah to Marsha smiling, giving her a piece of bread. “Do you have a serviette?” asked Marsha politely. “Sure lass, here.” said Sarah handing Marsha a cloth napkin.  After you eat, we should get you some different apparel to wear. One sight of any of you will put us all under arrest.” said Sarah as she looked over their clothing while they ate. “That seems a bit extreme. I mean what possible reason would we be arrested for?” asked Sara still eating her stew. “Well those scarfs alone would most likely do it. And that strange jewelry.  I was arrested once for merely wearing a silk scarf. Those scarfs you three wear are not silk, but whatever material used to fabricate them is sure to arouse suspicion, not to mention the flamboyant colors of your clothing.” said Sarah as she poured each of them a glass of milk. “So Sarah, are you an activist? Do you advocate women’s rights?” asked Sara as she took a drink of milk. “Hush child! Do not talk of such things. Of course I am. But just admitting such a thing would put me on the gallows for sure. I am a simple housewife. My offspring have grown and are leading their own lives now. They do visit from time to time. My husband is always travelling. But I can take care of myself.” said Sarah drinking her coffee. “You do know that you will be tried and convicted of witchery? Your sentence will be hanging after they prove you are a witch due to spectral evidence.” said Patti with a smirk. “Shut up Patti you Cajun swamp hump!” said Sara looking at Patti, throwing her bread at her. “It ok darling. I know as much. They have been trying to prove me a witch for decades because I speak my mind and do as I please. But mostly because I can challenge any man mentally, which, in itself, is the best way to get accused of witchery. Mostly however, to the ignorant, they actually do believe there are witches and warlocks and that spectral evidence is factual. But to the not so ignorant and the people of wealth and power, especially the medical profession, it is a way to get rid of troublesome midwives.  Me however, it would be because I know such things and am not afraid to speak about the true nature of the so called witch hunt. So once you are all finished you food, come up stairs and I will get you dressed appropriately.” said Sarah drinking her coffee. “What is a midwife?” asked Mary as she gobbled down her stew, wiping the bowl clean with her bread. “It would be like a woman that is living with a man, you know, almost married, but not really, but still exercising contradiction-al rights.” said Marsha daintily eating her stew. “Oh my God, you two I swear. Should you tell them or should I Sarah!” said Sara looking at Mary and Marsha, shaking her head. “No blasphemy child! It is a woman that conceives and births an infant on behalf of the married woman that cannot conceive.” said Sarah smiling at Mary and Marsha as she gave Mary another ladle of stew. “So you mean they have a threesome to make a baby?” asked Mary eating a large spoonful of stew. “Kind of like immaculate contraception, you know Mary, not really doing it but getting pregnant anyway.” said Marsha as she sipped her milk. Patti, Sara and Sarah looked at each other and started laugh.

To be continued; near the hanging tree or the nearest blunt object.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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