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Yucky Hily and Wacky Donny

Turn me Loose, like a Long Necked Moose… What do we trade with you again? Am I getting Horned or Horny?

In a jail cell in Rio de Janeiro, sitting on his bunk, was Donny. He looked surprisingly healthier and sober. However the conditions of the jail and the cell were less than enjoyable.  The cells were small, and decrepit with green mold growing off the old stone walls coupled with dampness glistening on the surface. He was scratching his head in anticipation for lunch that usually was served at noon. A guard came to the cell door and stood there releasing his cell keys off his clip on his belt. “A fiança foi paga em seu nome. Nós o levaremos para a área de processamento para recuperar sua roupa de rua e seus pertences pessoais. Então você estará livre para ir.” said the guard as he opened his cell. Donny stood up and was not sure what he said. The guard grabbed his shoulder and led him out of the jail cell. “Hey, where are you taking me? I know what you guys do in these places. I seen Turkey Express. I am not without influence you know.” said Donny in a warning tone as the guard led him out of the cell and down the narrow corridor. Reaching the main processing area, the guard guided him to stand on the line. Another guard behind the counter retrieved a box with his stuff and placed it on the counter. “Assine aqui.” said the guard behind the counter handing over a pen. Donny moved forward, grabbed the pen, signed the acknowledgement sheet and grabbed the box. The guard next to Donny led him to the change area. A few minutes later, in the front admittance office, stood Justin and another man. Donny looking surprised, walked quickly over to Justin. “Where have you been? I have been here for two weeks, I think. How come you called the police? Where did you go?” said Donny wanting answers. “You have been incarcerated for three days. As soon as I heard, I flew back to get you released. I explained the, ah, girl you had in your hotel room was a hired courtesan for the purposes of running errands for our stay here. They seem to of bought it, so let’s get out of here. We are in trouble because of free trade in North America. You will have to straighten it out fast, or we can’t party any more. Or at least until it blows over.” said Justin anxiously. “Ok, lead the way Jus.” said Donny wanting to leave.

In the DC area, in a private mental facility not far out of the main stream of the city, was Hily in an office talking to a psychiatrist. “So, Hily, you have been successfully detoxed and I am able to give you the opportunity to leave being that we cannot keep you in the facility for more the 72 hrs involuntarily. But I need to know how you are feeling. How do you feel?” asked the psychiatrist. I feel fine and clear headed. I must of been crazy when I was in Paris. I am so embarrassed about my behavior. I guess I was just looking to have fun in the wrong place.” said Hily sitting  with her legs crossed in her hospital gown that was provocatively short, well showing her plump but well formed thighs. “Do not worry, your PR manager has taken care of any negative press releases and everything here is confidential. So how do you feel? Do you think you need more time or do you want to be released?” asked the young psychiatrist glancing the odd time at Hily’s thighs. Hily caught him glancing at her thighs and smiled cordially. “Yes, she is a trooper, always taking me away from trouble, like an overly brooding hen. I think I may need some more pampering here Doc before I leave.” said Hily as she uncrossed her legs and parted them ever so slightly. The young doctor glanced again looking directly at her slightly parted thighs, then looking back at Hily’s eyes. “What kind of pampering do you need?” said the psychiatrist again glancing down at Hily’s now slightly more parted thighs. “Use your imagination Doc. I could use a physical, with an extensively close examination and probing.” said Hily more exotically while she parted her thighs decidedly apart, rolling up her hospital gown enough to give a clear view. “You could start down here and work your way around.” said Hily with the psychiatrist’s eyes now glued to here exposed genitalia. “I was wondering, though, how discreet could this be? We could be caught very easily.” said the young psychiatrist with his eyes glued on Hily’s vaginal area as Hily stroked her labia.  Suddenly, the door abruptly opened as Hily quickly closed her legs, pulling down her hospital gown and the psychiatrist standing up quickly at attention. Entering was Hily’s former campaign and still PR manager. “You have such impeccable timing. I guess that is why I hired you. Or, did I hire you? Do you still even work for me?” said Hily sexually frustrated with her face slightly red from her interrupted lust. “Yes, Hily, I still work for you on behalf of the women’s social club that we are not allowed to divulge in public. Is she ready to leave?” asked Hily’s PR manager. “Uh, well yes, ah, that is if she feels up to, ah,  leaving the hospital, she has, ah, of course, our endorsements.” said the young psychiatrist whom himself was blushing slightly. “Great, thank you and we will put in some good words for you.” said Hily’s PR manager and she grabbed Hily’s arm to get her out of her chair. “Ok, I am coming mother.” said Hily aggravated from the intrusion. Once in Hily’s hospital room, Hily’s PR manager removed her suit cases from the closet, putting them on the bed, opening them. “Come on Hily, let us get your stuff packed so we can get you out of here. You have a little explaining to do to the club, which by the way, Mel, the first lady is curious to hear.” said Hily’s PR manager. Hily started to open her drawers, grabbing her stuff. “Oh my god, Mel. Well I would be happy to explain to her what I was doing, especially back during the election, in the tub.” said Hily smirking. “Hily, she must not know about those things. Now, lets get you out of here.” said Hily’s PR manager as Hily finished packing. Hily’s PR manager laid a new suit on the bed in plastic for Hily to wear. “Come on now Hily, no time to waste. Put on you suit.” ordered Hily’s PR manager as she dialed her cell phone. “Yes mom!” said Hily as she grabbed the suit from the bed and headed towards her private washroom.

To be continued in a invasive traitorous terrorist revolting embargoed espionage illegal inside sexual trading fiasco? Or not…

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

© Copyright: dYnoReX and ADGMusic/Soft/Literature Org All rights reserved 2018

Clannish Clandestine Lazaretto

Incest Acquiescence

Sheila was continually sexually abused by her father to the point of her enjoying the interaction. She explained in detail how it started and how her mother left her husband, leaving Sheila behind in the care of her father? Another woman Sharon is a bisexual and was abused sexually by her father at the consent of her mother to the point of her mother locking her in a room with her father. Does witnessing or experiencing sexual abuse cause aggressive sexual tendencies in any mode of a sexual description or preference depending on the context of abuse forced into particular sexual acts IE: sodomy, vaginal or oral sex? A native boy confided that he was forced to perform fellatio on his step father for several years during childhood. He is now emotionally distressed and a member of a native gang. These questions could only be answered by a psychiatrist or a metal health professional. Statistics show that 1 out of every 3 females are sexually abused in the home and 1 out of every 4-5 males are sexually abused in the home. This means a relative ~1/5 of our North American population experiences sexual abuse in the home by family members, mostly parental.

How Young is Jejune?

Can a person under the puberty age actually decide their sexual preference without stimulation or influence? Why would sex education have to teach transsexualism when sex education only discusses the natural purposes of the male and female anatomy (biology) as it pertains to reproduction? Whether you are gay or straight can never change how the male and female anatomy is suited together for reproduction. To be a transgender, lesbian, homosexual, bisexual, transvestite, etc., how can it be realized without influence or pictorial assertion, IE: seeing a crossdresser or a transsexual male or female crossdressing or being verbally and literarily educated before the child really understands sexuality before puberty where most children do not seek sexual activity until pubescent reactions occur. To suggest that the sexual curiosity of a pre-pubescent child could actually be that accurate (decisive) upon what sexuality a person prefers would seem embryonic. Is there any reason other then our own self-justification that we are allowing the school systems to be pushed into this type of curriculum? We can only answer our own questions to our own experiences. I played with my sister’s dolls from time to time when I was between the ages of 5 to 8 years of age and I am a heterosexual male. Thus it would seem that analogy would not be fool proof whether a person of that age prefers males or females only promoting forms of separatism.

We Will Be Fooled, Again

If these cultures to do with sexual freedom, including the heterosexual, assert the sexual activity between same sex, or different sex or the combination thereof, then sexual practices of any orientation should not be taught in the schools at all unless the education involves (or al least includes) the natural biological purposes of the male and female anatomy to educate in an non-suggestive, non-obscene manner todo only with natural, unassisted reproduction. IE:  fornicating in a public place would be considered obscene no matter what the sexual orientation would be. Children are impressionable and easily influenced and is why education should not justify any mode of sexual preference as education because it is simply not needed or afforded as a curriculum study. Children brought up in same sex marriages should be informed by the parents and not by the school system. Schools cannot govern this and be fair to all groups because of its dictatorial nature, not allowing a choice, only acceptance. And to force this upon the public is not constitutional and actually should be voted in on a popular vote (polls) system and not legislative procedures where everyone knows these systems are far too influenced by lobbyists and special interest groups.

Governance Needs our Conformity, Not our Acumen or Ipseities

Is there a solution? The main con-stream media only hooks to the sensationalism of the ordeal and amplifies the petty possibilities of name-calling and possible jail sentences which is a total insult to the public’s intellect, but once again, creates fear, chasing everyone back into the cloakroom clinging to the teachers dress. It is a way to keep sexual cultures to be continuously fighting for power against each other wasting their time and breath and not focusing on what the governments of North America are really trying to do, like weakening our liberties and destroying our labor laws. They purposely will, seemingly, give a liberty to one culture but at the same time, attempt to weaken our rights to speak as individuals. I do not think the government ever makes or passes any laws without designing the legislation to be to the government’s and the 1 percenter’s  best interest, only creating more litigation and lawsuits in our court systems which everyone knows, makes money for the 1 percent ultimately, and filling our jail systems creating very cheap labor. But we still continue to flame each other and give a free pass to the 1 percent of society whom really cause these lies and exaggerations in our legislation to suit their own money sucking schemes.

Sticks and Stones can Break my Bones, and my Thoughts will tend to Incriminate Me? 

So, we just go back to name calling and separatisms instead of unifying as individuals for the purpose of intelligent communication. How long can we endorse this clannish behavior of our cultures whether it is race, sexual, beliefs, morals, religious or political?  Why cannot we venture out of our clans and just talk as individuals. If we did that, it would be a great place to live. But instead we play into the governments hands and participate in their 2 to 3 political party system and fight like a bunch of morons. I sincerely hope when they do legalize marijuana that people do not withdraw into a shell of stoned solitude glued to the TV watching indoctrinating programming keeping you ineffectual as an individual and like, everyone else in your clan, you will only dream to be, just like them (the 1 percenters). If you are in university or college, you get a taste of liberties and feel you are on the right path to success. But you are being brainwashed to be “just like them” unless you savor your individuality that will counter their indoctrinating, peer-pressured, provincial, uppity, elite, money grubbing, cookie cutter philosophies that they will cleverly “jam down your throats”. Let us face the fact, when cyborgs become more prevalent and an actuality, you will not be able to compete and will be systematically eliminated unless you have kept your individuality and intellect to elevate yourself above the greed, promoting everyone to be an individual which is far more powerful then any (programmed) cyborg or any indoctrinated fool that worked on the assembly line making the very cyborg that will take their job. If we stand up and take back our individuality, we are slaves to none.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

© Copyright: dYnoReX and ADGMusic/Soft/Literature Org All rights reserved 2018