Yucky Hily and Wacky Donny

Episode 6: Heavy Petty-Feelin’ Ya

A couple hours later at the international lounge of the Airport, Donny was sitting having a drink waiting on Justin to arrive with his private jet from Canada. Donny takes his phone out of his pocket and dials another number. He takes another drink as he awaited an answer on his cell. In a long limousine, driving down the main boulevard of the downtown section of DC, In the back seat, Mel, with her dress pushed well above her midsection, exposing her black silk panties and garters that held up her snug black nylons, was being smooched and groped by Donny’s double. Her cell was vibrating as she glanced over at the display while it bounced lightly on the long seat, tapping against her supple, athletically toned, well formed thigh. Her eyes got wide as she pushed Donny’s double away, pulling her expensive laced dress back down, and answered the phone. “Hello?” said Mel with her sweetest, most innocent tone. “Hey baby, I am calling to tell you I am visiting Justin tonight. Will be home late. Don’t wait up for me sweetie. I will call you in the morning.” said Donny as he abruptly hung up the phone. Mel sat back with a frown, as she took the phone away from her ear, threw it back on the seat and recommenced making out with Donny’s double.

Back in Paris, in her newly setup apartment, Hily was sitting on the bed in her black leathered stitched lingerie she just purchased from the Paris international airport with one of Donny’s credit cards, reading a magazine, Hily heard a knock on the door, She got up and slinked over to the door and let in the first customer. “Bonjour, je suis intéressé par les neuf yards entiers. Vous avez figuré la reine.” said the distinguished looking gentleman as he closed the door, Hily, who attempted to look as sexy as she could, realizing she did not understand a word he said, locked the door then looked at him through his dark sunlgasses. “Neuf cents euros s’il vous plait?” said Hily in a bad accent holding out her hand. “Oui vous y êtes.” said the distinguished gentleman handing the money to hily’s outstretched hand. “Merci.” said Hily as she walked over to her nightstand to place the money into the top drawer. As she placed the money into her itenierary book, she bent over sensuously, then snapped back straight. She looked at the stranger again and  taunted him over by grabbing his neck tie, pulling him close.

Back at the international lounge in the airport in DC,  the intercom attendant announced the arrival of Justin’s private Jet. “Private Charter from Canada, destination unknown, calling all to board the private charter, gate 69.” Donny jumped up and sprinted over to the gate. He was stopped by the inspection officer. “Are you carrying and contraband, guns, or heavy metals of any kind?” asked the young inspection officer emotionless. “Hey dude, I have no luggage, just what is in my pockets.” snapped Donny anxious to get on board. “Ok, then, please remove all metal objects from your pockets.” commanded the emotionless inspection officer. Donny removed a lighter, a spoon, a couple of unopened fits still sealed in cellophane.  and his keys then placed them on the metal tray on the conveyor belt. The officer glanced at the fits then glanced back at Donny. “Medicinal reasons, I am a diabetic.” said Donny still anxious to get on the waiting jet. Can I see you medical condition card Id? asked the inspection officer. Donny pulled out his wallet and took out the medical condition ID and handed it to the officer. “Please provide you Drivers license for verification please?” asked the young inspection officer. Donny took out his license and handed it to the officer. The officer handed back Donny’s id and medical card then grabbed the portable metal detector and waved it up and down Donny’s body as Donny returned the id’s back into his wallet. “Ok sir you are good to board. I cannot however allow you to take the hypodermic needles aboard the plane for security reasons. Please continue the boarding ramp, Donny collected his effects minus the hypodermic needles and  sprinted towards the boarding ramp. “Please sir, no running up the boarding ramp! Walk please!” commanded the inspection officer. Donny slowed down to a fast walk as he continued up the boarding ramp to enter Justin’s private jet.

Still in the Limo, was Mel and Donny’s double who both were fully undressed rolling about in the back seat, clumsily making love, fogging up all the windows, including the privacy window separating the rear and driver seat. Outside the limousine was the Driver standing by the driver door, smoking a cigarette. As the car bounced back and forth, and groans and moans seeped out auditable from the rocking limousine, the driver shook his head and took another drag from his Camel. An elderly couple who were walking on the sidewalk passing the limousine gawked at the swaying vehicle and started to laugh. “And these politicians are running our country?” said the elderly man as he chuckled, holding his elderly wife’s hand, continuing by the embarrassing spectacle. Inside the car, Mel who was on her back starting breath heavily, enjoying the copulating effect that the springs of the limo were generating with Donny’s double on top of her, in rhythm with the induced motion. As Donny’s double heard the laughing from outside, he immediately became impotent and rolled off Mel. He quickly started to dress in modesty. Mel laying there sexily in her inviting position became sobered from his reaction. As she sat up with her sexy model like body exposed, put her hand on his shoulder in concern. “What honey? did I do something wrong? what is it?” asked Mel in a sincere tone. “Donny’s double pulled her hand off his shoulder and finished straightening out his clothes. Mel immediately groaned in disapproval and started to redress herself starting with her panties and garters.  “You know Darrell, I am tired of you bringing me to the climatic point then rolling off like a premature ejaculating teenager. Most men would at least finish the job. Real men that is, which you have proven several times, not.” said Mel angrily with her Slovak accent escaping slightly. As Mel quickly finished redressing, she pounded on the rear driver side window motioning for the driver to enter the vehicle. The driver got in, started the car and turned on the defrost. He rolled down the security window and looked back at Mel. “Dump this chump off and drive me home immediately!” said Mel now furious as she was reinserting her earrings. “Yes ma’am.” said the driver as he started to roll up the security window. “Don’t bother Rick, leave it down. There is no reason for privacy in this jalopy.  Get rid of this Hetero phobic and take me home.” commanded Mel attempting to compose herself. “Yes ma’am, right away”  said Rick rolling the security window back down to commence driving away.

To be continued in the limo, Jet, hotel, lag or otherwise?

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Distain of the Sumptuous Death Dogs

Vampires at your Front and Back Doors

We are all victims of greed. Every time you loose your job for some ambiguous reason, you were a victim of greed. People of corporate mentalities are nothing more the conduits of greed. No matter what idealisms they started out with, it seethes down to greed, because if they do not endorse the greed mentality, they will be sumptuously replaced, as to say, they will spare no expense to get rid of you. People in the corporate bursa seem to think they have job security, but they are mistaken. Then can and will be replaced even if you are doing the quota and towing the line. It all has to do with integrity, and if you have integrity, then you will have a short employment. When and where was this attitude developed? It has always been the case, only now it is more prevalent and obvious. With labor laws disappearing, and corporate lobbying, we and our rights are being sold down the river of gluttony. They will not stop because there is no one to stop them. We could crusade and change this tide, but that would mean we would have to ban together. Stop watching mind numbing advertising and brainwashing main streamed media designed to keep you mesmerized and glued to the tube of indoctrinated deception. The North American dream is nothing more then a corporate slanderous nightmare keeping everyone afraid to retaliate, fearing that they will offend a potential employer. But in the end, we should retaliate and keep talking and writing about the erroneous mess they are making this world and leaving less and less for our offspring.

Recycled Opportunistic

The employment revolving door philosophy has been adopted by many employers in Commercial Corporate North America . This is because governments offer subsidies to multi-billion dollar corporations to keep you employed and will pay these subsidies for 3 to 9 months to the company. The atmosphere this creates is the need to rid you as an employee before these periods expire so they can get another new employee to renew the subsidy period, giving the company 60 to 70 percent off the wage, and paying the small difference. The government agencies that are suppose to watchdog these hirings, in basics, do not do anything even when they know the employer is abusing the subsidies to get very cheap labor. Really, that is the only way the government can compete keeping jobs in Commercial Corporate North America using the tax dollars collected from the working to keep hiring new individuals to suit the corporations that have already bought and paid for most advocates in the government. Most politicians extend their greedy claws out in anticipation of the large payouts, not that they do not already get money from the tax payer by embezzling from the funding in their particular ridings. We are surrounded by these Sumptuous Death Dogs, and if you get in their way, they will manipulate you away form the source of their fraudulent money collection. Nothing fancy, just smart enough to go along with the Corporate Dictators. The key emotion here is greed. If you can master that, you will fit in just fine with these debt inducing corporate armies. They collect taxes from your wage that you paid back to yourself by producing the subsidy via the taxes collected from your last pay check. How would this work you may ponder? Well, very simply by for every tax dollar collected, they print out the remaining percentage paid to that corporation that has hired you with new money, borrowing off the future projection of that particular circulation of money from interest gained in short periods sitting in a transitional bank account generated by your hard earned wage. That is why the deficit is astronomical and never really under control. Clever, however really sad because we are paying our own wages ultimately, giving these corporations a free ride. In fact, the only money the large corporations contribute to your employment during these employment subsidy periods is the portion the government takes off you during taxation of your paycheck. Thus, the corporation gets a totally free ride because we are paying them back for their employment, and you can bet your great-grandmother’s wedding dress that is sitting in the local pawn shop that helped you pay your indoctrinating cable bill, the government gives these corporations huge tax incentives to participate in these employment schemes to hire people in North America instead of outsourcing in third world countries.

Fanatical Future Frenzied Fascism Fantasies

People however do not see this and really do not believe it even if you told them because of the indoctrinating influence main con stream media pacifies all who are foolish enough to continue the constant brain barrage that creates heaps of mind garbage that will occupy your brain cells until you develop dementia. That is the key to keep us down and them on top whilst you idolize them in awe envying their so called intellect, social stature and materialisms that we will never attain, only in wanton fantasies. So as they steal your future and your capacity to provide futures, property and dowries for your offspring, all at the expense of providing their own offspring million dollar homes and Porsches while your offspring frolic and prostitute themselves to eat, just keep watching “fights in McDonalds” on Ewe Boob, or “fights in Burger King” if you prefer. Communities continue to be compromised and destroyed at the expense caused by corporations buying up all the independent businesses and media, by forcing them to bankruptcy and buying them cheap, replacing them with mindless corporations with only greed induced incentives operated by the very people that owned these usurped businesses in the first place working for minimum wage. We cannot see this happening? Of course we can but because we are brainwashed, we think somehow corporations can sell us a carton of milk better then the corner store that was destroyed in the franchised wake? Wake up and smell the cappuccino.

Build Upon Their Distained Bones of Greed

People adapt and change and that is our only chance against these corporate marauders. We have to reject their purse strings and go back to basics by becoming self-serving as a community again and rebuild our self-sourced infrastructures by producing our own commodities thus trading with other communities that have other commodities in need for what they need. Reject the corporate mentalities and their franchises and plow them over to create room for sowing and renewal of our local social infrastructure. Reject the monetary greed and produce for the needs of your community, shunning all forms of capitalistic, mind numbing conglomeration. We have nothing to gain by idol worshiping these sumptuous death dogs that are destroying our communities for the corporate bottom lined agendas.

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Me, Myself and I, and the Garroter

Ladder of Progressive Cranium Rupture

He is the only friend I have, the only person interested. What does that mean? It means everyone is being enslaved and I have moved on. Could it be I am befriending the willing, the insane? Or just anyone that will communicate above the brainwashing of society. I believe people that engage in the “taboo” type lifestyles and professions most likely see beyond the cloak room of indoctrination. Taboo does not describe sexual deviants or professions of exploitations, although some of them are in this category, but like to dominate others around them for their pecuniary cravings which would put them in the “greed” category. They may very well see above the indoctrination, but also use it for their own selfish ends. People idolize these culprits, but I find myself getting ill of their reminisce. People in any job profession are filled with culprits of the ravenous, all the way up the ladder of progression. People that advanced these days are the ones stabbing everyone else in the back to advance. I have plenty of scars in my back. Why is this evident when we enter the job market? Because we are brainwashed to behave this way, grab something before someone else does, even though you may not even need it or even want what you are groping for. Possibly that is why I find friends in strange professions because that type of a profession is a “lone wolf” occupation. No superiors, no subordinates. They may share their trade secrets with people they can communicate with on certain levels, that seem to fit the profile, but are never afraid to do this because, who would believe you anyway? And really, you cross someone that is a professional, then you will disappear soon enough.

Follow the Walled in Road of Limitation

Why do these individuals in these professions do what they do? Because they get paid for these contracts and never know who they are eliminating, only where to find them, the reasons for their demise, description and other pertinent data, nothing more. They eliminate the target and collect the remainder 50% of the payment. If cheated, well, would you cheat someone in that profession? Nah, most likely not. It is a built in occupational security because most people fear death, thus why would anyone cheat a contractor? If any person doubts that this happens, then Wheaton, New Jersey is looking for a Mayor. May be you should run? We are bombarded on a daily basis with mind garbage from our friendly commercial corporate North American main con-stream media, and if you allow your brain to absorb this swill, well you are a puppet to be used and disposed of in any indoctrinating method of the current advertising campaign. Mind garbage is so prevalent that is absorbing all of your brain cells and memory. You are being dementia-itised. Trained to be a consuming zombie, only having enough brain power to be dictated to and purchase all of the programmed product jettisons melded into your controlled brain. Does this mean a contractor is smarter then you? It just means they are off the program and into reality, which would be the only way for them to continue such a path in life. Is it right? Is it wrong? No one can judge and it only indicates they have gone for themselves and are following their own paths. You are brainwashed to think they are evil instead of thinking for yourself, which only causes confusion for your controlled mind.

Skillful Projection of the Rejected

Personally, I could not do that sort of profession. But to say it is right or wrong may be a difficult choice. Anyone that has had the misfortune to be in the armed forces would be in the same category of professions. You are paid to kill, and not very well I may add. The government pays you to kill. You are killing people you do not know, nor have the faintest if they deserve it or not, only that they are the misfortunate schmucks hired by that government to shoot at you, whom they have know clue, other then you are shooting at them. I guess you could call this a “planned” self defence, but still sounds feeble on that level. To the corporate owned governments that sent all of you there is the first place, it is right and patriotic because you are defending you homeland and the ways of indoctrinated life, where you do not own anything, just owe for everything and with the armed forces’ enforced wage, you will not pay it off too soon, if ever at all. Men and women come back traumatised and disabled mentally and physically (unless you are lucky and never seen any combat) and are ruined for life. Not the same, and will carry that burden until they die. But they did their patriotic duty. However, once they are used, no one really, wants to deal with them and shuns their existence. Send them to shrinks and keep them drugged up because if they ever woke up, they would be another person that has seen beyond the brainwashed, phoney staged propped commercialized existence we are all forced to endure from our childhood’s cloak room of indoctrinated security.

Teams of Self-Destructive Identities

But I have a friend, and friends do not judge each other. They just remain friends to communicate and collaborate everyday burdens and things of creative interests. They do their best not to betray each other’s confidence and support each other in times of woe. Despite all what the brainwashed masses and their programmers and controllers say or dictate, you can ultimately chose your own path in life, good or evil, and it is your choice alone. If you are told what to chose or have no idea how to make your own choices, then you are brainwashed and have to break the program with all of your will. A clear sign of this mode is if you have to consult someone else to make a simple choice. If you cannot choose for yourself what you like then you know you are totally brained honed. Don’t get help, help yourself, and soon. Teams and team players are hoodwinked people that are just bricks in the crumbling walls protecting bloated kingdoms of indoctrinated propaganda.  And remember, to be isolated, is to be an individual of your own creation, no one else’s.

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